Tell McDonald’s: We’re not lovin’ poverty wages

Workers just announced the largest ever fast-food strike in U.S. history is happening April 15.

Tens of thousands of people will take to the streets to demand that hugely profitable corporations like McDonald’s pay their workers a wage that meets basic needs.

Guess what happened right after the announcement? McDonald’s said they’d raise workers’ pay – just $1. Under their plan one million McDonald’s workers wouldn’t see any raise at all. And almost every worker would still be paid under $10 an hour – not nearly enough to get by on.

For a company with $5.6 billion in profits, McDonald’s plan is shameful.

Click here to tell McDonald’s they need to do better. Pledge to stand with workers fighting for a $15 minimum wage and the right to unionize.

Across New York, people are working harder than ever before to make ends meet, but wages have been stuck in place for decades. And it’s getting worse: All of the income growth since 2009 has gone to the richest 1 percent.

But working families – not the 1 percent – are the bedrock of our economy. When we have good jobs, we can educate our kids, care for our families, afford health care, shop in our own neighborhoods and retire in security. We move the economy forward.

Tell McDonald’s a $1 raise isn’t enough to boost up working families.

There are actions planned on April 15 in New York City, Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and other communities across the state. Find the one nearest you

Thanks for all that you do,

Karen Scharff
Executive Director
Citizen Action of New York

3 thoughts on “Tell McDonald’s: We’re not lovin’ poverty wages

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    • Minimum wage fast food jobs are a way for corporations to exploit the lower classes. They know full well that the economy is collapsing and they’re preying upon the desperate unemployed. It’s disgraceful that working class adults must hold down 2 or more full time jobs to make ends meet. $8/ hr, if that’s not economic slavery… we need a worker’s revolution. I’m all for strikes and stronger labor unions, altho i’m afraid the mayor might send in the police goons to break up any demonstrations.


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