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 Note this and avoid being a victim of  the latest car robbery tactic — there is a device that robbers are using now to clone your security code when you  lock the doors on your car using your Key-chain locking  device…. they sit a distance away  and watch for their next victim. They know you are going inside of the store, restaurant, or bathroom and that they now have a few minutes to steal and run. The police officer said to manually lock your car door- by hitting the lock button inside the car — that way if there is someone sitting in a parking lot watching for their next  victim, it will not be  you.

When you hit the lock button on your car door upon exiting, it does not send out the security code, but if you walk away and use the door lock on your key chain, it sends the code through the…

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There’s a Massive, Illicit Bust of Edward Snowden Stuck to a War Monument in Brooklyn

Too bad the bust was taken down by the authorities, but creatively, another group of artists replaced it with a Snowden hologram. Awesome!
“Fort Greene’s Prison Ship Martyrs Monument is a memorial to American POWs who lost their lives during the Revolutionary War. We have updated this monument to highlight those who sacrifice their safety in the fight against modern-day tyrannies,” the group wrote in a statement. “It would be a dishonor to those memorialized here to not laud those who protect the ideals they fought for, as Edward Snowden has by bringing the NSA’s 4th-Amendment-violating surveillance programs to light.”
“Our goal is to bring a renewed vitality to the space and prompt even more visitors to ponder the sacrifices made for their freedoms. We hope this inspires them to reflect upon the responsibility we all bear to ensure our liberties exist long into the future.”

Counter Information


While most people slept, a trio of artists and some helpers installed a bust of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in Brooklyn on Monday morning. The group, which allowed ANIMAL to exclusively document the installation on the condition that we hide their identities, hauled the 100-pound sculpture into Fort Greene Park and up its hilly terrain just before dawn. They fused it to part of the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, a memorial to Revolutionary War soldiers. As of press time, the sculpture was still there.

Posted April 07, 2015

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