The Greek Dilemma: Between Russia and EU. PREDICTIONS by Lada Ray

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Added 4/8/15: #Greece – #Russia Breakthrough: What did #Tsipras and #Putin discuss in #Moscow – latest updates!

As I predicted in this post and in my earlier article and video (see links below), during today’s meeting in Moscow, Putin and Tsipras signed documents related to the extention of the Turkish Stream through Greece, making Greece into a major Russian gas distribution hub for Europe, including the Balcans, Hungary, Austria and Italy. Russia also offered Greece a credit. To bypass Russian agri sanctions against EU, Putin proposed joint Greek-Russian agricultural ventures. 50% of Greek imports to Russia were agriculture and food. Greece suffers tremendous losses from Russian EU agri ban, and the new joint venture plan is to reverse that . Putin’s video announcement in Russian. 

Generally, Russia will continue the strategy of working with separate EU countries that want to do business with Russia, thus bypassing the unfriendly regimes…

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PUTIN’S DISAPPEARANCE AND THE NEW SILK ROAD – My Latest Interview with The Plane Truth

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My new extensive and multi-faceted interview with Time Monk Radio’s The Plane TruthPutin’s Disappearance and the New Silk Roadis here!

In it I unveil the real reasons for Putin’s disappearance in March, we talk about all things Eurasia, discuss China’s ambitious project of the New Silk Road in cooperation with Russia and other countries, and much more…

We discuss topics related to the 1000 year EARTH SHIFT and how the rebalancing will happen. Some of the stuff discussed is esoteric, futuristic and pretty far out. The rest is geopolitics, history and economics, which we often discuss on my blog and YT channel. Some of the ideas presented in this interview are cutting-edge, which I had never before voiced out in public.

Have a listen, and if you like what you hear, please click on LIKE on Youtube, so this show would get a higher…

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♪Overcome – Music Themes

This week Lisa chose “Overcome” as our theme. This topic transitions beautifully from last week’s “All Guitar”. I would like to explore the Mississippi Delta blues further, since that genre of music was born from overcoming the sadness & misery of slavery, prejudice, discrimination, hatred, bigotry, injustice, cruelty and segregation of that era.

Walking Blues – SON HOUSE (1941)

Preachin’ Blues – Son House

Son House – Mississippi County Farm Blues

Fallin’ Down Blues – ROBERT WILKINS

Mississippi Fred McDowell – Shake ‘Em On Down

Mississippi Fred McDowell – Goin Down to the River

BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON – Trouble will soon be over (1927)

Blind Willie Johnson – The Soul Of A Man

Blind Willie Johnson – Dark was the night


My Black Mama – SON HOUSE (1930)


“Once Upon a Dream” is a song based on Tchaikovsky’s homonymous ballet “The Sleeping Beauty”, more specifically the piece “Grande valse villageoise (a.k.a. The Garland Waltz)”, that was written in 1959 for the animated musical fantasy film Sleeping Beauty produced by Walt Disney and based on La Belle au bois dormant by Charles Perrault and based also on Little Briar Rose by The Brothers Grimm. It’s the theme of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip and was performed by a Chorus as an overture and third-reprise finale. Mary Costa and Bill Shirley, who were cast in the roles of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip, performed the song as a duet. American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey released a cover version of the song “Once Upon a Dream” in 2014. It was recorded for the 2014 dark fantasy film Maleficent.

Lana del Rey – Once upon a dream

Thx for listening! 🙂

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