Natural Society 5-4-15… “Thousands of Farmers in India Rise up Against Monsanto”

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gmo_NOT_10With the recent articles about Kauai, I felt this fit right in with the “popular uprisings” in which humanity worldwide now appears to be actively involved.

“…thousands of Indian farmers [are] demonstrating against Monsanto and their biotech cronies in a massive grassroots movement that shuns anti-farmer practices and genetically modified crop farming… The government is exhibiting its pro-industry stance by pushing for unneeded, unwanted and unsafe GMOs in our farming. We want all open air field trials of GM crops stopped immediately in the country…

“The farmers recently organized and occupied the streets in a Kisan Maha Panchayat (farmer meeting) in Delhi, India, in protest at the Modi government’s anti-farmer policies.”



Thousands of Farmers in India Rise up Against Monsanto

Some have said that India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, arrived at the nation’s pro-GMO position with the help of generous campaign funding from a GMO lobby,

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