4 days to beat the NSA, plz take a moment and call u’r congressman!

Hey everyone. To put it simply, this is the most important surveillance action we’ve ever asked you to take. This week we have a golden opportunity to change the history of surveillance and end the Patriot Act — so take 1 minute and contact your senators, then forward this e-mail to a friend and ask them to do the same.


The Patriot Act, the law used to justify mass government surveillance, is going to expire if it’s not reauthorized this week.

Right now, Congress is at an impasse. They’re struggling to find the votes to renew it. A delay of a few days is all we need to end the Patriot Act this week, outright.

If we all take 1 minute to contact our senators we have a really good shot at tipping the scales and ensuring that the Patriot Act expires, dealing a death blow to unconstitutional NSA programs.

Click here to demand that your Senators let the Patriot Act expire.

A federal appeals court already ruled that the NSA’s use of the Patriot Act for mass surveillance is illegal. Congress needs to listen to the courts and simply let the authority the government is using for their illegal surveillance expire.

This is our week to end the Patriot Act. After all these years of fighting against how that one bill has torn up our freedoms without making us any safer, it all comes down to the next 4 days.

News reports show that the Senate is confused, so they’re going to try to just ram through the renewal bill. They’re don’t know what elese to do because they have filibuster threats from at least two senatorsRand Paul and Ron Wydenand a looming expiration date. If we have voices from all over the country calling on them to end the Patriot Act, we can make them falter and split and fall all over themselves. This is the time when getting Congress to do nothing actually helps us.

That’s why action right now is critical — according to our whip count, dozens of Senators are still on the fence, and a flood of emails and calls just days before the vote can prevent them from throwing their support behind the Patriot Act. If we can prevent these last senators from siding with the NSA, the Patriot Act will expire.

Click here to make sure the Patriot Act ends this week.

To be blunt, Congress is going to try to convince the media and public at large that their extension of the Patriot Act ends the wrongdoing that Edward Snowden revealed. If they succeed it will be the most devastating blow to the movement to end mass surveillance to date. We won’t have another shot at fixing surveillance until the next whistleblower comes out, and that’s not something we can even count on happening.

If you haven’t done anything yet to push back against government mass surveillance, please take action now. There are just 4 days left for our best and final chance at reforming surveillance for years to come.

Click here to make sure your Senator does not renew the Patriot Act this week.

Thanks for all you do,
Fight for the Future


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This week the Senate will consider extending key Patriot Act provisions — even after millions of Americans have demanded an end to mass surveillance, and just a week after a high-level federal court ruled that the NSA’s mass collection of Americans’ phone records is illegal.

Over the course of the past week, nearly 200,000 people have sent letters to their lawmakers urging them to let the Patriot Act provisions expire on June 1st. We have to keep up the momentum on this.

If you haven’t yet, will you join them at SunsetThePatriotAct.com? This could be our best shot in a generation to constrain mass surveillance.

YES, I’ll take action on constraining mass surveillance at SunsetThePatriotAct.com.

NO, I sent my letter to Congress last week — but I’ll chip in $5 or $10 to help Demand Progress generate more signatures and phone calls on this critical issue.

If you’d like more details, just read on — it’s in the email Sara sent you last week.


———- Forwarded Message ———-
From: Sara Cederberg, Demand Progress
Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Subject: re: Patriot Act


Americans were outraged to learn that the NSA has been spying on all of us — and a federal court ruled just a few days ago that this behavior is illegal.[1]

Yet this week Congress stands on the verge of reauthorizing some of the worst parts of the PATRIOT Act for another five years. 

Help us fight back: Please click here to tell Congress to put an end to mass surveillance.

Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act — that’s the authority that the NSA exploits to collect data about almost all of our phone calls — expires on June 1st. This week and next week Congress will take up legislation to extend it.  

Investigations into the phone data collection program have made it clear that it does not make us safer. It’s the project of a rogue surveillance agency that makes up its own rules and is never held accountable to the public. It’s time to change that. 
While mass surveillance doesn’t reduce the threat of terrorism, it poses a severe, ongoing, unacceptable threat to our most cherished rights, the Constitution, and our democracy.
With key Patriot Act provisions about to expire, now’s our best chance to rein in mass surveillance.
—Sara, David, Daniel, Mark and the rest of the Demand Progress team