Lada, this is an amazing video report!! The best offense is an intelligent defense… and peacekeepers of this day and age speak softly and carry a big stick! The alien tech is outta this world, HA!! 😀

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New Exclusive Video Earth Shift Report 4. ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS


Intro by Lada Ray

The United States of America undoubtedly has the largest, best equipped and best financed army in the world. USA spends more on military than the rest of the world combined. USA seems to dominate in every type of conventional warfare, be it on land, air, or sea.

Per the accepted global geopolitical theory, world powers are divided into sea, hybrid and land ones. USA today, like the British Empire before it, is the dominant sea power. As is fitting for such super-power, USA’s Navy is the most powerful, and by far the largest, in the world. Until recently, the US Navy, it seemed, owned our planet’s oceans and seas.

Since mid-2000s a rumor circulated that the reason US never attacked Iran from the sea was because they knew Russia could…

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homeland security

Oh my goodness, “homeland security” is anything but. The irony certainly hasn’t been lost with Gov’t doublethink/ newspeak. I’m at a lost as to who could actually live in Cali if most of the locals can’t afford basic housing? Who’s buying these overpriced shacks… this is our tulip frenzy ’bout to come crashing down. I’m looking at property in La Serana, Chili. So many expats living the American dream down south! There’s too much suffering and sacrifice on the west coast, all for lousy housing and a bit of fun in the sun. So much for the sunshine state. Best wishes for your family’s future. *Sigh*

What? Three in One DAY???

Hello Alia! Thanks for spreading awareness throughout the blogosphere, quantum field and beyond. I am very surprised to hear aerial spraying over Morocco?! I certainly DO NOT CONSENT to any nefarious activities that are harmful to all life on Earth. I’m aware that most pineapples and ALL papaya from Hawaii are GMO. 😦
So glad to hear ppl are taking action against these rogue corps (corpse).
I see even Walmart is shifting to higher consciousness for animals, there’s hope for humans yet!
Infinite blessings dear one, say hello to Tomas for me! ❤ 🙂 ☼ *\o/*

New Earth Paradigm

I Do Not ConsentThese articles are a sure sign of progress. We The People are demanding that the Powers That Weren’t* deliver outcomes in a way that is “to OUR liking.

* my latest favorite title for these folks who thought they were in charge here and managed to make us think so too for a very loooong time.

This is coming in several forms; the links posted here are in two categories: “I Do Not Consent” and “Health May Be Profitable.” Either way — we win.

And for the record — there have been no signs of aerial spraying (chemtrails) in our skies for at least three full days! Hamdullah!

Yesterday, I was pleasantly shocked to see this article about the Richmond, California City Counsel voting to “ban the use of mind-control weapons and scalar wave weapon technologies” in their city, after evidence of such was reported by several residents there. How

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