Mmmm, I’m McLovin it?

Never mind the beef, where’s the chicken? Case of the disappearing McNugget, time lapse video:

Chicken McNuggets contain strange fibers – microscopic forensic (Morgellons for lunch?)

McDonald’s Food After Four Months: left outside, “…no insects, flies, roaches, ants or rodents approached the sample to smell, eat or lay eggs over it.” Ever wonder what it’s doing inside YOU?

Jamie Oliver Shows School Kids How Chicken Nuggets are made – “Now who would still eat this? every kid raises their hand and that my friends… is America in a nutshell.” 

Hooked on Chicken McNuggets? Woman show signs of withdrawl

What A McDonald’s Commercial SHOULD Look Like

Yummy, i bet u’ll be hungry in an hour. NOT!  😀

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