Mmmm, I’m McLovin it?

Never mind the beef, where’s the chicken? Case of the disappearing McNugget, time lapse video:

Chicken McNuggets contain strange fibers – microscopic forensic (Morgellons for lunch?)

McDonald’s Food After Four Months: left outside, “…no insects, flies, roaches, ants or rodents approached the sample to smell, eat or lay eggs over it.” Ever wonder what it’s doing inside YOU?

Jamie Oliver Shows School Kids How Chicken Nuggets are made – “Now who would still eat this? every kid raises their hand and that my friends… is America in a nutshell.” 

Hooked on Chicken McNuggets? Woman show signs of withdrawl

What A McDonald’s Commercial SHOULD Look Like

Yummy, i bet u’ll be hungry in an hour. NOT!  😀

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5 thoughts on “Mmmm, I’m McLovin it?

  1. Ah well! Throughout my busy years I patronized McDonald’s, largely because it was the only place I could buy and consume a lunch in ten minutes. No more, thankfully! All I can add is, throughout that period, I did not rot, no cockroaches or flies approached me, and I did not deteriorate any more quickly than the natural processes of aging decreed that I should.


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  3. Reblogged this on Lada Ray Blog and commented:
    I hear McNuggets are all the rage in America and beyond. In my 20+ years of living in the US I never, not a single time, had any desire whatsoever to try McNuggets, or a Happy Meal (which I would rather call a ‘Gruesome Death Meal’) for that matter.

    True, once my hubby and I were stuck late at night on a highway hours from home. Just so we could continue going, we stooped to (oops, Freudian slip – meant ‘stopped at’) the only establishment available – McDonald’s. We ordered their new ‘healthy and organic’ option – salad. Plus I couldn’t resist ordering a piece of apple pie and tea. We were both sick for a week after. This was my first and last encounter with McDonald’s.
    The time-lapse experiment vids in this post are literally to die for! In fact, it’s amazing that more people don’t die after regularly consuming such ‘happy meals.’ Although it’s not hard to guess where the overwhelming obesity problem, cancer and diabetes in the US come from.

    By the way, who said McDonald’s was about food? It’s about profit – yes. But it’s as much about geopolitics and population control, both internal and external. McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, along with Monsanto’s GMO and pesticides, are all about geopolitics and global domination.

    In conclusion, I’ll leave you with two things:

    1.I am experiencing a certain sense of deja vu. A few years before the USSR collapsed the number of overweight people in the country increased dramatically. USA follows in the USSR footsteps, except… people in the US are much more overweight, indicating a larger collapse.

    2. My advice. If it smells too good to be true… In order to determine whether you should or shouldn’t eat certain food, calibrate! I know I promised new videos on Calibrations of Consciousness, including various examples. These are coming later this summer on Lada Ray Channel:
    Just to give you some idea of what we are talking about, here are some telling calibrations: regular Coke 20 (shame), diet Coke 100 (fear), Happy Meal 85 (grief), McNuggets 10 (shame-near death). In my videos about calibrations you will see that the minimum life-sustaining calibration is 200. See more in ProjectEarthShift playlist:


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