‘Meganet’: Kim Dotcom plans crowdfunded replacement to Internet (Ft. Max Keiser)

This is very exciting news, potential disruptive technology to level the field and stand up for privacy and freedom. *\o/*

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RT interview re. projected alternative to the Internet, called ‘Meganet’.

Kim Dotcom from New Zealand to introduce a revolutionary Internet alternative: a new non-IP based, non-hackable, surveillance-proof and encrypted network, which will be 100% crowd-funded.

Max Keiser from Keiser Report interviewed Kim Dotcom, who also talked about NSA spying and his ongoing prosecution by the US government.

The Meganet development is exciting. I don’t know all the details yet as the snippet of the interview RT has posted doesn’t give the full picture – Kim Dotcom must have encrypted the rest of the interview ;). But so far so good. We need this! I’ll be following the developments as they unfold.


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Removing the Confederate Flag from Statehouses is Good but Ending the Slavery that it Represents is More Important

It’s shameful that a Prison-Based Slavery system still exist today.
When the 13th Amendment was passed, it contained a loophole that allowed individuals who were convicted of crimes to be held as slaves. Here is the relevant text from section 1 of the Amendment:


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© Josh Sager – June 2015

Last week, several states—including South Carolina, Virginia and Alabama—removed the Confederate flag from their public buildings and are signaling their intentions to abandon the symbol for all state uses (ex. license plates). This is very encouraging and definitely a step by southern states towards distancing themselves from their racist histories.


Unfortunately, the removal of the Confederate flag is a largely rhetorical gesture, given the fact that many of the same evils that the Confederacy stood for are alive and well—one of these is the institution of slavery.

Yes, slavery still exists in the United States today. While it isn’t as pervasive or brutal as it was in the past, slavery has survived the decades since its supposed abolition by moving into the prison population. In many states, inmates are forced to work at little or no pay and are horribly punished if they refuse…

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GMOs Are Mutating Microorganisms and Spawning Deadly New Life Forms‏


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GMOs Are Mutating Microorganisms and Spawning Deadly New Life Forms‏

From Alexandra Bruce

Dr. Don Huber, an agricultural scientist and expert in microbial ecology has discovered a new organism in genetically engineered animal feed.

This mysterious organism, which he categorizes as a mycoplasma that has since been clearly linked to infertility and miscarriage in cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and poultry, which he also links to human fertility problems.

Mycoplasma are the smallest living cells yet discovered. Their nature is essentially unknown, as far as their relationships with  other organisms. They can survive without oxygen and are resistant to penicillin.

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Burning Churches

The burning of churches is domestic terrorism. This clearly meant to disempower and demean thru racism and ignorance. It’s time to uphold the law equally for every member of society. Your solutions are not only reasonable but practical. Thank you!

My Friday Blog

Black churches are being torched across the South in alarming numbers.  For anyone who thought that the Charleston shooter was a lone-wolf, or was not part of a long, deeply rooted culture of hate and discrimination, this should serve as a wake-up-call.

Throughout the South, in the open and with the support and cooperation of some in government and law enforcement, terrorist organizations…sleeper cells; have been waiting to strike against the people of the United States of America since after the Civil War.  These groups have formally disbanded, existed in secret, regrouped in public, gone underground, and emerged at various times throughout history.

With the election of the nation’s first black President, and the civil rights gains achieved not by his administration, but from the attitudes of the rest of the nation along with the demand for the just application of existing laws; these terror groups have activated once again.

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