The Ugly Truth About Amazon and Online Retailers

For those who have limited opportunities in this economy, temp work may be the only source of income for immigrants, illegal or otherwise. This is predatory capitalism ppl, the only thing worse may be slavery in our prison system, where inmates “voluntarily” work for free. Sheesh! 😦

The Most Revolutionary Act

Permanently Temporary: The Truth About Temporary Labor

VICE News (2014)

Film Review

This is a shocking documentary about the seedy world of temporary warehouse workers who supply America’s big box retailers (eg Walmart, Kmart, Nestle), as well as online merchants such as Amazon. Because they’re technically contract labor employed by staffing agencies, workers have no employment rights. In addition to making minimum wage ($8 per hour), they can be dismissed for complaining about sexual harassment or workplace safety, talking to reporters or failing to use staffing agency vans to get to work. Filmmakers describe one incident in which a temporary worker was accidentally doused with acid and the warehouse refuse to call 911. In the end, a co-worker drove him to the hospital in his truck.

Seventy percent of US consumer goods are imported from overseas. They all end up in super warehouses, where temporary workers unpack, sort and repack…

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2 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth About Amazon and Online Retailers

    • My pleasure Dr. Bramhall, a very interesting aspect of predatory capitalism run amok. It will take another worker’s revolution to change these conditions, similar to exploitation of the working class during the early 20th century.


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