Trust vs. Usurious Attitude

Totally agree, Lada you have been way too generous with your time, energy and mission to educate the masses. If ppl can’t see that, then they have no heart, I for one appreciate you very much! Thanks for all you have done, your efforts will not be in vain because unlike the usurious leaches, you have profoundly touched the lives of many and changing the world for the better. 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

Lada Ray Message: 

Trust is a precious thing. And it works both ways. My readers and YouTube listeners trust me, and I trust them. I do trust my subscribers and fans. But as they say in Russia, “a small spoon of dirt can ruin a barrel of honey.” Among many, there may be very few, or even just one person, who is untrustworthy, who thinks that usurious attitude of just taking and giving nothing back could get them far. These are the kind of people who have no idea how much work, time, passion and knowledge it takes to create an educational article, video or Earth Shift Report, and who do not appreciate or respect anything or anyone.

A great amount of work, knowledge and time goes into creating each and every article, video and Earth Shift Report. Those who follow me on FuturisTrendcast and Lada Ray blogs, as well…

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