♪“If it was a snake it would have bitten you” – Music Theme

Wow i’ve been remiss with this week’s theme, see what happens when we procrastinate!  The fabulous Ms Lisa of Underground Energy chose a cool southern idiom, “If it were a snake, it would have bitten you” as our theme. Interpreting as a northern Yank, it’s akin to stating the obvious, ie: “Duh, it’s as plain as the nose on your face“, or “Where are my glasses? Did you look on top of your head?”  My music selections will incorporate a 90’s punk/ grunge stench, to illustrate the point. What appears obvious to us now wasn’t so back then, it takes vision and “balls” to break outta the mold. ♥

Alternative feminist Kathleen Hanna, frontwoman for Bikini Kill was instrumental for empowering women to speak up about rape, domestic violence, societal injustices. She defined grrl power and started the “Riot Grrl” movement in the 90s.

The Punk Singer – Bikini Kill, Girls to the Front

Bikini Kill @ The Macondo. Los Angles, Ca

Bikini Kill – Suck My Left One (Live – 1992)

♪Sister, sister where did we go wrong?
Tell me what the fuck we’re doing here
Why are all the boys acting strange?
We’ve got to show them we’re worse than queer

1, 2, 3, 4

Daddy comes into her room at night
He’s got more than talking on his mind
My sister pulls the covers down
She reaches over, flicks on the light
She says to him :


Mama says : You have to be a polite girl
You have got to be polite
Show a little respect for your father
Wait until your father gets home…
Fine fine Fine fine Fine fine Fine Fine♪

Bikini Kill – Girl Soldier live

♪Guess you didn’t notice
While we were crying
Guess you didn’t care
After all, only women were dying

I am sucking so many fucking times the likes of you
I am screaming with my hands and my heart
I am talking to your dead fucking eyes
You spread
My legs

Guess you didn’t notice
Why we were dying
I guess you didn’t give a fuck
After all, only women were dying
After all, only women were dying
After all, only women were dying
After all, only girls were dying

The war
At home
It’s here
This crowd
Your house

Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

OUR HIT PARADE – Kathleen Hanna – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Funny story how Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” came to be:

Enjoy! ♥

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Benjamin Fulford – June 8, 2015: G7 helpless in the face of mathematically certain bankruptcy | HIPKNOWSYS

Forever Unlimited

Benjamin Fulford – June 8, 2015: G7 helpless in the face of mathematically certain bankruptcy | HIPKNOWSYS

The leaders of the Group of Seven Industrialized Nations or G7 are holding an emergency meeting in Germany in a futile attempt to avoid their inevitable bankruptcy. The leaders talk about Greece, the Ukraine, China, the Middle East and other matters as if somehow they are still in control. The leaders need to understand that there is a thing out there called reality and, no matter how long you try to avoid it, it has a way of catching up to you. The fact is that, with the exceptions of Canada, Japan and Germany, the G7 nations and their allied Western states have been running a deficit with the rest of the world for the past 40 years. The elephant in the room that nobody talks about is the fact the biggest debtor…

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The Transition – A New Republic – by Decimus Payne

An interesting perspective, highly unlikely tho, we actually have to be ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS in the process of how the future unfolds. Positive outcome depends upon correct action from our collective consciousness to manifest it into being. Time for everyone to Wake up!!!

Streets of Love - unconventional

Remember, our media Is designed to create fear In the hearts of as many people as possible!  Truth is elusive unless you’re at peace within our own heart. Our reality begins in our thoughts and are created by thought.  Mass consciousness is the goal of those who control the media in order to deceive us into creating  New World Order or Police State with our collective thoughts.

Would you rather have a world that is free of corruption and CORPORATE GOVERNENT control? A world free of the controllers and continuous wars for control of the One People behind imaginary borders.  One World, One Heart, One People! It begins with you! Change your thoughts, change your reality. What world do you desire? The choice is yours.

Angel Lucci


by Decimus Payne
May 31, 2015

It is my duty to inform the common public to fathom how the United States will be transitioned to…

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Shopping for the Right-Sized Country – smaller is often better

Shopping for the Right-Sized Country

On the face of it, the title of this article seems rather silly. For those who are considering internationalising themselves, the relevant issues are likely to be low taxation, greater liberty, affordable real estate, good schools, etc. The size of the country would be of so little importance that it might drop off the wish list entirely.

But for those who have lived internationally, especially if they’ve lived in a variety of countries of varying sizes, the size factor makes all the sense in the world.

At one time, most of the world was tribal. Tribes often fought with each other over choice lands. Then towns sprang up, many of them with walls around them. This congestion of people solved the problem of eliminating lengthy travel for most, whilst providing a measure of safety, as the entire town could turn out to defend the ramparts.

Eventually, sovereign states came into being, with central armies that would defend all the towns and farms within the borders.

Finally, empires were created to allow leaders to extract wealth from greater numbers of towns, farms, and even entire states.

Still, the primary problem remained defense. The larger the state, the more far flung the outer provinces and, hence, the greater the need for large armies to defend the empire. As late as 238 years ago, thirteen former British colonies went independent of their parent empire—the UK—to become independent states. But even they realised that they might be attacked, so it made sense to band together regarding defense.

This concern was so important to the new United States that, as much as they opposed the idea of a central government that might one day become powerful enough to eclipse the states, a federal government was created which would provide the common defense, collect duties and taxes, borrow money on the credit of all the states, regulate foreign commerce, coin money, and (it was hoped) very little else.

However, over time, the central government grew like Topsy to the point that it became a cancer, devouring its host. This has always been the nature of empires and, to a lesser extent, sovereign nations in general. The larger a nation, the more likely it is that the ruling class eventually becomes so powerful and out of touch with the people that it purports to represent, that it becomes “the enemy.” It invariably increases its own size and power, whilst diminishing the wealth and liberty of its people.

So, what does this mean? Does it mean that the smaller the country, the more likely it is that the population can control its political class? Well, actually, yes, that’s exactly what it means.

I’ve lived in large countries, and in each one, I was completely out of touch with the ruling class and had absolutely no impact on their decisions or actions. I’ve also lived in smaller countries and, indeed, some very small countries. In fact, my home country is the smallest of all in which I’ve lived. It’s also the most free andmost prosperous. Any citizen has the opportunity to deal with our political leaders on a direct and very personal basis.

Do such leaders welcome this intrusion into what they would like to think of as “their power”? No. (In fact some have stated their distaste to me personally on occasion.) However, in a small society, they know that we’re all known personally to each other and live in the same neighbourhoods. So they have to listen. (If you can’t get into the politician’s office to tell him what you think of his latest proposal, you can tell him when you collar him in the pub that weekend—or even go over to his house and talk to him.) The citizens of smaller countries can be more demonstrative with their governments, since small governments lack the power to distance themselves from the people.

In such an environment, political power can only go so far. Leaders can get carried away only briefly, then they will be curtailed, as long as the public remain vigilant.

This last phrase is key. In any country, no matter how good the political structure is, vigilance is always necessary and must be continuous. However, the larger the country, the less effective vigilance will be.

Additionally, smaller countries often have greater opportunity to be more prosperous, as (if leaders and citizens are forward thinking) laws can easily be written to allow for increased opportunity and less governmental control. For this reason, smaller countries, with lower taxes, generally have a greater percentage of high-earners.

Is there an exception to the “size” rule? Yes, there is. There are a number of countries in the world that are larger, yet they are either so poor or so disorganized that they’re incapable of exerting the level of control over their people that they’d like to. In poor countries, there’s often a lack of infrastructure, but this is often balanced off by a low cost of living. In contrast, many smaller countries have a higher cost of living but offer First-World amenities. (The choice is yours.)

But what of the original reason for creating ever-larger states: the fear of invasion? In the last century, that’s changed. At one time, the reason for desiring someone else’s land was that it held more game or had better soil for the growth of food. Today, these needs have become less significant as modern transportation has made it possible for California oranges to be eaten in Beijing a few days after they’ve been picked. Even water, in large quantities, is imported by some countries.

And warfare itself is changing. Although the world is rife with sham wars to provide distractions for governments, and there still remain some civilizations that retain a Neanderthal approach to solving disputes, the majority of the world is increasingly involved in what may be regarded as economic warfare.

In the early 20th century, Randolph Bourne wrote that society “is a concept of peace, tolerance, of living and letting live. But State is essentially a concept of power, of competition; it signifies a group in its aggressive aspects.”

Quite so. But there remains an illusion that a greater size of a nation assures greater security. Today, this is not so. Although a larger country might protect itself better if attacked from without, it is far more vulnerable to attack from within.And historically, most national collapses have come about in part, or completely, from within.

Further, the old practice of the barbarians charging across the landscape, conquering every small state they encounter and pillaging along the way, has largely been outmoded. Stealing the crops, animals, and weaponry from a small nation counts for little today. A 1944 map of Europe shows little Switzerland as the only country in Europe not conquered by the Nazis. Hitler recognized that fighting from valley to valley would have been tedious and nothing would be gained, as there were no spoils to be taken. Switzerland’s economy was its strength and that could not be “taken.”

As the world becomes increasingly electronic, the ideal world is the polar opposite of a New World Order, in which people are forced to “one size fits all” uber-nations. Larger nations maximise benefit to the leaders but minimize benefit to the people. For the people, the greatest attribute of a country is adaptability of the country for the opportunity of the individual.

The ideal future would be literally thousands of countries, none larger than Switzerland, each competing with the others to attract citizens. To this would be added the freedom of the individual to choose his own domicile, based on his own goals and preferences.

In seeking a country, size does matter. Ironically, though, smaller is often better.

What are capital controls? Take a look at Argentina’s amazing buffoonery!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If there’s one thing I love about Argentina, it’s that no rational person here trusts the government.

They’ve been screwed over so many times before by their politicians (and the banking system), they know it’s all lies.

Curiously it keeps happening.

This place has been enduring some of the worst measures imaginable– capital controls and exchange controls. Price controls. Media controls.

The government controls nearly every aspect of the economy; in fact, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner actually told her nation on Wednesday that without the state there would be no growth.

(Amazingly she followed that up with “No one can teach us how to make the economy grow.”)

Yet despite being admittedly clueless, Cristina campaigns for even more government control, and even more authority.

This is so typical of bankrupt nations.

When governments find themselves in financial trouble because of the stupid decisions that they’ve made, their first response is to award themselves even more power to make even stupider decisions.

And among the stupidest decisions that any government can make is imposing capital controls… something that Argentina has in abundance.

Capital controls are like the Matrix; you can’t really explain what they are. You have to show people. Argentina does not disappoint.

For years now, the government has heavily restricted the flow of funds out of the country.

It’s actually a criminal offense to leave the territory with more than 10,000 USD in cash.

Transferring money out of the country through the banking system requires significant paperwork.

One of the first things they’ll do is bounce your funds transfer request to the tax office so that the government can ensure they’ve taken their fair share of your savings.

Then, whatever funds are allowed to leave must be transferred at the official exchange rate, which is presently about 30% worse than the street rate (what they call the ‘blue rate’).

This means that on top of already soaring inflation, taxes, and tariffs, locals are effectively paying 30% more for goods and services, especially anything that’s imported.

For foreigners who don’t earn their money in pesos, Argentina is an attractive bargain. But for the average guy on the street here, life is painfully expensive. And it gets worse.

That’s what happens with capital controls: you see a rapid decline in your standard of living as the government traps your savings in a bankrupt system.

It’s like lying on the ground with a blindfold on while the government builds a coffin all around you.

Little by little they fasten together all the sides, and then the top, nail by nail.

You can’t see precisely what’s happening. But your senses tell you that something’s going on. And if you wait too long to get out of there, you’ll be trapped.

Capital controls are like a coffin for your savings.

And if you wait too long to at least move a portion of your money somewhere else, everything you’ve ever worked to achieve can be trapped and heavily devalued.

The people here who have done well in Argentina’s never-ending financial crisis are the ones who established accounts abroad and moved money while they still had the chance.

(Coincidentally one of the trending jurisdictions for Argentines to hold their money these days is Hong Kong.)

Argentina is not alone– this is the path that nearly every bankrupt nation ends up following. Greece (and other nations in Europe) are already going down this road.

It would be foolish to think that any government with an unsustainably high (and growing) debt level would fare any better.

Argentina wasn’t always this way. It used to be one of the wealthiest in the world.

But it’s an important reminder that no country– no matter how rich its economy or how large it’s military is today– is immune to the universal law of prosperity.

Just like regular people, governments and nations must produce more than they consume. Those who don’t will run into trouble.

They can delay. They can deceive. But they can never avoid the decline.

The blindfolds might be strapped on tight. But you can probably sense something going on… that they’re building walls all around us.

Listen to that instinct.

Nothing is going to collapse tomorrow. But every day they hammer in another nail.

And as Argentina’s case shows, there may come a day when it’s too late to do something about it.

Video: Cop goes on profanity-laden tirade in affluent suburb, pulls out his gun on two kids

Police Brutality Feature Image

I’ll be up front with you and say that this video is disturbing.

It’s like a bucket of ice-cold water thrown in the face of the dream world that most people are walking through.

Watching riots on TV in places like Baltimore and Ferguson, it’s easy to think, “That couldn’t happen here. All that police violence only happens in poor communities.”

Guess again.

This weekend it was the safe, quiet suburb of McKinney, Texas, about 30 minutes outside of Dallas.

McKinney is no gang-infested slum; it’s an affluent bedroom community with an average household income over $96,000 according to Colliers International.

(Having grown up just a few miles away, I would add that it’s pretty sterile too, full of big-box retailers, megaplex cinemas, and chain restaurants.)

Over the weekend some local kids were having a summer pool party to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

With that many adolescents crammed together in one place, there was undoubtedly some silly teenage drama going on. And police were called to the scene.

One of them starts off almost immediately screaming profanity-laden tirades at the kids, many as young as 14.

This courageous officer’s advice to young people included such gems as “Sit your asses down,” and “Don’t make me fuckin’ run around with 30 pounds of goddamn gear on. . .”

At one point throws a girl to the ground who had apparently failed to ‘get her ass out of here’ with appropriate alacrity.

You can see him grab her neck and attempt to shove her face into the pavement.

The kids all start screaming. Two of them rush over to try and help their classmate, at which point Captain America pulls his gun out and advances menacingly towards them.

They bolt. So he turns his attention back to the girl, grabs her head once again, and screams “ON YOUR FACE!!!” as he pins her down on the ground and puts her in handcuffs.

It’s really disturbing to watch.


Had it been a parent trying to grind his kid’s face into the pavement, Child Protective Services would have immediately removed the girl from the home and the father would be rotting in jail this very moment.

But when a police officer does it, he goes on ‘leave’. And only when he’s unlucky enough to be caught on camera.

If some random stranger grabbed your child and started attacking her, you’d instantly turn into Bruce Lee and put the guy in a Kung-Fu death grip.

But when a police officer attacks your child, the government expects you to just stand around and watch.

That’s one of the most disturbing things from the video.

You’ll see there are a bunch of adults in the video milling around with their hands in their pockets while the kids get abused.

I appreciate they’re doing whatever they feel like they can do to make the best of a bad situation.

But they’ve been indoctrinated for so long that their reaction is to be obedient and submissive. They don’t interfere with ‘the law’. They know their place and they act like it.

The kids, on the other hand, are all still young enough that they haven’t totally subordinated themselves to the state. There’s still a part of them that’s free.

So when the cops get totally out of control, their instinct is to fight back.

That is, after all, our natural instinct– to be free.

We have to -learn- to be intimidated and subservient to the state. We have to learn to stand around with our hands in our pockets while our children are abused. And that learning takes place in none other than the public school system.

I checked the McKinney Independent School District’s website and found that these kids all recite the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning, including that part about “liberty and justice for all.”

They sing songs gushing about freedom in America. But they just got a taste of how free they really are.

Hopefully that lesson stays with them. It’s certainly more powerful that an entire semester of the mandatory civics class they have to take.

After watching the video I actually downloaded a copy of the staple civics textbook Magruder’s American Government, and found a rather prescient passage in the first chapter:

“This nation was founded by those who loved liberty and prized it above all earthly possessions.”

True statement. But that instinctive flame to be free has gone out for so many people, not only in America but across the world.

And no nation can rise again until that flame is rekindled.

The textbook continues:

“To preserve and protect [their rights and liberty], each generation must learn and understand them anew, and be willing to stand up for them when necessary.”

Perhaps that time is finally coming.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

If you liked this post, please click the box below. You can watch a compelling video you’ll find very interesting.

Will you be prepared when everything we take for granted changes overnight?

Just think about this for a couple of minutes. What if the U.S. Dollar wasn’t the world’s reserve currency? Ponder that… what if…

Empires Rise, they peak, they decline, they collapse, this is the cycle of history.

This historical pattern has formed and is already underway in many parts of the world, including the United States.

Don’t be one of the millions of people who gets their savings, retirement, and investments wiped out.

Click Here to Watch the Video

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    If you will notice it was the smallest cop who was running around screaming profanities, pulling his gun on unarmed teenagers, and smashing a crying, 80lb female child into the ground like as if she had just robbed a store. In fact some of the other officers seemed to try to stop this small cop for a moment right when he pulled his gun out. These other cops spent alot of time trying to calm the raging small cop and the kids involved down while also trying to clean up the situation as the small cop was creating havoc all over that neighborhood. Another observation–none of the teens held, smashed or cuffed were white. Look up the definition of “Napoleonic Complex”. Also look up “American Empire”. The knowledge learned will help you to partially understand what transpired in this video

  • Avatar

    Youtube video.. “Look what happens when you call the cops” by Rob Hustle. Explains the militarization of the police. If I was a relative of any of the victims shown in that video I would not blame them if they prepared and systematically slaughtered the offending officers.

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    Simon Black has got to be a Jew instigator. Checkout the Conservative Treehouse for the truth.

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    California, Texas, and Florida are the 3 largest populated States in the USA. California has about 35M residents and 135,981 prison inmates. Texas has about 24M residents and 168,280 prison inmates. Florida has about 19M residents and 103,028 prison inmates. The Dept. of Justice in Washington in 2013 has compiled statistics that reflect that 37% of all prisoners nationwide are Black, 32% White,22% Hispanic, 9% other. Nearly 60% of all Black inmates throughout America are there for violent crimes, drugs, armed robberies et al. Perhaps you have witnessed now in the Northeast Corridor of America that the number of arrests in minority communities is falling and the number of murders in those areas are concomitantly rising. Conclusion: Cops are tired of trying to uphold the law in violent crime areas, risking their lives and possible serious injury, and being admonished, suspended, or fired for their interpretations of the degree of physical force required to maintain law and order there. Look at NY, Baltimore, Ferguson, Boston etc to see the pattern unfolding before our very eyes. This episode in McKinney Texas is indeed shameful, however the film reveals to me that one white woman in what appears to be a mostly white neighborhood complained to the police about the loud and disruptive behavior being exhibited by “Black Teens” at their community Pool. The Police descend upon the scene in a Gestapo style fashion, invoking crowd dispersion, only to be met by black males and females who do not obey their commands, and the females are very confrontational to the police officers there. Numerous citations can be issued by Police Officers per their authority to do so, to any citizen who refuses to obey their commands. Any White or Black or Hispanic citizen [Male or Female] who disrupts, interferes, or invokes physical violence to offset police control of that situation is subject to arrest and jail time as well. We are looking at the metamorphosis and degradation of societal law and order in many areas of this country and have been now for the past few decades. Cops are going to tolerate less and less abuse and invoke more and more physical violence upon those they deem to deserve this kind of treatment. Crowd control starts with authorative commands, migrates to aggressive police behavior and sometimes culminates in hostile reactions invoked upon those who defy or challenge their authority. Look at the recent spate of arrests in New York City over demonstrations for Michael Gray case there. You could not pay me enough to be a Police Officer in any of the major metropolitan cities in this country. I suspect that this situation of classifying and segregating behavioral habits by police officers nationwide is only going to rise into more violence meeting violence in the Black and Hispanic communities.

    see more

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    I appreciate that being a police officer is a very difficult job. I do not understand this. More evidence that supporting the empire is not going to allow all people to be treating with the respect they deserve.

  • Avatar

    Wow, this got me hot under the collar–quite triggered, actually.

    What Wes Texas said is to true. “…those who begin with shouting profanities — as if they believe this kind of behavior will result in some kind of control over the situation — are woefully unprepared for the job they are expected to do.”

    Do departments know how much DAMAGE they do to their own welfare and to public acceptance when they let yahoos like this engage with the public?

    I used to teach high-risk youth, and this is NOT the way to handle a crowd, though I recognize the philosophy — “scare ’em, make an example of ’em, don’t show you’re scared, show ’em right away who’s boss” Yeah, right. When I see that behavior — and I’ve been on the receiving end of it — I know I’m dealing with an inept, unprepared buffoon. This guy deserves ZERO respect. Same for those emasculated adults standing around doing nothing.

    The kids? — why didn’t they do more to help that poor girl???!!! One rightly called it abuse. And those young men sitting there — really? Punished because they disobeyed an out-of-control cop? Maybe they just didn’t want to be abused!

    Sooooo……when did abuse by uniform suddenly become Okay? (still seething)

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    Those adults who stood around and allowed the Gestapo like official to abuse the Girl are just as guilty. Shame on them and Shame on the worthless cop.

  • Avatar

    The desired end result by the elite is that we view police as ‘the enemy’, and that police reciprocate in kind. It’s all part of “Divide & Conquer”.

  • Avatar

    Dude, this is TEXAS. What do you expect of Texican cops? Civility?

  • Avatar

    This is why it’s good to have either two passports or a Visa that allows you to live somewhere other than the US; it’s only going to get worse in the US, as this site continues to warn.

  • Avatar

    I’ve had occasion to interact with cops for several years because of the business I was in. There are also four cops in my family, a patrolman, a detective, a U.S. Marshal and a Military Policeman. We’ve talked a lot about the level of professionalism or lack thereof shown in many of these videos. We agree that those who begin with shouting profanities — as if they believe this kind of behavior will result in some kind of control over the situation — are woefully unprepared for the job they are expected to do. It can also be a tell that indicates a certain level of fear on their part and smacks of desperation. As soon as a cop starts screaming “f— this” and “f— that” and “f— you,” it’s rather clear that they’ve already lost control — and it further inflames the situation and infuriates the bystanders.

    What usually follows the profanity — or follows with more profanity — is use of excessive force. Again, the cop is afraid he will lose control or has already lost control. Pulling a gun on a bunch of kids in swim trunks and bikinis in a usually peaceful neighborhood means he doesn’t have a clue as to what he should do next. Maybe more profanity will help — do you think?

    We all agree that this cop needs to find a new career.

    I’ve seen a well-trained, professional LEO in almost the same situation as this never raise his voice, never curse at anyone and certainly never pull a weapon — who had, within 2 or 3 minutes, the entire crowd of people standing around him having a conversation — a dialog — asking questions and getting cooperation that got the desired results to everyone’s satisfaction. He demonstrated that he cared about the people to whom he was talking and that he was willing to let them tell him what had happened from their point of view before taking any kind of action. He never exacerbated a situation that required that he take control by force or profanity. It seems his kind are getting hard to find these days.

    see more

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      But they’re not hiring such gentlemen and gentlewomen as police officers anymore. They want average IQ (or lower), aggressive sadists now.
      Welcome to the new normal.

      • Avatar

        Obama wants a domestic police force to do his bidding. He won’t get that with intelligent, moral, ethical men and women. The only way to create a police state is to hire men and women with no moral compass who are willing to attack, arrest and/or murder innocent citizens. These kinds are finding their way into police departments all over the country.

    • Avatar

      Very good point about the importance of professionalism. I’m not sure why we see more and more policemen/sheriff/feds behaving in over-reactive , unprofessional, violent ways when dealing with the people they are supposed to work for and serve. The level of common sense, problem solving, and language skills seems to have fallen among many police departments, at least from what I’ve witnessed. In my state police salaries have been rising at a good clip for years. An officer can now routinely earn around the 100k mark and enjoy a healthy pension after fairly short career. Yet the quality of people entering the ranks seems to be falling and the lack of professionalism shows. I see ads around the state for empty positions for police and highway patrol officers. The Highway Patrol starts their officers at mid 90K. Did it become that though to be a cop? Are there just not enough good quality people left to fill the jobs? Are we just becoming a country where just having good common sense and problem solving skills in an intelligent fashion confined to fewer people than the past?

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    Racism at is finest. Sadly this cop spends his days afraid of his citizens, especially the dark-skinned ones. Hopefully they kick him off the force, and perhaps those officers are retrained to realize that what you think about, you bring about – including racial violence.

  • Avatar

    I have no sympathy for a citizen who chooses (unwisely) to not obey the instructions of a law enforcement officer. HOWEVER if this officer had behaved the way he did in my neighborhood i would have shot him myself with a very clear conscience. Sadly good law enforcement officers will be lumped in with this yahoo.

  • Avatar

    Adding fuel to the fire. We know cops are the enemy and now these teenagers do as well.

  • Avatar

    Anyone who made or makes a statement as to the
    officers rights to do what they did clearly has a problem with blacks. I’m going
    to say this one time and one time only. Mark the day this occurred
    what happen and the manner in which it happen and watch the Karma of a 10 times
    worst situation in that officers and or officers lives to do with
    their kids family or loved ones, experience a worst tragedy in their lives.
    This I can promise you. I live in Chicago, IL where
    cops would never do or try anything of this nature. Why? Because they would
    literally loose their lives instantly. There is a way to control a crowd, They
    are the ones who are suppose to be in control and not panic. This is why people
    get hurt loose their lives and suffer the consequence of their actions. I would
    admonish Texas to get their act together recognize what they’re dealing with is
    prejudice and some deep issues taught to them by their parents which is sadly
    embedded in their souls.
    Fortunately they will suffer the wrath of God mercy
    will escape them in the time of need. They like others will Reap what they
    sow! Acts 10: 34 says: ” God is no respecter of person. Meaning
    what you sow you will surely Reap. I pity the fool who thinks otherwise. This is
    the reason Texas will see tremendous suffering and be the 1st state to be
    marshalized and controlled by outside forces and made an example of
    Every Dog has it’s Day and some have Two. Texas you have Been
    WARNED! Texas your demise has already begun, and will escalade
    as time progresses. By September 23 rd you will no longer be heard or have a
    voice. Your state will be completely taken over and many will suffer
    unnecessarily…Again! Texas You Have Been WARNED!
    Chi Raq

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    i saw no one behave in a manner requiring that sort of treatment. that
    cop COMPLETELY lost his composure and revealed his inability to deal. he needs to find other work where his personal failings are not
    potentially deadly.

    shame on the cops for being thugs to our kids.

    if that disgraceful cop was my son he would have gotten a good ol daddy
    ass-whoopin and been forced to apologize to that young lady.

    to draw a gun in that situation? nugga pleeze…if that pussy felt
    endangered he needs a new spine installed

  • Avatar

    From the video it looks like people didn’t do what they were told and that’s what got them into trouble. If the cop says leave, then you leave. If he says to get on the ground then you do it. In 98% of the cases, problem solved. Interesting that the black kids were the only ones in the video running their mouths and causing trouble, yet they were also the ones that thought they didn’t do anything wrong. No respect for authority.

    • Avatar

      And if it had been 30 or so white kids wondering why the police were beating on them because black so called adults (probably drunk) started to throw racist bombs (like go back to the housing project… but they all live in the gated community) at a group of “local” black kids celebrating a birthday, our friend Dave would have been just as kind to the raving maniac he is now defending (pulling a loaded gun on kids in bathing suits)… right Dave.

      The outing was being supervised by adults in a public pool… all of the kids went to the local school… there is no excuse for this behavior.

    • Avatar

      Leave and go where? That’s not their neighborhood. Their home probably sits in some government project in central Dallas. No respect for authority? I’m sure you’re one of the many Texans who love our black president.

      • Avatar

        They all lived in the neighborhood and the “party” was being supervised by adults… nice try Ted… when’s the next white sheet meeting.

        Get a life asshole!

        • Avatar

          its a white suburb you dip shit. they were invited to that neighborhood. read the story

          • Avatar

            Please define “a white suburb” in plain bigot speak…Oh wait, you already did didn’t you…

            The party was authorized, supervised by adults, and they live in the gated community Teddy.

            The “disturbance” was caused by two women who didn’t like all the black kids in “her” community pool and thought they “should all go back to their Section 8 housing complex.”

            Two of the teens were slapped for taking offence (I know, THEY’RE all the same aren’t they whitey).


            • Avatar

              If you’re offending a cop drawing a gun on kids in their swim trunks, you’re a fool. The video told enough of the story, how the police operate when their around blacks. An all white police force in a white suburb.

    • Avatar

      So if a cop demands you to turn over all of your money, you would do that too??! There are things called rights and, if you are not harming anyone else by what you are doing, then you have the right to do it…period!

      • Avatar

        And they have and continue to take your money. Civil Forfeiture based only on the judgement of a police officer and used by the very department taking the money. The recent case in Nevada is a good example of a citizen carrying cash, admitting to the officer that he was carrying cash, and based solely on the officer’s judgement was forced at gunpoint to surrender the money. Behavior like this results in a justifiable loss in trust in our institutions and the people that enforce the laws that protect them.

  • Avatar

    Lot of emotions on all sides of this argument. Maybe a better article today would have been talking about how the Feds are prosecuting people for deleting their browser history? Something we can all unite behind and agree is unjust.

  • Avatar

    But, to leave a 14-year-old girl face-down in the grass for that long? This was not a robbery or murder, it was KIDS getting rowdy at a pool party. And, it can’t escape you that only black kids were being taken down like criminals for shooting their mouths off, like teenagers do. And, I mostly just heard them trying to tell their side of the story or say they didn’t do anything.

  • Avatar

    Put yourself in that cop’s position. You’re called to a disturbance (so there IS a problem). there are 3 of you and 20 of them. You tell them to sit down and they immediately all take off running. It escalates and you have no idea what is happening. Guilty people have NOTHING to run from. then you have a bunch of idiot girls screaming at you, making a scene, SETTING you up for what ever they will accuse you of later. IF PEOPLE WOULD SIMPLY LISTEN TO WHAT THEY ARE BEING ASKED, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!! But the stupidity in this country has gotten so far out of control. Americans focus their attention on crap like the Kardashians! they blow off what is happening to them by the government and big corporations and find all the hollywood bullshit as being more important. I don’t live in the US anymore for the past 4 years. THERE IS TOO MUCH STUPIDITY THERE!

    • Avatar

      Donna should get the story straight before defending this idiot!

      White adults began to throw racist bombs at the kids (go back to your section 8 home, we don’t want you here…) and called police when two kids went after a white woman who slapped a black teen in the face.

      The cop did absolutely nothing to a single white kid… but started treating every black kid (they all live in the community and were celebrating a birthday with a cook out that was supervised by adults) like a criminal for absolutely no reason.

      The kid shooting the video was white and he even said it was strange how “invisible” he was to the cops, who only went after “the black thugs” (my sarcasm not his words)!

      Get a life Donna… oh, and by your comments it is clear you are a bigot. If a cop grabbed your 14 year old daughter (in a bikini) and slammed her into a concrete sidewalk I’m sure you’d be fine with it!

    • Avatar

      they ran because they were scared and it turns out they were right.

      the pea-brained cop brutalized a teen, pulled a gun, threatened imprisonment to bystanders, and all around escalated a situation unnecessarily.

      compare the first cops interaction and demeanor. night and day. the short loud cop is unfit for the trade. such a personality defect cannot be corrected

    • Avatar

      I completely agree Donna!

  • Avatar

    That cop needs more training for sure, especially in verbal skills. He did however do the right thing in regards to crowd control. The girl on the ground suffers from black mouth and got exactly what she was asking for. In fact if you watch the video carefully you will see that all the black kids are shooting their mouths off and the white kids are staying quiet for the most part.

    • Avatar

      what he needs is a new line of business. he is not suited for the stresses of the cop trade. compare his erratic response with that of the first cop who kept his cool as he took care of business. let’s hope he gets the help he needs to find fulfilling work in a business he’s more suited to

      smart mouth or not i expect a cop to be more composed and know that a lippy teenage girl is no threat to someone supposedly trained for the job.

      water off a duck’s back, copper…water off a duck’s back. if a mouthy teenager can send you spinning that way i SURE don’t want to be around when the real stuff hits the fan and you start unloading

    • Avatar

      I really think the issue with law enforcement in our society is much more to do on the federal level with the insane amount of laws and agencies.

      This is opposed to at the local level where the cops are trying to do a good with an impossible job assignment.

  • Avatar

    Maybe a little PTSD going on? police take stupid defence

  • Avatar

    No comments here… Thanks to the guy recording it on camera.

    • Avatar

      Interesting dynamic in our country were the white kids feel empowered to stay and shoot this video. The black kids feel powerless and you can hear it in their voices on the ones who didn’t get away.

      This does not excuse the “black mouth” as kchamb posted, nor does it excuse the excessive nature of the police. Just an observation.

      • Avatar

        We have no idea what caused the police to be called, their first duty is to gain control of the situation and if those involved OR not involved will not allow that to happen these kinds of actions ARE NECESSARY !

        • Avatar

          White adults objected to being “over run” by the organized (an adult supervised) party (it was a cook out).

          The white adults began throw racist remarks around (go back to your slum, etc) and some of the kids got mouthy. A white woman slapped a black teen in the face (no arrest for that) and two very young teen girls went after her.

          Police were called… and not a single white person was even questioned (even the one filming it all while the cops rounded up every black kid they could)… all of the black kids were assumed to be “part of the problem.”


        • Avatar

          ekim, you’re correct but did the policeman need to take his gun out?

          • Avatar

            ” Friday night, a pool party in McKinney went bad. Then it went worse after 12 McKinney cops showed up.
            Residents of the Craig Ranch subdivision called McKinney police after teenagers at a party at the subdivision’s pool began fighting and then refused to leave when asked, according to Chief Greg Conley. When cops arrived, the teenagers scattered.” Apparently the ‘party’ was at the community pool in this affluent neighborhood and the school friends (including blacks) were invited. Noise level and rowdiness among teens partying aggravated a resident woman who started shouting profanities (racial) and called the police since the community pool had been overrun by the ‘party’. Perfect setup for the raid, especially if NOT handled by De-escalating the situation.

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