This week Bear chose “WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE, NOR ANY DROP TO DRINK” as our theme.  Literature is the grand repository of our dreams and desires and fears, of our longing for meaning and justice and redemption, of our yearning for intimacy and community and solitude, of our unquenchable pursuit of beauty. The great aim of literature is to render in words the nobility and majesty of life.

That images of water should play such a prominent and recurrent role as a metaphor in literature is hardly surprising, given the essential place of water in life itself. Water is, of course, mutable and sublime, sustaining and destructive, and throughout literature water serves as a representation not only of birth but of death, not merely of placidity but of violence. Water transports the hero to his great adventures and carries him home. Water holds the promise both of freedom and of enslavement, its shimmering surface inviting, its depths mysterious and daunting.

Water is also a powerful dream symbol that holds deep messages to the dreamer and should be examined. Water as a dream symbol represents your current emotional state of mind. Feeling thirsty anyone?

Iron Maiden – Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

PJ Harvey Down by the Water

Joe Bonamassa – High Water Everywhere

Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks

Jack Johnson – Drink The Water

The Who – Love Reign O’er me

Enjoy! ♥

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11 thoughts on “♪WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE, NOR ANY DROP TO DRINK – Music Theme

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  2. I love the first paragraph. I should have looked to see if you used Led Zeppelin, When the levee breaks”. We love them. I should have known. 🙂


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