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Ever since i’ve read Diet for a New America by John Robbins many years ago, i’ve sworn off meat and dairy just like you. I became ashamed and disgusted, knowingly eating the SAD diet means directly supporting factory farming- the barbaric, inhumane treatment of animals. When it comes to raising animals for food, ie. commercial commodities, “free range” and “organically raised/ fed” is a farce, a marketing ploy to soften the harsh reality that is a living hell for animals.
In good conscience i cannot support such an evil system of food production. Now we know that eating animals raised in such unsanitary conditions would lead to poor health and cancer. We really have no excuse aside from ignorance and/ or conditioning. Thanks for sharing this Alice, Diet for a small planet is also an excellent resource.
Think about it, there’s a reason (direct correlation) why my fellow Americans are fat, sick and tired all the time. Diet and toxicity from our environment are most certainly a factor. Wake Up!

Two Levels of Truth, by Lama Chime Rinpoche

A very nice reminder!
“The absolute truth of Buddhism is nirvana, and nirvana includes all of samsara as well.
It is said that for the absolute, one has wisdom, and for the relative, one has compassion.”

Buddhism now

Thousand-Armed Chenresi a Cosmic Form of the Bodhisattva AvalokiteshvaraWe discuss the subject of relative and absolute truth a great deal in Tibet; to understand it is really to understand the root of Buddha’s teaching. The relative is the particular and limited, the absolute is the unlimited and universal.

What is it that one sees when one looks at the world? In one sense one sees the relative — particular things happening which are changing all the time. And yet how does one perceive them altogether, as a whole? Only because of the absolute. For example, suppose you are watching a river flowing by. How do you know it is a river? There is no continuity in the particles of water; from moment to moment the water changes and we do not see the same river twice. It only becomes a river by virtue of the absolute nature of flowing water by which the particulars are joined together into…

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Living the Revolution

Amen to that! We’re all in it together for better or worse, globalism is a marriage, and like all marriages it takes work and understanding!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Solidarity4All (S4A) co-founder Christos Giovanopoulos is presently touring the US in his effort to grow the international solidarity movement supporting Greek workers. S4A is a collective that facilitates the development of grassroots solidarity structures emerging in response to the humanitarian crisis caused by Greece’s deep austerity cuts. It grew out of the Greek Indignados movement that formed alongside the Spanish Indignados* movement in July 2011. Both would serve to inspire the international Occupy movement that first formed on Wall Street in September 2011.

As of January 2015, there were self-governing 360 solidarity structures, representing 30% of the Greek population. The list includes social pharmacies, social medical clinics, social kitchens, social grocery stores, time banks,* a social collective of mental professionals, olive oil producers who share olive oil and the “potato movement,” where farmers cut out supermarkets and middlemen by trading directly with consumers.

All initiatives are non-hierarchical and hold weekly…

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Action Alert: Rainbow Tribe NOT WELCOME in Black Hills

Traditional Lakota Elders & Warriors: Rainbow Gathering NOT WELCOME in the Sacred Black Hills

Cante Tenza Okolakiciye, the traditional Strong Heart Warrior Society of the free and Independent Lakota Nation has heard from the traditional and grassroots elders on Pine Ridge and the message is clear: the Rainbow Gathering is NOT WELCOME in the Sacred Black Hills and this gathering is incompatible with the deep political, cultural, and spiritual significance of this area to our people.

Those standing in solidarity with Cante Tenza and the traditional Lakota People are urged to call and email the U.S. Forest Service Black Hills Supervisor Craig Bobzien, as well as US Forest Chief Tidwell in Washington DC. , Demand they uphold the sovereign rights of the Lakota People and stand with us to keep the Rainbow Gathering out of the Black Hills.

U.S. Forest Service Black Hills director Craig Bobzien phone   (605) 673-9200, …

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