Dalai Lama Announces Support for Legalizing Medical Cannabis

♪Plug it, unplug it, don’t straaaain
I love you Mary Jane
She never complains, when I hit that Mary
With that flame, I light up the cherry
She’s so good to me, when I pack a fresh bowl I clean the screen
Don’t get me stirred up the smoke, through the bub-bling water
Is Makin’ it pure so I got ta’, take my hit and hold it
Just like Chong, I hit the bowl and I reload it
Get my four-footer and bring it on…
As I take Hits from the bong♪

Greece and Economic Slavery

Excellent assessment! In 2009, Iceland gave the big middle finger to their creditors and allowed it’s banks to default, which led to a slow steady recovery. Greece should do the same and get a fresh start. Austerity measures only hurt the most vulnerable in society, the poor working class. It’s time for all sovereign nations to opt-out of globalist’ economic slavery. Pros & Cons of economic default: