List of Secure Email Providers that take Privacy Serious

List of Secure Email Providers that take Privacy Serious, Freedom Hacker

Here is a list of secure email providers that take your privacy serious and do not track you (details on providers below):

The list of secure email providers above is a comprehensive list of privacy focused providers that has been vetted by our team of security experts. These are not big name providers or privacy-violators that can be found scattered across the front page of search engines and ads. If you don’t wish to switch email providers, we recommend you begin implementing some form of encryption, such as PGP.

Top 5 Secure Email Providers

Hushmail Secure Email1) HushMail – A Canadian based privacy-conscious company that has provided secure email since early 1999 and has easily been one of the longest lasting privacy-focused email providers to date. Even though the company has had past run-ins with law enforcement, through their last 16 years of email services Hushmail has only been forced to turn over three user accounts on one occasion. However, Hushmail is packed with loads of great features including automatic encryption, temporary email addresses, strict HTTPS and two-step verification. Despite their rocky past, Hushmail has kept a strong hand on security and is our #1 favorite secure email provider.

ShazzleMail2) ShazzleMail – Another privacy-based email solution that takes a different stance on email. Instead of relying on ShazzleMail servers, the company makes you the email provider. Typically when you receive an email, it will be sent through the Gmail or Yahoo servers and be stored on their webservers in your inbox. With ShazzleMail, all emails are sent directly to you and pass through no third-party server. The app works through a smartphone, where the device will act as the main server and allow you to locally host your own email. Some drawbacks include, if your phone dies so will your email for the duration it’s turned off and it’s not accessible 24/7 everywhere.

startmail3) StartMail – Coming from the company behind the privacy-oriented search engines StartPage and IXQuick, a secure email solution was born. StartMail is a newer email solution born in 2015 after Snowden revelations uncovered that big name companies and governments were spying on everyone’s email. StartMail offers an abundance of features including disposable email addresses, one-click email encryption (PGP), alongside Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and SSL encryption.

Riseup Email4) Riseup – A Seattle-based digital collective that offers free security and anonymity tools. Born out of the need for email privacy, Riseup provides a secure email solution with absolutely no censorship. Unlike many other email providers, Riseup is owned and operated by a small collective of pro-privacy activists who have kept the service government free since 1999. Even after previous tie-ups with law enforcement, no data was ever captured, seized or read by any third-party or government entity.

5) TorGuard – A leading provider in anonymous services is TorGuard’s latest edition, Anonymous Email. Torguard’s anonymous email service is their latest edition to their privacy product arsenal, offering up a truly private inbox. The service allows for you to manage OpenPGP on the fly with their default encryption implementation. The anonymous email gives you a truly private inbox that no third-parties can scan and read.

Optional) Blur/MaskMe – Abine’s MaskMe is a one of a kind service, providing anonymity and total privacy when it comes to email. MaskMe allows you to create disposable email addresses that will forward to your real email address. This means you can signup for websites with a masked email such as that will forward to your real email at Disposable emails are great for stopping spam as you can disable the email address at anytime. That website you signed up for months ago just started spamming you? Simply delete the email address and all emails sent to that disposable address will no longer be forwarded to you. We recommended you use the service atop a secure email such as Hushmail.


After revelations uncovered that third-parties and governments have been spying on our email communications for years, the need for a secure email solution was made immediate. Privacy-conscious email provider has never been in higher demand. When you use a mainstream email provider that spies on its users, it doesn’t only hurt you, it affects everyone’s privacy. Your email address stores your interests, personal hobbies, daily activities, friends, family and thousands of other personal details, why let these big name providers take your privacy away?

One thought on “List of Secure Email Providers that take Privacy Serious

  1. About Unseen

    Unseen brings both consumers and businesses strong, secure and private communications. Our skilled and experienced team have been building popular web sites and services since 1995. Before starting Unseen, we developed Before It’s News, a leading source of alternative news and information. Because of this, we’ve had numerous people share with us their concerns about internet communications security. We’ve been aware of most of the recent revelations for years.

    Our premise is that everyone needs to be able to hear the truth so they can make a good choice for their future. If your communications isn’t secure, it could be monitored, blocked or changed without you knowing it. That’s not good for anyone.

    With all the recent spying disclosures, we became concerned about the safety of our customer’s data, so we moved the company and servers to Iceland. Iceland has a good track record of doing the right thing for protecting privacy and their past behavior with the bankers and human rights. It’s a neutral country where during the height of the cold war, this is where Reagan and Gorbachev had their famous meetings. It’s a very developed country with state of the art data centers where your data is safe and under the protection of Icelandic laws. Our Icelandic director is firmly in control of any requests for data and will do everything legally possible to protect our customer’s communications.

    In the future, expect many upgrades to our systems, as we stay abreast of the latest encryption and security technology and do everything we can to continue to earn your trust.

    Use this link to receive a 10% discount on sign up.


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