2 thoughts on “Bill Gates’s Idiocy (or Is It Psychopathy?)

  1. After living in Seattle for 20 years and watching Microsoft’s rise to prominence, it’s my strong belief that Bill Gates suffers from Asperger’s Disorder. It shares many features in common with sociopathy – including self-centeredness and lack of empathy – but for different reasons.

    Bill junior mainly owes his wealth to the Wall Street genius his father hired to float Microsoft’s initial stock offering and the legal team Gates senior procured to protect Microsoft against numerous claims it had “stolen” the inventions of other Internet innovators. Bill junior didn’t invent the DOS operating system (he stole the code from IBM), nor Windows technology (stolen from Apple), nor the mouse (stolen from Apple), nor Windows Explorer (stolen from Netscape).

    I don’t think Bill junior did all this for personal gain. I think he happens to be surrounded by a lot of sociopaths (including his father’s law firm) and like many people with Asperger’s, he’s quite blind to their malicious intentions.


    • Thank you for elaborating about Bill Gates, i did not know his personal background. I gather from his political associations, he may very well be coerced or manipulated by gov’t and various corporate interests. His TED talks are quite revealing, ie vaccinations, depopulation, technology.


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