The quickest method to start growing indoors ;)

Do you know what is an amazing experience?

Harvesting your marijuana plants!

Well, it is kinda hard work actually. But the anticipation that a short time later you will have pounds of fresh MJ to smoke, sell or share is an amazing feeling.

I found a company that makes it really easy for you to reach harvest time yourself. It’s called Dealzer and they are the creators of the Cash Crop 4.0: a 6 plant grow box that comes with everything you need. Starting at $449.

This smell proof, whisper quiet, and light proof personal garden is easy to use. Just pop in your seeds and watch it grow. Comes with everything you need, including a self-cooled cabinet and a hiflect insulation for maximum light usage and plant growth.

Watch the instruction video and see for yourself!

Little secret extra: Dealzer offers financing plans with their products. This means you can get the box shipped to your house, grow the weed, sell it, and THEN pay for your grow box. Then the next grow cycle is for free! Check the plan here

Dealzer’s Cash Crop Box 4.0 – An all in one grow system!

dealzer grow box
  • FREE USA Fedex Shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Phone & email tech support
  • Grows any strain
  • Whisper quite, smell proof
  • 6 plant hydroponic grow system
  • Optional CO2 enhancer (+25% growth)

Get it here!

Also included are a 6 plant hydroponic grow system with pump and oxygenator, 6 net pots, 6 grow cubes, nutrients, 3 grow bulbs, and 3 flower bulbs. Lock and key with carbon filter in exhaust and ona block deodorizer included for smells you may not want.

It’s a long list, but to summarize: this box contains everything you need for a simple 6 to 8 week growth.

Just add Seeds & Water!

To see what version is right for you, have a look at the dealzer product page.

Happy Growing!


PS – Are you growing some plants already? If they are looking bad, then quickly use my new sympton checker to find out what’s wrong.

Found it? Click the sympton and get the solution too 😉

ILGM, Postbus 51153, 1007ED Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands

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