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Tube BombDelivery


What do you think it means that the United States in 2014 carried out 443 drone attacks?

There were 377 in Pakistan, 59 in Yemen, and 7 in Somalia and what is striking is the fact that we are not at war with any of those nations.

And even more confusing Pakistan, we are told, is an ally.

So what are we doing?

Now there was a time in our history where we declared war against some country BEFORE we bombed the shit out of them.

But Tubularsock thinks that that must be one of those quaint old-fashioned ideas.

You know, like honesty, integrity, and honor. Which are all passé if we ever really had them in the first place. But Tubularsock remembers a day when at least we thought we had them.

Today we know we don’t. And Tubularsock thinks that without a guiding principle we…

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