How Cuba is Revolutionizing Global Health Care

Thanks so much for shining light on this inconvenient truth. For profit capitalism is antithetical to proficient health care, it marginalizes the poor and is inherently a conflict of interest b/c a healthy population is bad for corporate profits. I would venture to state that there is no literal “health care” in the west, it’s managed sick-care with Big Pharma drugs and sky high insurance premiums.

The Most Revolutionary Act

Salud! : What Puts Cuba on the Map in the Quest for Global Health

Connie Field (2009)

Film Review

Salud! Is about the global struggle to overcome health inequality and the vital role Cuba plays in this effort. Filmmaker Connie Field is totally open about her perspective that that health car is a basic right and not a commodity, as it’s viewed in the US.

In pre-revolutionary Cuba, only a small wealthy elite had access to health care. The poor, who comprised 90-90% of the population, died in droves of treatable conditions, such as malaria, respiratory infection, parasites and infantile diarrheal infections.

The Castro regime responded to this health crisis by training tens of thousands of doctors. At present, Cuba has 60,000 doctors for a population of 11 million, making their health system one of the best resourced in the world.

Ending Diseases of Poverty Worldwide

Cuba has been extremely…

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Either Learn What Money Is Or Accept Mass Starvation As Your Nation’s Future.

I’m really digging these possible solutions! 🙂

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The following Four Points, if properly understood and acted upon, will save millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people overseas from starving to death.

Fact One: The Only way out of a Depression is through Debt Cancellation.

How is such a dogmatic statement possible? Let’s begin with a useful definition of what a Depression is: A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. We associate Depressions with high unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcies. But these are the Effects and not the Causes of Depressions. Understanding the Cause leads to a cure.

Historically, there are three ways to escape Depressions. One is a 1923 Weimar Republic style Hyperinflation. In 1923 German farmers could pay off a million marks in previously Unpayable Debts by selling two eggs.

In 1933 America Unpayable Debts were cancelled by foreclosures on farms and homes and through bankruptcy of individuals, businesses…

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