7 ways to increase your marijuana yield (with any strain)

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How are things, enjoying summer? (or winter, in Australia;-)

Perhaps you are halfway a marijuana growth cycle. Or perhaps you are contemplating starting your very first marijuana garden this fall. Either way, I am always ready for you with guides, tips, expert advice and quality seeds to help you achieve the best results when growing marijuana.

Increase your Marijuana Yield

increase yield

When you are growing marijuana, you of course want the highest yield possible.

To make this achievable for you too, I have listed the 7 factors that have the biggest impact on maximizing your marijuana yield. Read my mini-guide on How to increase your Marijuana Yield

Please let me know in the comments if you learned something, or if you have any other suggestions!

While you are at it: we launched a brand new site design!

Would love to hear from you if you like it or not. Just reply to this email. Any feedback is welcome, good or bad.

The New Blog

What are the area’s where you should focus to increase your marijuana yield?

Read the maximum yield article for these 7 factors:

  • Increasing the light intensity
  • Pruning your plants (also check the previous article on pruning)
  • Using the best nutrients (Tip: check my Marijuana Booster)
  • Create the perfect climate
  • Harvest at the right time
  • Watch out for marijuana plant symptoms (check my sympton-checker as well)
  • Choosing the right genetics

It starts with the seeds. If they are bad, no amount of work will give you a high yield. Read the new yield article, and let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions!

Happy Growing!


PS – If you order seeds or marijuana plant nutrients at my shop, you might see we made a radical change. We have partnered with a company here in Amsterdam to provide all fulfillment services. From now on Amsterdam Connected will handle our logistics and payments. They have some excellent financial systems in place to securely handle your credit card data, and a logistic process that get our seeds delivered to your address in no time!

This way, me and my team can do what we do best: breed awesome marijuana strains and write great marijuana grow guides. The technicalities of taking card payments and worldwide shipping is left to the experts of Amsterdam Connected. The world revolves around cooperation and partnerships after all!

Rest assured, you will still be receiving our own high quality seeds and nutrients when you place an order. This change is mostly invisible from your end.

Try out our discounted seed offers?

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2 thoughts on “7 ways to increase your marijuana yield (with any strain)

  1. Fascinating–I’m not a smoker or grower myself, but it’s interesting to me to see folks exchanging information and marketing in the open, something I never thought we’d see in this country. Of course, it’s all still illegal in PA where I live, so this comment and “like” will probably get me on a list.


    • Yeah well, as long as the 1st Amendment still applies, we can talk all we want about pot, just don’t inhale 😉
      The war on drugs is a farce, just a matter of time before medical cannabis becomes legal worldwide!


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