‘Self defense’ – The pride of Hijab

Most beautiful hijab, elegant and practical.


Hijab reflects the modern Muslim women’s independence, new world attitude, her confidence to live life on her own terms and her desire to be protected, to see herself respective, smart and pious. Beside religious value, this piece of folded head scarf can tell much about a woman. So, what your hijab say about you? The colour is the style. There are Strips or flowers, represent the softness, the brightness. These makes a woman compliment who she is. And send clear signals about a Muslim woman and her personality. The raising trend of wearing stylish hijab or head scarf among young female in Bangladesh is not all about fashion neither it has imposed on them by Muslim parents or family. I have interviewed hundreds of young women and taken their opinion to know what have inspired them to wear hijab.

‘When I started hijab I wasn’t sure I could continue it or not. In summer time it is very hot in Bangladesh and traveling by bus become very hard for the weather. In the beginning it was very difficult but I have seen respect for me in eyes of people as a hijabi girl. I will continue to wear hijab’ – Adiba

‘I have been suffering from bad hair. After wearing hijab it has reduced. Hijab has brought a lot of change in my look also. I am feeling new. My family says it will protect me too’ – Jannatul Ferdous

Their answer surprised me. As 80% of women are wearing hijab…

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