Congress proposes this new law to “fix” Social Security

Social Security Fund

July 29, 2015
Aritzo, Sardinia, Italy

On January 31, 1940, the very first Social Security check ever delivered went to Ms. Ida May Fuller, a former legal secretary who had recently retired.

Ms. Fuller had spent just three years paying into the system, contributing a total of $24.75 to Social Security.

Yet her first check was for nearly that entire amount. Quite a return on investment.

She went on to live past 100, collecting a total of $22,888.92, over 900 times the amount she contributed to the program. Her story is quite the metaphor.

If you’re not familiar, Social Security is comprised of two primary trust funds: Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) and Disability Insurance (DI).

Essentially, all of the taxes paid in to Social Security end up in one of these two trust funds.

The trust funds then ‘manage’ the money to generate a rate of return, and then pay out distributions to program recipients.

Now, the funds are overseen by a Board of Trustees which is obliged to submit an annual report on the fiscal condition of the program. It ain’t pretty.

The Disability Insurance (DI) fund is particularly ugly. In fact, the trustees themselves wrote in the 2015 annual report that

“[T]he DI Trust Fund fails the Trustee’s short-range test of financial adequacy. . .”


“The DI Trust Fund reserves are expected to deplete in the fourth quarter of 2016…”

In other words, one of the two Social Security trust funds is just months away from insolvency.

When people think about Social Security, they think that all the problems are decades away.

Wrong. This is next year.

The other trust fund, OAS, is projected to “become depleted and unable to pay scheduled benefits in full on a timely basis in 2034.”

Which means that if you’re 47 or younger, you can kiss Social Security goodbye.

Bear in mind, these aren’t my calculations. Nor are they any wild assertions. They’re direct quotes from the trustees themselves.

And, just who are these trustees? The Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America. The Labor Secretary. The Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Some of the most senior officials in the US government sign their name to an official report stating that these funds are nearly insolvency– one of them even NEXT YEAR.

Not to worry, though. Congress is on the case.

Late last week, several dozen members of Congress introduced the “One Social Security Act”, HR 3150, to solve this problem.

And let me tell you, their solution is bold. Fearless. And brilliant.

HR 3150 attacks the looming insolvency of Disability Insurance by eliminating the fund altogether.

So instead of having two separate funds for two distinct purposes of Social Security, the legislation aims to combine them into one unified fund.

That way, with just one fund, there won’t be any separate reporting about DI’s insolvency.

It’s genius! They make the problem go away by eliminating the requirement to report it.

There’s just one small issue. Legally, they have a word for this. It’s called fraud.

You and I would go to prison if we commingled funds like this. But in the hallowed halls of Congress, this is what passes as a solution.

This is so typical– solving problems by pretending that they don’t exist and destroying any element of transparency and accountability.

This pretty much tells you everything you need to know about government.

Look, it’s a hard reality to swallow. But the government’s own data show that these programs are not going to be there for you.

And the story smacking us in the face right now demonstrates precisely how politicians intend on ‘solving’ the problems.

These people aren’t the solution. They’re the problem.

And don’t think that ‘voting the bums out’ will affect anything. Elections merely change the players, not the game.

The only way forward is to invest in yourself, particularly in your business and financial education. Make plans based on the assumption that Social Security doesn’t exist.

And if, by some miracle, it’s still there by the time you retire, you won’t be worse off for having built a larger nest egg thanks to the financial acumen you developed.

Don’t Murder 2 Million Feral Cats in Australia – Plz petition gov’t


Plz sign this PETITION

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Target: Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt

Goal: Don’t unnecessarily murder two million feral cats.

Australia recently announced a plan to kill two million feral cats in the country because they are “harmful,” despite the fact that animal rights groups say this won’t do much to help.

The Australian Environment Minister claims the cats will be killed humanely, but is there really a way to murder innocent animals who are just trying to survive? French actress Brigitte Bardot condemned the minister’s plan in an open letter, saying, “This animal genocide is inhumane and ridiculous. In addition to being cruel, killing these cats is absolutely useless since the rest of them will keep breeding.”

Bardot said the money set to murder innocent animals would be better used to sterilize them and decrease the population in that nonviolent way. The government plans to shoot and poison the animals.

Considering feral cats stem from domesticated cats who became wild, sterilization seems much more fair. These animals didn’t ask to be abandoned from their homes and forced to survive in the wild. Tell Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt to not unnecessarily murder two million feral cats and instead consider more humane options.


Dear Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt,

You recently announced a plan to kill two million feral cats in the country who it says are harming native species, despite the fact that animal rights groups say this won’t do much to help. You claim the cats will be killed humanely, but is there really a way to murder innocent animals who are just trying to survive?

I agree with Brigitte Bardot that the money set to murder innocent animals would be better used to sterilize them and decrease the population in that nonviolent way rather than your plan to shoot and poison the animals.

Considering feral cats stem from domesticated cats who became wild, sterilization seems much more fair. These animals didn’t ask to be abandoned from their homes and forced to survive in the wild. I urge you to not unnecessarily murder 2 million feral cats and instead consider more humane options.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Benny Mazur

 Plz sign this PETITION

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‘Self defense’ – The pride of Hijab

Most beautiful hijab, elegant and practical.


Hijab reflects the modern Muslim women’s independence, new world attitude, her confidence to live life on her own terms and her desire to be protected, to see herself respective, smart and pious. Beside religious value, this piece of folded head scarf can tell much about a woman. So, what your hijab say about you? The colour is the style. There are Strips or flowers, represent the softness, the brightness. These makes a woman compliment who she is. And send clear signals about a Muslim woman and her personality. The raising trend of wearing stylish hijab or head scarf among young female in Bangladesh is not all about fashion neither it has imposed on them by Muslim parents or family. I have interviewed hundreds of young women and taken their opinion to know what have inspired them to wear hijab.

‘When I started hijab I wasn’t sure I could continue it or not. In summer time it is very hot in Bangladesh and traveling by bus become very hard for the weather. In the beginning it was very difficult but I have seen respect for me in eyes of people as a hijabi girl. I will continue to wear hijab’ – Adiba

‘I have been suffering from bad hair. After wearing hijab it has reduced. Hijab has brought a lot of change in my look also. I am feeling new. My family says it will protect me too’ – Jannatul Ferdous

Their answer surprised me. As 80% of women are wearing hijab…

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WHO REALLY RULED USSR? The Secret of Brezhnev’s Passport

Very good info, thx Lada!

Futurist Trendcast

This video is for those who have open minds and who want to know the truth!
It is NOT for those who brew in russophobic lies, stereotypes and prejudices!


The Secret of Brezhnev’s Passport

(LadaRayLive 17)

Dear readers!

This video is bold, unique and truthful. I think this information is very important, not to mention this is the only place you can find a lot of things I say – they are exclusive to FuturisTrendcast, and Lada Ray Channel, some being parts of my proprietary Earth Shift System. Except for my interviews, there is also no other place you can find my unique perspective on things.

I know it’s summer and many of you are on vacation. But if you want me to continue sharing all I know with you for FREE, kindly find a moment to support my work!


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Here is Why Holistic Doctors are being killed and Disappearing

Alert! If u know anyone suffering from Autism or Cancer… this news story may be a game changer. Research further about GcMAF!

“Dr. Bradstreet and others believe that this Nagalase, which Dr. Bradstreet and Dr. Gonzalez have proven unequivocally, is being introduced into the body at vaccination.

Since the GcMAF naturally occurs in the body but it’s being inhibited by the introduction of Nagalase protein blocker. There is a product that is being worked on in Europe that has been blocked and is highly illegal in the United States to use because the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies want it kept out of the United States and it goes by the exact same name as the naturally occurring GcMAF. that occurs in your body. So what they were finding is that this GcMAF treatment product, which is being created, actually was reversing autism, reversing tumors, shrinking tumors, curing cancers… that’s what they were finding.”

The analogy was a bad one, not unlike a illogical comparison

Lol shocker… the Washington Post employs journalists like L.A. employs cops. Dumb & dumber, everyone’s on the take! 😉

The Cotton Boll Conspiracy


The above seems plausible enough. I was once in high school and undoubtedly penned a number of bad analogies, though I also recall having considerable difficulty differentiating analogies, metaphors and similes from one another.

While most of my analogies were sports-related – “the sound his head made as it bounced off the pavement was a sharp thwack, resembling the tone of a Nolan Ryan fastball being fouled off by Reggie Jackson” – and many were substandard, they probably weren’t as cringe-worthy as the above.

But, of course, the Internet being the Internet, it turns out that the above analogies weren’t written by high school students but by readers of the Washington Post.

In July 1995 the Post ran a contest asking for outrageously bad analogies, according to the blog Socratic Mama. Readers were asked to write the most hideous prose they could imagine. The above is a selection of those submissions.

It wasn’t long before…

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7 ways to increase your marijuana yield (with any strain)

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How are things, enjoying summer? (or winter, in Australia;-)

Perhaps you are halfway a marijuana growth cycle. Or perhaps you are contemplating starting your very first marijuana garden this fall. Either way, I am always ready for you with guides, tips, expert advice and quality seeds to help you achieve the best results when growing marijuana.

Increase your Marijuana Yield

increase yield

When you are growing marijuana, you of course want the highest yield possible.

To make this achievable for you too, I have listed the 7 factors that have the biggest impact on maximizing your marijuana yield. Read my mini-guide on How to increase your Marijuana Yield

Please let me know in the comments if you learned something, or if you have any other suggestions!

While you are at it: we launched a brand new site design!

Would love to hear from you if you like it or not. Just reply to this email. Any feedback is welcome, good or bad.

The New Blog

What are the area’s where you should focus to increase your marijuana yield?

Read the maximum yield article for these 7 factors:

  • Increasing the light intensity
  • Pruning your plants (also check the previous article on pruning)
  • Using the best nutrients (Tip: check my Marijuana Booster)
  • Create the perfect climate
  • Harvest at the right time
  • Watch out for marijuana plant symptoms (check my sympton-checker as well)
  • Choosing the right genetics

It starts with the seeds. If they are bad, no amount of work will give you a high yield. Read the new yield article, and let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions!

Happy Growing!


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