Black Lives Don’t Even Matter To Blacks!

Economic, social, political change starts from within. It requires organization, cooperation and courage. This post is significant b/c it’s much more than a race issue- it’s about taking personal responsibility- which applies to every single person who wants to make a difference. Absolutely right Shelby, we should never rely on “somebody else” to fix our collective problems, esp if they have hidden agendas ie. (corporate elites, politicians, Rachel Dolezal)!


blacklivesmatter and bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders leaves Seattle stage after event disrupted by Black Lives Matter protestersSanders was the final speaker on a long program held at a city park. Shortly after he took stage, a small group of protesters from a Seattle chapter of Black Lives Matter took the microphone and demanded that the crowd hold Sanders “accountable” for not doing enough, in their view, to address police brutality and other issues on the group’s agenda.

After sharing a few local grievances with the crowd, including school disparities and gentrification in Seattle, the protesters asked for a period of silence to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown being shot and killed during a confrontation with a police officer in Ferguson, Mo.

I will believe in the legitimacy of the #BLACKLIVESMATTER ‘movement’ when I see concrete evidence that according to the group, Black lives really do matter, but to-date, I have seen…

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