This story sounds horribly machiavellian – An Impending Global Monetary Reset?!

I received a video email from a financial advisory service that made my jaw drop. If true, then the economic ramifications for our future would be staggering! There’s talk of a government sponsored “gold-chipped supercomputer” giveaway which would impact every person in the world who uses money, which means all of us.

This video explains how the US gov’t would provide every citizen with a free penny sized supercomputer that would never need charging or maintenance, it would “protect” you from cyber-attacks, hacking, identity theft of your financial accounts and cyber-terrorism. Uncle Sam plans to spend $33 billion on this project, first rolling out at the largest financial centers like NY, TX, CA, FL, CO, DC by Dec. 2015, then other states would follow. Countries in the Western world would be mandated to comply as they are launching their own gold-chip programs. This includes Europe, Australia, Canada, also Japan, Indonesia and China.

What this means is the world’s financial system is collapsing and world governments are planning a GLOBAL MONETARY RESET! This means that people would no longer have total control of their money, aka we’re heading towards a cashless society where fiat paper currency would be phased out. No more underground economy, money laundering, or tax sheltering as the world’s government would have total control over everyone’s finances.

We are heading toward a totalitarian kleptocratic state whereby freedom and individual sovereignty would be meaningless. Dissenters against the state would be neutralized simply by emptying his or her financial accounts with a push of a button. How can anyone deemed “enemy of the state/ or terrorist” live in a society where there’s nowhere to run or hide b/c the state controls every financial aspect of your life? This would effectively put an end to independent thought, and our constitutional rights!

Of course the gov’ts must conspire to convince everyone that this program is imperative and necessary (mandatory) to guard against a growing worldwide threat… declaring “War on counterfeiting and cyber-terrorism”. Government regulated banks can manipulate/ control digital accounts more easily than cash. This is a scam!

Stay alert, we certainly are living through interesting times!

Here’s the video:

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Learn to Tell a Hoax from Targeted Info Dump (Navigating MSM and Alternative Media)

Reputable news reports must be substantiated with facts based upon reputable sources. Washington creates news to sway public opinion based on nothing more than conjecture and “expert opinion” who are often paid agents of the state. State run propaganda disguised as “news” controls the media to follow an agenda. “Info dumps” are targeted info weapons of the cabal, since it fulfills many interests of the state, corporation, politicians. Follow the money, who stands to benefit from these smart bomb stories? Great info Lada!

Futurist Trendcast

I think it’s crucial to understand the difference between a hoax being spread in MSM/ alternative media/ the web from what I call a targeted info dump. The latter is my own term; all definitions/explanations below are also mine. I want to share with you my secret technique for telling the difference. I think understanding this distinction will be very useful for all my readers in navigating a sea of confusing and conflicting info out there.

A hoax is usually a sensationalistic in nature report, often on some sort of blog or alternative media, but lately also in MSM, whose professionalism is so down that they can’t and won’t check their sources. It usually starts with some sort of sizzling bomb of a story, complete with pictures and certain facts that do not directly confirm the story, which is obvious to those who know the circumstances. Sometimes, pics and details…

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