This story sounds horribly machiavellian – An Impending Global Monetary Reset?!

I received a video email from a financial advisory service that made my jaw drop. If true, then the economic ramifications for our future would be staggering! There’s talk of a government sponsored “gold-chipped supercomputer” giveaway which would impact every person in the world who uses money, which means all of us.

This video explains how the US gov’t would provide every citizen with a free penny sized supercomputer that would never need charging or maintenance, it would “protect” you from cyber-attacks, hacking, identity theft of your financial accounts and cyber-terrorism. Uncle Sam plans to spend $33 billion on this project, first rolling out at the largest financial centers like NY, TX, CA, FL, CO, DC by Dec. 2015, then other states would follow. Countries in the Western world would be mandated to comply as they are launching their own gold-chip programs. This includes Europe, Australia, Canada, also Japan, Indonesia and China.

What this means is the world’s financial system is collapsing and world governments are planning a GLOBAL MONETARY RESET! This means that people would no longer have total control of their money, aka we’re heading towards a cashless society where fiat paper currency would be phased out. No more underground economy, money laundering, or tax sheltering as the world’s government would have total control over everyone’s finances.

We are heading toward a totalitarian kleptocratic state whereby freedom and individual sovereignty would be meaningless. Dissenters against the state would be neutralized simply by emptying his or her financial accounts with a push of a button. How can anyone deemed “enemy of the state/ or terrorist” live in a society where there’s nowhere to run or hide b/c the state controls every financial aspect of your life? This would effectively put an end to independent thought, and our constitutional rights!

Of course the gov’ts must conspire to convince everyone that this program is imperative and necessary (mandatory) to guard against a growing worldwide threat… declaring “War on counterfeiting and cyber-terrorism”. Government regulated banks can manipulate/ control digital accounts more easily than cash. This is a scam!

Stay alert, we certainly are living through interesting times!

Here’s the video:

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42 thoughts on “This story sounds horribly machiavellian – An Impending Global Monetary Reset?!

  1. 986543-666700-941176 this number could be your new world one government Social security number.. notice 6-6-6
    It will only be this way after the world has been taken over by “THE BEAST” the beast will be connected to other worldly beings like the grays that drive those government hush hush UFO’S. The beast by definition will be 207
    FALLEN ANGELS 200 sons of god and 7
    Satan’s which are presently inside our planet.
    There might be some annunaki mixed in with
    this but the 10 horns will mean they fly in
    groups of ten the seven heads are the satans
    but only seven. Other sub gods like the being called Apollo will be up. Most likely they will be released via earthquake. The sons of god had a ten thousand year prison sentence on them which started at the flood during N oahs time. When they are released they will not g ave served their sentences so having anything to do with them would be compared to aiding and abetting a felon. God himself warns of this in the book of Revelations. I guess you can truly say all hell has broke loose at that day…


  2. You can bet your life that the “mark of the beast” will show up in an overwhelming fashion and will be something that is government sponsored and not something that will come from the free marketplace.


  3. Scary times, indeed. If these government issued super computers may represent a total totalitarian grab for power, people may want to hitch their wagons to a market driven payment solution that is debt-free and gold based.

    This publicly traded company in Toronto has a business model that allows users to own and have their gold stored at Brinks, have it audited 24/7 by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and have full access to their gold whether they want to call the gold for their personal possession, or transfer weighted gold payments from account-to-account, in what amounts to a simple change of ownership title to the vaulted bullion. The value of the gold “movement” is hugely prized as a currency oriented payment system, much like PayPal , but with bullion’s mass (weight) as the unencumbered unit of account, instead of debt (fiat dollars)

    Join up to support the movement to have debt purged from the current system, while also supplementing much required economic stimulus …. debt-free.


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  5. You have good reason to worry about our present and future, would that the rest of our country could wake up and see through the lies MSM gives us. We need to restore Glass-Steagall, an act that did much to prevent those entrusted with our honestly earned funds (banks), from combining our personal accounts apart from the investment banks that went to the casinos of Wall Street and City of London with the money of our citizens.
    Further, our government should return to our Constitution and print our own money. Today, the Fed prints or creates money, then lends that money with interest to banks that are parts of its system, and then those banks can selectively distribute that wealth at rates of interest they decide. The public that really should own its money in the first place, not, non-Federal and largely foreign powers in the first place. In effect, it is a global Mafia-style banking system with the BIS (Bank of Interntional Settlements) as the loan shark collector for the NWO.


  6. Yeah I have been feeling more and more forced to use a banking system I do not trust, but the truth is you must bank with someone to get by. Did you know there are already places that will not accept cash? Appalling. Scary. Very scary.


    • Firewaves, there may be a lot of places that refuse cash, but unless places that take cash come under direct attack from the government, there will always be some that cater to a very large clientele with no bank accounts. Even if they do come under attack, there will always be barter and the black market. Their wet dream is to stop all of that and force us into slavery, struggling to keep up with onerous demands, and imprisoning us when we can’t. I don’t exactly wish them luck. At this point, my action would be to refuse to do business with places too stuck up to accept cash. But, yes, the more I think about this, the more Orwellian it looks. All they really need to do is release a bunch of counterfeit bills… Be prepared to barter.

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    • Make them read, “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” That is from the Federal Reserve System itself. If it is not true, maybe we should start printing our own money again. In fact, we should do it anyhow and get our necks out from under the smelly feet of the City of London and other central banks.

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      • Creating our own money…. does that mean going backwards to a system such as Bretton Woods and a price peg between gold and a certain amount of fixed USD’s/ oz ???

        We actually have that now as a market choice where one can use gold as a personally owned sovereign and debt-free currency. The difference s that the gold that one owns is gold-by-weight (mass) where the weight is the actual unit of account. It was never possible to use gold in this manner in the past with a fixed price peg because a society would eventually run low or run out of gold altogether. With gold being a limited and finite resource, the only way to use gold as a currency was to let the trade value fluctuate and use the unit of weight (mass) as the unit of account.

        Note : Bullion’s liquidity (economic coverage) is directly proportional to the amount of monetary gold being used in the market multiplied by the trade value of each unit of weight.
        —–> Gold weight x trade value/unit weight —–>>> gold weight x USD/oz

        Raising liquidity for gold use as a currency is now a matter of raising the amount of available weight or raising the trade value. This is why the trade value (price) had to eventually be set free to float on the basis of market fundamentals.

        Bullion in circulation not only greases the wheels of trade, but it does so without any added debt …. which in turn, allows for existing fiat based debt (like dollars) to be removed. It’s essentially a displacement and one that’s strictly market driven.

        More info …

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      • Gold should set its own value based on its worth to users, not people in power and with no interest but their own. As the gold supply diminishes, it’s value increases. If it becomes too valuable for common exchange, we can go to other precious metals,
        We should be set free from the Rockefeller petrodollar. It was set by seekers of power, and Henry Kissinger once (at least once, maybe frequently) said, “Control oil, and you control nations, control food, and you control the people.” Some have been playing the game of petroleum control and going to wars to win.
        In any case, recovery of the patient, my country, involves even more tactics and strategies.

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      • marblenecltr ….. I find it very noteworthy (and interesting) that the USD (floating version) is not just being used as a currency (medium of exchange) but is also being used in the support of debt-free trades by using it as a comparative measure of value (pricing) for two debt-free widgets that can now trade directly for each other. Ever notice this ?


      • We are walking in a world of trust in economic fictions, and we should stay with it until we work our way back to reality. Fractional reserves, etc., must be endured but not to the point of global tyrannical control, the objective of globalists. Before we know it, a pint of blood weekly and all the clothing except underwear will be demanded from the people of Greece.

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    • Firewaves21 ….. You can store wealth in a web enabled gold account now, independent of the banking system. Your personal gold account comes with a MasterCard debit card that you can load with USD’s for the sake of having dollars on hand for spending while your store of value is in bullion within a gold account that is denominated by weight. . It’s very cool. a Canadian company brought it out last May.


      • I read somewhere yesterday that the Greeks are being required to declare all of their assets to the government. Those they fail to declare will be subject to confiscation.

        Meanwhile, David Stockman reported that the drone pilots who went public in America about the travesties their job involved have had their accounts frozen. It’s all Mafia tactics for getting their way. They want us to be afraid. Very afraid. Our strength must lie in our ties with our family and community. Beyond that we have no desireable assets that cannot be confiscated to feed their greedy maw.

        To the wise, wealth lies not in what you own but in what value you are capable of generating. That is the only way to defeat them. And no matter how all-powerful they appear right now, when the time comes that most assets are owned by those whose sole skill is asset confiscation, fall they will. Out of sheer incompetence. And looking at America right now, you can already see the cracks. Obama cannot even muster the simple decency of public condolences to Russia over the two murdered pilots and downed airliner. Russia at least knows that in a war, the other side shoots back.


      • The original thread here was about a Macchiavellian scheme to replace cash with an entirely digital system. I apologize for butting in on your sub-thread. My response does apply, however. What I mean is gold is not the answer. It is subject to confiscation, and they are preparing for that now in Greece. If you can hold gold and keep it absolutely secret, then you might have a chance to hang on to your assets. In a crisis, though, you won’t be able to use it. If you can generate value, you will have value alive, notwithstanding idiots that kill geese.

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      • patriciaormsby …. The confiscation fear is but a fear based on yesteryear’s rule of an older form of precious metal standard, one which was predicated on fixed values for gold where monetary liquidity was tied directly to the amount of gold that was on hand. The problem was not the gold, however. The problem was the fixed value (peg) associated with the price of gold. I’m sure that you are referring to FDR and what took place in regards to the devaluation of the dollar in 1933 ??? Yes ?

        That USD devaluation, which resulted in a readjustment of the gold price, from $20.xy to $$35/oz was an act of fiat and done in a top-down fashion. It was done that way because the tools had not been developed in such a way that the gold price could be determined in the market and there was simply no way to democratize gold in the manner that we can today. We can only do what we are capable of doing. The digital information age has now made a massive difference. These past issues of totally restrained liquidity were addressed by the onset of Bretton Woods and then the closing of Bretton Woods , which ended with the free floating value of gold. Gold broke out of jail

        Gold has already been monetized by the market in a bottom-up market context, where mass (weight) has become the rightful unit of account, based on the newer feature of a scalable price point, which also makes gold’s liquidity fully scalable too. Finite gold weight can now have infinite liquidity based on the price that is placed on it.

        People are using gold with mass as a unit of account all over the world now. It’s growing each and every day.

        The FIXED peg had to be severed to bring gold to this point. In this context, gold is a real-time market currency (no legal tender BS required) and the dollar plays a support role (US/oz) as a measurement tool in support of debt-free payments. A gold trade for a new suit or a new TV. Barter in spirit. The dollar is not JUST a currency (medium of exchange) , although you may think of it as just a currency. The USD is also a pricing measure that allows us to compare the pricing of two DEBT FREE widgets and support the trade of one debt-free widget for another without any debt being used for the transaction.

        The government has no motive to confiscate gold, today. They have unlimited liquidity by way of the press and will continue to use it until the market (grass roots) wakes up to realize that the answer to our debt dilemma rests with the market, not with the elite. Gold must be re-monetized by way of the market, organically, as to not crash the existing debt currency system. What emerges is a hybrid for liquidity ….. a yin-yang of circulating debts and assets. Symbiosis. This may go some length in explaining USD hegemony.

        Gold based currency that circulates supports real economy while also purging existing fiat based debt. It’s a displacement. This was not possible when the price of gold was joined at the hip with the dollar.

        You cannot pour new wine into old wineskins 🙂


      • Patricia, fear of confiscation is most justifiable. The earlier confiscation took place to greatly benefit the bankers who earlier caused the depression through the Fed Res, NOT Smoot-Hawley! To learn what those powers were up to, read about the attempted military coup against FDR in the early thirties.
        About our government’s present richness in gold, if it is real, why did Germany demand the return of their gold held by us only to receive gold-covered tungsten? Why do we refuse to return gold to nations who ask for it? What happened to our gold when we replaced it with petroleum?
        With some people, love for gold and power and control of everyone else surpasses love for one’s country.

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      • marblenecltr … I used to believe in that same opinion you have until I looked deeper into the problem on the axiom of capability versus incapability. Your opinion fills in a blank for you but there is still more that you can derive from some facts that are there for all to see.

        First let me say this because I see your opinion as being something that is derived from intention, that being the intention of others.

        Necessity is the mother of invention.
        Intention is the father.
        Capability is the child.

        FDR’s proclamation for gold confiscation was based on a liquidity shortfall. As a fact, when gold has a price peg and that price is fixed, any and all monetary liquidity is predicated on the amount of gold that is available and on hand, according to that particular standard. If liquidity is predicated on the amount of monetary gold that’s in the system, then the system is headed down a dead end street because in the larger scope of reality gold is a limited and finite resource. You’d become heavily depleted and eventually run out.

        Before I go on, note this, please. The liquidity of gold in the role of a currency is predicated on 1) the amount of gold that is on hand and 2) the trade value of the gold on a per mass unit basis.
        L = gold weight x trade value/unit weight —> gold weight x USD/oz

        In that simple algorithm, you should be able to see that getting out of a liquidity jam is a matter of having more gold or raising the trade value of the gold.

        The problem in the 1930’s was based on a major incapability, regardless of what you or I think of as someone else’s intention.

        1) The price of gold was not set by the market, but by fiat. If the price of gold was going to be set higher, there was no choice but to set that price from the apex of power at that time.

        Was the structure a problem ? Absolutely !

        Historical steps from Bretton Woods (1944), onward were put into motion to alleviate the issue of liquidity shortfalls. That’s not to say that we currently have a perfect system, we don’t, but that part of this journey addressed a serious liquidity issue. Call it a band-aid if you like. Now we are trying to get the debt genie back into the bottle.


  7. Let’s say these are legit, and will help reduce the amount of CC fraud and keep your personal information off the net. But it’s the simple fact that the government is pushing these “superchips” and NOT the banks or financial institutions that makes it suspect. So while this tiny chip does all these amazing things to keep your financial info safe, whose to say that they DIDN’T sneak in a RFID chip for use in tracking the non-compliant “sheeple” of the flock?!?!? I feel that the mass distribution of such a device that was capable of them doing so would be an opportunity they just couldn’t resist!!! Look at all of the EO’s they got passed by hiding them in plain sight throughout the thousands of pages of the Obamacare Act!!! This would follow their MO!!!



  8. It’s not a supercomputer or an RFID. It is not even a computer, it is a dedicated encrypted circuit being put on credit cards so that the card can give out a different unique card number for each transaction. This is just good practice for protecting your information. If Target got hacked again and you used a chip card no one would care because the number was already obsolete and worthless. When you think about it, it’s kinda crazy that people are willing to walk around and give their name and credit card number or bank account to the complete strangers at any store they walk into.

    Many credit card companies have been willing to give you one-use numbers that you could make purchases with already, but you had to go online get the number and use it to make the purchase. This chip just does that for you by giving a different number for each purchase and the credit card company will refuse to process any numbers that have already been used once.

    Calling this little chip a supercomputer is ridiculous and completely dishonest. It does possibly use tiny gold wires like most integrated circuits (even the ones that only cost pennies) but that’s irrelevant. Chipped credit cards are safer because they give out less of your information to merchants and that’s why they’ve been used globally for years. They don’t give the government any more control than they have always had. (Although freezing bank accounts without a criminal conviction is common practice even without a chip in your credit card.)

    I should add that they are talking banks instead of credit card companies because the chips are also being added to debit cards for the same purpose. However I would like to say that if you use a debit card for anything…please stop. Debit cards are terrible for consumers (only the banks and merchants profit). They like a credit card except that you don’t get rewards, you’re liable for purchases if it’s stolen, and if you spend more than you have you get charged an additional fee instead of just denying the transaction. Just get a credit card with 1% cash back on everything and 5% on something you use a lot like gas and set up an autopay every month.


    • Thank you Andy for this additional clarification. The way they marketed this story sounded like a national NSA ID card for financial tracking purposes.
      The gov’t may mandate this, and banks must comply… but who’s financing this whole operation?
      Follow the money…


  9. Going by what I have seen…the p.t.w.plans for much of anything have been failing time after time.we are humans, most dumbed down but many awake.whatever happens will be a hell of a ride,hang on & help others.

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  10. Oh, the Powers-That-Be really want this! They have to consolidate their control, or they will certainly lose it. The Japanese will acquiesce with a shrug–that is if they are aware at all. They are always so sorry for me, that I don’t have a cell phone, forget about an allegedly ‘smart’ phone!

    JM Greer on the Arch Druid Report says that the American right wing populists have succeeded at delegitimizing the power structure, which is the first,most important step in a revolution. (The second is securing a supportive network, and the third is guerrilla warfare. You can see how America used that formula in the Ukraine, but they were too hasty.) The left wing, on the other hand, was always trying to play the ‘nice guy,’ so they got co-opted by the power structure, and they cannot oppose it without pulling their own plug. So I can foresee definite resistance from the populists in America, and they would be the ones you’d want to team up with.

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  11. Reblogged this on Futurist Trendcast and commented:
    Some interesting new info from Maddie Walsh @ 1EarthUnited blog. This info is worth keeping in mind, and if you receive any ‘FREE present; from the government in the form of a micro-chip or super-computer, just say: thanks, but no thanks.
    There is no way to enforce this if people say no. Keep that in mind, everyone.

    Another good example is smartphone, which makes it easy to spy on you. Just don’t use it. Instead, how about a simple and perhaps not as sexy looking cell phone that still does the job and helps keep your privacy?


  12. It’s pretty clear we are in the last days of Babylon:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, saue he that had the marke, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    Let those who have ears hear … are you going to take it, or return it to sender?


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