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Who’s Living Whom? Bacterial Cells vs. Human Cells in the Body

bacterial-human cell ratio

Who’s living whom? Think you’re in charge? The bacterial-human cell ratio shows your human cells are greatly outnumbered by microbiome (bacterial) cells in your body.

The bacterial-human cell ratio in the body

is quite astounding, if you didn’t already know it. Did you realize that the amount of bacteria in your body vastly outnumber everything else?Thebacterial-human cell ratio is estimated to bearound 10:1! That means for every human cell in your body, there are roughly 10 bacterial cells. So who’s living whom? Who’s in charge? It’s certainly not the human “you”, because you only have one eleventh of the numbers (although human cells are far larger and heavier). The bacterial-human cell ratio reaffirms the importance of having a healthy bio-terrain (i.e. having the right balance of, and an abundance of, healthy bacteria in your body), which is what many alternative and holistic healing modalities teach. Ultimately, it also lends weight to the idea that it is your body’s bio-terrain or inner environment that determines your state of health and immunity – not whether you are exposed to a particular bacterium or virus as is the prevailing view in Western Medicine.

You Need Bacteria!

Right from the moment we are born, we start to collect bacteria; mostly from our mothers, but also from putting anything we see into our mouths. These bacteria or microbiomes make their way into our stomach and intestines where they set up camp. It is though that there are over 500 species living in the guts of an average adult, and the majority belong to two phyla, the Firmicutes (such as Staphylococcus and Clostridium) and the Bacteroidetes. Just as the Human Genome Project was an attempt to map the entire human genome, the Human Microbiome Project is an ongoing attempt to map, identify and comprehend the complex web of bacteria residing in the human body.

Your body needs bacteria. They perform a variety of functions, such as breaking down food that would otherwise cost you far more energy in digestion. As the article The Microbiome: Your Gut and Immunity states:

“Beneficial bacteria in the gut help us break down and digest foods, particularly complex carbohydrates, and synthesize a number of nutrients that we cannot create ourselves including vitamin K2, folic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and various amino acids. They also help us metabolize certain xenobiotic substances including plant constituents, pharmaceuticals, and toxins.” (xenobiotic means substances foreign to our bodies, usually a synthetic chemical)

bacterial-human cell ratio-3

The bacterial-human cell ratio is directly related to your health and immunity.

Bacterial-Human Cell Ratio Directly Responsible for Your Immune System

The friendly bacteria in our body live in your gut, and your gut is the basis for your immune system. How do these friendly bacteria boost immunity? By acting as competitive inhibitors of colonization by pathogenic species. They literally crowd out the tiny spaces in your body and prevent other hostile forms from colonizing there. Additionally, studies such as these (here and here) have concluded the friendly microbiomes have the capacity to directly kill pathogenic species or stimulate our immune system to kill them. Here are some of their findings:

“Resident bacteria profoundly shape mammalian immunity … The immune system has thus evolved adaptations that work together to contain the microbiota and preserve the symbiotic relationship between host and microbiota. The evolution of the vertebrate immune system has therefore been driven by the need to protect the host from pathogens and to foster complex microbial communities for their metabolic benefits.”

“The microbiota is generally considered symbiotic, and has been implicated in the regulation of cellular growth, restitution after injury, maintenance of barrier function, and importantly, in the induction, development, and modulation of immune responses. The mucosal immune system uses diverse mechanisms that protect the host from overt pathogens, but necessarily has coevolved to monitor, nurture, and exploit the normal microbiota. As a whole, mucosal immunity encompasses adaptive immune regulation that can involve systemic processes, local tissue-based innate and inflammatory events, intrinsic defenses, and highly conserved cell autonomous cytoprotective responses.”

As these and many other scientific studies have pointed out, the relationship between humanity and certain bacteria has evolved over time to become highly symbiotic. We have, in essence,  selected and allowed certain bacteria to reside in our bodies in exchange for them providing valuable functions such as host defense. Did you ever think you had made such a beneficial deal with trillions of tiny things?

bacterial-human cell ratio-2

The bacterial-human cell ratio forms part of your 2nd brain – in your gut.

Bacterial-Human Cell Ratio Also Responsible for Your 2nd Brain

Not only do the beneficial microbiomes provide excellent defense against pathogenic bacteria, but they also form something akin to a 2nd brain in the gut. How? Well, the gut is regulated by a large collection of neurons known as the enteric nervous system, which contains more neurons than your spinal cord. The enteric nervous system produces around 90% of the serotonin and around 50% of the dopamine found in your body. As you may know, both serotonin and dopamine are neurotransmitters with highly important roles in the body and brain. Serotonin is involved in virtually every kind of human behavior: emotional, motor, cognitive and autonomic. Dopamine plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior.

Both neurotransmitters greatly affect your mood – and an imbalance in both has been associated with mental illness. Low serotonin levels have been implicated in diseases such as chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, while low dopamine levels have been associated with Parkinson’s and schizophrenia. Medical history was made earlier this year with the first successful FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplant) – sounds gross but it actually helped the patient get more beneficial microbiomes!

“Recent neurobiological insights into this gut–brain crosstalk have revealed a complex, bidirectional communication system that not only ensures the proper maintenance of gastrointestinal homeostasis and digestion but is likely to have multiple effects on affect, motivation and higher cognitive functions, including intuitive decision making. Moreover, disturbances of this system have been implicated in a wide range of disorders, including functional and inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders, obesity and eating disorders.”

Scientific studies by the truckload (here, here and here [which provides the quote above]) are now validating what people have long intuitively known: the gut is an important decision-making center in the human body. Has anyone ever told you to “trust your gut” or “go with your gut” when feeling out a situation or making an important decision? Now you know why!

bacterial-human cell ratio-fermented-food-kombucha

Drinking fermented kombucha is a great and tasty way to boost health by influencing the bacterial-human cell ratio.

Implications of the Bacterial-Human Cell Ratio

An astounding privacy implication of the bacterial-human cell ratio is that, according to the recent study Humans differ in their personal microbial cloud, you could be identified by your microbial cloud. Imagine being picked out from the crowd due to what kind of firmicutes and bacteroidetes you have in your gut!

There are numerous health implications of the bacterial-human cell ratio, too. An obvious one is that, if we want optimal health, we must take care to protect the balance of good or friendly bacteria in our bodies in relation to the bad or harmful bacteria. The bacteria in our body form their own eco-system if you will, and every eco-system is composed of various parts which work in cooperation (and sometimes superficially in competition) to ensure the overall harmony and balance of the whole system. This is why antibiotics are dangerous medicine; they may be necessary as a last resort to stop a virulent disease, but they wipe out the entire colony of bacteria, taking out all the beneficial aspects with it. Antibiotic overuse and overprescription is rife; many have already predicted that antibiotics are becoming less and less useful every year, due to bacteria mutating and adapting to them.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Focusing on probiotics and prebiotics is another upshot of the bacterial-human cell ratio. What’s the difference? Probiotics are literally alive bacteria, whereas prebiotics are the fibrous parts of food (carbohydrates) that you can’t normally digest. Prebiotic fibers in plants (found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains) allow beneficial bacteria in the colon to ferment. As they ferment, they release short-chain fatty acids that directly feed our intestinal cells!

Another ramification of the bacterial-human cell ratio is simply this: if you want an easy way to boost your health, introduce more raw and fermented foods (which naturally carry bacteria) into your diet. Fermented foods especially can be highly beneficial for health, and exist all over the world in various cultures. The Japanese have miso and natto (fermented soy beans), the Koreans have kimchi (fermented cabbage) and the Germans have sauerkraut (another kind of fermented cabbage). Then there is kombucha, cheese and yoghurt (fermented dairy), sourdough breads (fermented grains like wheat and rye), kefir, apple cider vinegar and many other kinds of foods. It’s a lazy person’s way to good health. Chances are you’ll find some of these foods very tasty – so sit back, enjoy them and let the bacteria get to work at strengthening your bio-terrain and boosting your immunity!


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.



The Ultimate Purpose of GMOs

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are a hot topic

right now. All across America, from Hawaii to California to the Northeastern states like Vermont, the debate is raging over whether to label GM foods, and in many cases, whether to ban GM crops completely. Some counties (such as the Big Island County in Hawaii, and Jackson and Josephine Counties in Oregon) have passed local laws banning GM crop cultivation, and Vermont became the first state to do so. Additionally, as many as 60 countries have restricted or banned GM crops from being grown on their soil! Before we discuss the ultimate purpose of GMOs, let’s begin by defining what a GMO is.

The ultimate purpose of GMOs

The ultimate purpose of GMOs goes way beyond money, monopoly, control of the global food supply and depopulation; it’s the agenda to rewire the human genetic code.

What is a GMO?

A GMO is created when the DNA from one species (usually a plant) is crossed with the DNA from a completely different species (such as a virus, bacteria or animal). This is not the traditional crossbreeding that has been practiced for thousands of years by human famers, where different strains of plants are crossbred to produce hybrids. That is a natural process occurring in the fields over generations.

Genetic modification is the artificial injecting of the DNA of a completely different, random species into plant DNA. It’s been described as vertical rather than horizontal mixing. Such a mix never occurs in Nature, and thus, we have no idea of the long-term consequences of such a process. Genetic modification is carried out under the banner of biotechnology by big multinational corporations such as Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Dow, Dupont Pioneer and the infamous Monsanto, which has been voted the world’s most hated corporation for a few years running. An entire day is devoted to the “March Against Monsanto” in over 50 countries every year!

Big Biotech

These businesses have rebranded themselves as Biotech companies, but they are essentially chemical and pharmaceutical companies – many with a very dark history. Bayer and BASF were part of the I.G. Farben conglomerate, producing chemical weapons for the Bush-Rockefeller-funded Nazis. When it comes to a dark past though, Monsanto takes the cake, having produced the carcinogens Agent Orange, DDT, Dioxin and Lasso. It also produced rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone), a hormone given to cows which has made them sick, and made humans who consume their milk sick too. However, Monsanto bribed the FDA to the tune of $1-2 million to get it legalized.

Monsanto also took over the development of aspartame, an artificial sweetener with 92 reported health side effects, including irreversible brain damage and death. On top of all of that, it was Monsanto that produced PCBs (plastics classified as persistent organic pollutants) for over 50 years, which are now virtually omnipresent in the tissues of humans and wildlife around the globe.

GMOs Wreak Havoc on Human Health

Knowing all of this, it would be wise to look at GMOs with a healthy deal of skepticism, given that they’re being pushed by such corporations. Scientific studies are showing that skepticism to be well-founded. In the last few years, a large number of papers have shown that GMOs are extremely detrimental to human health. The French scientist Seralini showed that rats fed Monsanto’s GM maize developed severe liver and kidney damage, and developed malignant tumors, in just 4 months. Others have shown that GMOs are implicated in a staggering large number of ailments, including organ failure, autism, allergies, asthma, sterility, infant mortality, digestive disorders, bowel disease, Crohn’s, constipation, kidney disease, heart disease and more.

Why such horrible side effects? It’s because the GMOs are completely new organisms with never-before-seen DNA. The process of creating GMOs involves the random shooting or splicing of genes, and leads to gene mutations. When we ingest GM food, our body’s immune system treats it as a foreign entity, so it starts attacking it and your body gets inflamed. GMOs cause inflammation, the hidden source of many auto-immune diseases (e.g. arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.) and other illnesses like diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Industrial Pesticides: RoundUp (Glyphosate)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. GMOs go hand-in-hand with industrial pesticides. In fact, Monsanto developed its GMOs as a way to sell more of its chemical pesticides and herbicides. The most notorious of these is RoundUp, whose active ingredient is glyphosate. Glyphosate is extremely toxic to virtually all forms of life, even at low levels. Whenever you eat Monsanto’s GM food, you are also getting a dose of glyphosate, which has been linked with chronic fatigue, birth defects and cancer.

It gets even crazier still. Monsanto has genetically engineered a type of corn called Bt corn, named after the bacterium they inserted into it. Bt corn has been modified to produce, as it grows, an insecticide that kills pests. Sounds great, but the problem is that when we ingest it, our digestion does not stop the Bt corn from producing pesticides inside of us also. That’s right: Bt corn can turn you into a walking pesticide factory!


Given that shocking information, it’s hardly surprising that people have labeled GM food as “Frankenfood”. Sadly, GMOs and biotechnology are masquerading as a triumph of science, when in reality they pose a grand threat to humanity, because once out in the open, they begin to contaminate non-GMO fields and cross-pollinate, thus ruining crops that were previously 100% organic.

So what is the ultimate purpose of GMOs? That question can be answered on many levels. We will begin with the most obvious, and step-by-step move down to the deeper meaning of why GMOs have been created and released.

The Ultimate Purpose of GMOs #1: Money

The doorway to many conspiracies is money. On the most superficial level, the Big Biotech is making a truckload of money peddling GMOs. Once farmers switch over from organic farming to GM farming, they enter a dependency cycle where they need increasing amounts of pesticide to ensure the crops grow. Not only that, but Monsanto and its ilk have also come up with “terminator seeds”, which only grow once and produce sterile plants with no more growable seeds – meaning farmers have to buy new seeds every year!

The Ultimate Purpose of GMOs #2: Global Control of the Food Supply

Elite insider and war criminal Henry Kissinger once said: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” It is no secret that those wishing to set up the New World Order global dictatorship want to have complete control of the world’s food supply. Big Biotech is wiping out small farmers with its large-scale monoculture crops. If trends continue, they may reach a point of having a complete monopoly on the food supply. At that stage anyone speaking out against GMOs may well find themselves without food to eat.

The Ultimate Purpose of GMOs #3: Destruction of Human Health and Depopulation

You can be sure that the people at the top of the pyramid, such as the Big Biotech executives, are aware of the harmful effects of GMOs. Ironically, Monsanto has a 100% organic food cafeteria at its headquarters! Why would it do this if GM food was really fine for us, as its propaganda spouts? In the context of the global conspiracy, GMOs are yet another plank in the agenda to weaken the population and destroy human health. A sick population is much easier to control than a healthy one. Many of the depopulation techniques currently being deployed against humanity at large – from fluoride to vaccines to chemtrails to GMOs to EMF radiation – are stealthy “soft-kill” or “slow-kill” methods that will not kill you overnight (that would be way too obvious), but rather gradually erode your vitality and leave you tired and weak.

The Ultimate Purpose of GMOs #4: Genetically Modified Humans

Finally, we come to what could be the deepest purpose of GMOs: to rewire the human genetic code. The decision to release GMOs “into the wild” so to speak, or to allow them to be grown in open fields, was one of immense importance. The genie is now out of the bottle, and it will be very difficult or impossible to ever put it back in. As mentioned above, GM crops will contaminate and cross-pollinate with non-GM crops, sometimes without the growers even knowing. This happened in Oregon in 2013, where GM wheat made its way into non-GM wheat fieldswhen it wasn’t supposed to. Countries such as Japan and China refused and sent back large shipments of US crops due to such genetic contamination!

Those wanting access to clean food have a huge battle in front of them to prevent the further spread of GMOs. To add insult to injury, the incredibly litigious Monsanto has made a habit of suing organic farmers for stealing their “intellectual property” when GM seeds get blown in the wind and inadvertently fall into organic fields, and cross-pollinate!

On a deeper level, however, all of this is no accident. Whoever decided to release GMOs into the world must have known that genetic contamination would be ultimately inevitable.

That’s the whole point: to rewire human DNA and genetically modify humanity.

The greatest assault of all is on you. When you ingest GMOs, your genetic code is being rewritten and replaced. Some forms of GM foods have been shown in studies to actually silence certain genes. This is very dangerous territory. Children who are born with silenced genes tend to die by the age of 5, while adults become extremely ill. By allowing your genes to be modified and manipulated without knowing how, you are giving away the most fundamental aspects of your existence: your health, sovereignty and autonomy. That is how serious of a threat GMOs pose to humanity.

The Million Dollar Question

Now comes the million dollar question: “But why? Why would greedy biotech executives or other elite planners allow GMOs to be released, knowing they could infect the whole planet and ultimately themselves too?”

There are a couple of answers: either they somehow think they can escape the GMO scourge and find a safe haven of perpetual organic food (unlikely, given the high cross pollination probability); or they think they can use advanced technology (not available to the masses) to cure any disease caused by GMOs. But we can go deeper yet.

The Archons: the Shadowy Force Behind GMOs?

However I think the truest answer is that the humans pushing the GMO agenda are not in full control. The GMO agenda – just like the transhumanism agenda of trying to merge man with machine – has all the markings of an alien agenda. There is something distinctly dehumanizing about it. And when I say alien, I am not talking about physical extraterrestrials; I am referring to the Archons or Djinn, the interdimensional, non-physical entities that are beginning to be exposed by leading researchers in to the Truth Movement, from David Icke to Jay Weidner and others. The Archons do not care if any particular human dies, since they operate from other dimensions through controlling human minds. They cannot be harmed by GMOs; but they do benefit by weakening humanity’s collective health, because then it becomes harder for us to resist their psychic attacks.

If people could really grasp the enormity of what is at stake here – the very genetic integrity of our planet including all its plant and animal life – maybe they would understand the massive crime against humanity GMOs constitute. Maybe they would understand why Russia banned GMOs and why they now propose that GMO producers should be punished like terrorists.

Do everything you can to avoid GMOs! Buy certified organic or certified non-GMO food. Learn the GM crops being cultivated so you can avoid them. Read food packaging labels to detect GM ingredients. Join the Clean Food Movement and join or start an organization in your area to ban GM crop cultivation. The future of mankind depends on it.

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