How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Editor Interface

Works great for those who still edit long posts on normal desktop computers, and not on their smartphones. 😉
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Diary of Dennis

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The Solution To Use The Classic Editor

If you are blogger at, this post here will help you to solve a big problem. As you have noticed, the decision makers at WordPress want to force you to use the recent new editor interface that is purely designed for mobile devices and for users who only create short-form content. This is of course a pain if you are desktop user and if you like to create long-form content as well. In this post you will learn how to get back to the classic editor permanently.

In the new editor form, we had a link back to the classic editor but that link is now gone too. WordPress does not have the intention to give us the link back as you can read here in the forums. If you go through this huge forum thread, you will find out…

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Lots of News! Russia Imposes Sanctions on Turkey; China Sends Carrier to Syria; Putin in Paris; New ESR7

Turkey is a member of NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization), as you well know, there is no honor amongst thugs. Washington and NATO will continue to criticize and distance themselves from Turkey, at the same time continue financing their terrorist activities of course.

Futurist Trendcast

As we’ve discussed in Explosive Consequences of Turkey Downing Russian Su-24 in Syria, there is hell for Turkey to pay for the downing of the Russian jet. NATO, EU and even US have been trying very hard to distance themselves from Turkey, insisting it’s all between Russia and the ‘unpredictable’ Erdogan.

As predicted in the same article, neither NATO nor EU would move a muscle to protect Turkey. In fact, various Western politicians and generals are floating an opinion that Turkey should be expelled from NATO.

I can tell you this won’t happen. It’s certainly not realistic for as long as NATO exists in its current state. US and NATO have too many bases in Turkey and they won’t just abandon this primest of the prime spot, allowing them to meddle with Russia. Considering that soon there will be fewer and fewer places where US and NATO will be…

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Paradigms are Made for Shifting

Good post! Happy holidays everyone. 🙂

Creative by Nature

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels~Albert Einstein, N.Y. Times, 1946

einstein cosmic
Over the course of the last hundred years, Western scientists have given us a deeper view of the Universe, of Life & Nature as a creative and unified self-organizing process.Unfortunately, most modern societies are still operating with outdated ideas and assumptions, that do not reflect this new paradigm.

Albert Einstein understood this, as have many others. In order to survive as a species, it is essential that we shift paradigms, developing ways of thinking (and behaving) that are more aligned with how human life and Nature’s systems actually work.

Golden Ratio MonaEvery “thing” that exists in our Universe is a dynamic complex system, interdependently connected to other systems, constantly moving and changing, less a static “thing” than an evolving and transforming creative process.

We see galaxies and hurricanes spinning, continents moving…

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Superbug Resistant to ALL Antibiotics Found in China

Too bad medical industrial complex fails to mention oil of oregano. It’s 100% effective against ALL bacteria, but alas it’s a natural herb and not a drug… so it doesn’t count! I know what I have in the medicine cabinet.

Tales from the Conspiratum

Including “last resort” drugs

With permission from
by Julie Fidler
Posted on November 24, 2015

The day that doctors, scientists and health experts have long feared and continually warned about may have arrived, as a mutation discovered in people and livestock in China has been found to make bacteria resistant to all antibiotics – including “last resort” drugs.

A gene known as MCR-1 is becoming more common in bacteria found in China. The mutation allows bacteria to resist a group of harsh antibiotics known as polymyxins, specifically a drug called colistin. Colistin is considered the absolute last line of defense against bacteria when all other antibiotics have failed, but not even it can knock out the newly discovered pathogen. These MCR-1 genes are basically invincible and they could theoretically end up affecting all infectious pathogens.

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The U.S. Dollar Has Already Caused A Global Recession And Now The Fed Is Going To Make It Worse

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: The U.S. Dollar Has Already Caused A Global Recession And Now The Fed Is Going To Make It Worse

With permission of

November 22nd, 2015

Dollar Hands - Public DomainThe 7th largest economy on the entire planet, Brazil, has been gripped by a horrifying recession, as has much of the rest of South America.  But it isn’t just South America that is experiencing a very serious economic downturn.  We have just learned that Japan (the third largest economy in the world) has lapsed into recession.  So has Canada.  So has Russia.  The dominoes are starting to fall, and it looks like the global economic crisis that has already started is going to accelerate as we head into the end of the year.  At this point, global trade is already down about 8.4 percent for the year, and last week the Baltic Dry Shipping Index plummeted to a…

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NATO Orders Stool-Pigeon Turkey to Shoot Down Russian Jet

Very good assessment of Turkey-Syria relations and interference of Western imperialism.

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: NATO Orders Stool-Pigeon Turkey to Shoot Down Russian Jet — Puppet Masters —

Joe Quinn


Want to know why the Russian Su-24 was shot down yesterday? Read on.

Turkish, Saudi, French, British and US-backed terrorists have been operating in Syria for the past 4 years in an effort to overthrow the Syrian government. This cabal wants to remove Assad in order to a) pave the way for Qatari gas to supplant Russian gas to Europe, b) possibly open up a front for a jihadi invasion to destabilize and pressure Iran and Russia, and c) secure Turkish territorial integrity and its long-term role as a buffer zone for Western powers to play in the Middle East sandbox with impunity.

The overall goal then, from a Western perspective, is to do away with the historical crescent of resistance against Western Imperialism and anti-pan-Arab nationalism…

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In phenomenal and ground-breaking news, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just announced that it is revoking the registration of the controversial chemical Enlist Duo.

This is a huge set-back for the GMO industry. Enlist Duo is the super-toxic herbicide (a combination of glyphosate and 2,4-D) that is designed to be sprayed on Dow Chemical’s genetically-engineered corn (and soy), widely referred to in the organic industry as Agent Orange Corn. The EPA recognized that the two active ingredients in Enlist Duo could result in greater toxicity to non-target plants, and issued a ruling that may effectively end the threat of Agent Orange Corn.

This is an enormous step forward for public health and safety.  But…

… at the very same time, Monsanto, Dow, and their special interest friends have unveiled a new, sneaky approach to hide information about GMOs. Recognizing that the “Deny Americans Right to Know (DARK)” act that they pushed through the U.S. Congress is likely dead in the Senate, they’re offering a “compromise” piece of legislation. It would require GMO labels on food products, but ONLY if they’re hidden in QR codes (which take a smart phone to decipher) on the back of a product.

Worse, this plan would overrule the GMO labeling laws already democratically passed in Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine — and bar future state labeling laws.

Have you ever used a QR code? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Less than 20% of the U.S. population has ever used one.

If you’re in the U.S., sign the petition now telling your Senator to oppose this horrendous legislation.

The stakes just got even higher, because on November 19, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Aquabounty’s genetically engineered (GE) salmon – the first-ever GE animal to be approved for human consumption. This decision threatens the very survival of our native salmon populations, and could have unknown health impacts on humans.

But if Monsanto and the biotech industry get their way, this legislation would keep us in the dark about salmon – as well as corn, soy, canola, sugar, and maybe soon, wheat.

If you’re in the US, tell your Senator to oppose this dangerous affront to our right to know what’s in our food.


Have you ever used a “QR code,”? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Less than 20% of the U.S. population has ever used one.1

Yet some Senators are suggesting putting these QR codes on food products instead of mandatory on-package labeling of genetically engineered foods and to preempt the GE food labeling laws in Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine. But using a QR code is no substitute for clear, simple labels – worse, it’s discriminatory, burdensome, and raises serious privacy concerns.

A QR code is a small square of black and white pixels that you can scan with the camera and a special app on your smartphone to take you to a certain website that the QR code creator has selected.

With fair and effective on-package labeling, you can walk down the grocery aisle, examine the products on the shelves, and pick up each one to quickly find the information you need on the package – simple, fast, and practical. Now imagine that each time you pick up a product you have to pull out your phone, open up an app, wait for the camera to focus on the bar code, wait for a webpage to load (if you can connect to the internet), and then finally read to see if the information you need is there.  All that just to find out whether or not a food product contains GMOs, when it could easily be stated on the package in 4 simple words: “Contains genetically engineered ingredients.” It’s a cop out, and they know it.

It gets worse: QR codes aren’t just inconvenient – they are discriminatory.

Only 64 percent of Americans own a smartphone.2 That means that more than a third of all Americans will not be able to use this form of labeling. Moreover, those left out are disproportionately the poor and those living in non-urban areas. According to Pew Research Center, only 50% of low income people in the U.S. own a smartphone and only 52% of people living in rural areas own a smartphone3. Even those who own smartphones are not guaranteed consistent access to the internet.4 At the end of the day, a substantial majority of Americans would be deprived of their right to know if GE labeling were done through QR codes.  

QR codes also raise serious questions about the privacy of consumer data. When using QR codes, what data would be exchanged and how might companies be able to use that data? For instance, would a company be able to determine which customers are viewing their products through QR codes? Could they use that data to target consumers through advertising? Would any personal data be exchanged? The government thus far has a poor track record protecting consumer data and curbing the massive marketing machines of the food industry. This system only makes consumers more susceptible to further exploitation and invasion of privacy.

Tell your Senators that QR codes are unjust and impractical! Knowing about the foods you purchase should be the right of everyone, not a luxury available only to those who can afford particular technologies and the capabilities to use them.

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Urgent! Consequences of Turkey Shooting Down Russian Su-24 Jet in Syria – Complete Coverage, Analysis, Predictions!

Wow, this is literally an explosive situation we have here. Spot on analysis regarding Turkey’s role in Syria, Lada I’m truly impressed how you called the signs in your Syria Game Changer report well in advance. Thanks to you, i’m seeing all the pieces of this geopolitical chess match.
It would be interesting where satellite imagery place the Russian Sukhoi Su-24 fighter plane right before it was shot down. I’m sure there will be plenty of lip service on all sides but the truth will come out. Latest news:

“What may make matters worse is that those Turkmen tribesmen say they shot and killed both Russian pilots as they floated to earth in their parachutes, having apparently ejected safely from their plane, which was brought down by a Turkish F-16 firing air-to-air missiles. And then the tribesmen reportedly destroyed a Russian helicopter with a TOW antitank missile as it tried to rescue the airmen.”

Truly a tragic and volatile situation we have unfolding right before our eyes!

Futurist Trendcast

Putin’s video announcement: Turkey, who is aiding terrorists, has stabbed us in the back Rus/Eng. Link

MAP: Russian Su-24 crash scheme by Russian defense ministry:

Russian Defense Ministry demonstrates map of the Su-24M flight which ended in downing by Turkish F-16 jet. Russian MoD insists the jet didn’t violate Turkish airspace, while Ankara says the plane crossed into its territory for 17 seconds, leaked document indicates.

US-backed states have right to self defence, but not others- State Dept.

During the moment of Turkey shooting down the Russian Su-24, it flew at the 6km altitude, one kilometer away from Turkish border on the Syrian side. The plane was shot down by AMERICAN missiles from American-made F-16 employed by TURKISH army, in retaliation for Russia successfully bombing Syrian terrorists, whom they call ‘Turkmen,’ and who are financed, trained and openly supported by Turkey.

In the area in which the plane was shot…

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My name is Marwa, and I am a Muslim.

I love her beautiful and positive message. Ppl simply want happiness in their lives, creating joy and sharing it with others is the best way to change this world for the better. If one’s faith is strong, then live your religion and represent! ❤

Shechaim's News of the Day


Dear @realdonaldtrump,

 My name is Marwa, and I am a Muslim.

I heard you wanted us the start wearing ID badges, so I decided to choose one for myself.

I am not easily identifiable as a ‪


just by looking at me, so my new badge will let me display proudly who I am.

I chose the peace sign because it represents my ‪


The one that taught me to oppose ‪injustice and yearn for ‪unity.

The one that taught me that killing one innocent life is equivalent to killing humanity.

I heard you want to track us as well.


You can come with me on my Cancer Awareness walks at the local middle school, or you can follow me to work where it’s my job to create happiness.

You can also see how my local mosque makes PB&J sandwiches for the…

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