More money for crony corporations at the expense of the working dead. These so called “free trade agreements” are the worst. If developed nations export all the jobs overseas to third world sweatshops and call that “globalizing” economic development… it’s no wonder ppl are listening to Trump the blowhard!

International Women's Alliance

On its twenty years in existence, the World Trade Organization will hold its 10th WTO Ministerial Meeting slated this 15-18 December 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya led by the US, Japan and other industrialized countries in the European Union. These imperialist countries will again hail the international economic order and the neoliberal policies to maintain hegemonic control in the world’s economy.

The 10th WTO Ministerial Meeting will push for the “renegotiations” of time-worn proposals, that have been time and time again on the agenda of the WTO ministerial meetings, aimed at imposing new rules on trade and investments that are binding to all member countries.

The new rules set to be laid down on the negotiation table  will focus on expanding liberalization of services and government procurement and the removal of tariff or the removal of quotas, levies, other sanctions and restrictions for the benefit of already huge and developed imperialist…

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