Earth Shift Report 7: The Battle for Eurasia! TURKISH CONUNDRUM

Another excellent must-read report. I’m really looking forward to this one! Thanks Lada.

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Earth Shift Report 7


Erdogan, Davutoglu & New Ottoman Empire

Turkey conundrum 2

Read in this report:

Maps of Ottoman Empire at its peak, Present day Turkey, decline of Ottoman Empire by country and year.

Is Erdogan trying to resurrect Ottoman Empire?
Has he lost his mind
or is confrontation with Russia a well-thought out strategy?
Is Ahmet Davutoglu Erdogan’s Gray Cardinal, or is he the real puppet master?

Can Turkey Block Black Sea straits?
Who is wagging whom: US Erdogan or Erdogan US?

What will Russia do?

The region is boiling over and may blow up at any moment. Everything that is happening in this region, however unconnected it may appear, is invisibly orchestrated from one and the same center. In this report we’ll connect all the dots and form the full picture!

Who controls whom? What does…

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Epocalypse soon: The great economic collapse is happening

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Epocalypse soon: The great economic collapse is happening

With permission from

David Haggith | Great Recession
 December 14, 2015

I use the term “epocalypse” to name the last days of the global economy as we know it — a global economic collapse of biblical proportion. It is economic, epochal, an apocalypse that will change the world and a collapse … all in one word that sounds the right size for what I’m talking about. Call it the “Great Collapse” or the “Epocalypse.” Whatever you call it, it’s about to change the world.

I am referring to an economic crisis so big that the global economy will be forever different after those days. This economic collapse has already begun throughout the world, but I am holding off on using the title “Epocalypse Now” until the US stock market joins the crash. That’s the point at which we’re all in (i.e., at a level where everyone…

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Why We Can’t Cure Cancers

Tales from the Conspiratum

Why We Can’t Cure Cancers

Source: Why We Can’t Cure Cancers : Waking Times

Tracy Kolenchuk, Guest
Waking Times

Sept 1, 2014

When do you think we will find a cure for cancer? Five years? Ten years? More? In 1971, Richard Nixon declared a ‘war on cancer’, over 40 years ago. Since then we’ve spent over 100 billion dollars or more searching for a cure. I recently saw this question on Quora: “When will all cancers be curable?” – What do you think?

Did you know that, today, no cancers are ‘cured’. None. That’s the official cancer statistic. You can Google cancer statistics easily, and there are no statistics for cancers cured. None. Not in the USA. None in Canada. None, on the planet earth. The Word Cancer Research Fund International has NO statistics for cancer cures. WHO, the World Health Organization, has no statistics about cancer cures and…

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