Why palm oil is not vegan

This is outrageous, I highly recommend everyone research the collateral damage from palm oil, and boycott all products containing this agro-oil.

Lentils of the World Rise Up

There’s a new phenomenon sweeping across the globe, taking the food, household products and cosmetics industries by storm; palm oil. I expect most of you will have heard of palm oil by now. So what exactly is it? Is it a harmless vegetable oil that you use instead of good old British rapeseed or sunflower? Are we all roasting our potatoes in palm oil? How about crunching on that perfect palm oil fried chip?

The answer is of course no. Palm oil is far more sly. In my last post, I copied a link to a highly informative list of all the the guises palm oil falls under. From sodium laureth sulfate to vegetable oil, palm oil can appear when you least expect it. It can be found in your toothpaste, your candles, your biscuits, your shampoo, your cleaning spray, even your bread. That’s right, bread. An everyday staple, traditionally…

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