Meet the Congressman Who’s Heroically Breaking the Law by Giving Medical Cannabis to Sick Children

Good to see that reason prevails and just issues are worth fighting for.

Tales from the Conspiratum

Comment: I should begin by saying that here, where I live in Canada, marijuana is pretty much legalized. You can go to a dispensary whereby you give your info, no doctor’s letter, and voila!

From my perspective here up north, where the ganja is being dealt with in a civilized way, the US must grow up. It seems stuck in that awkward adolescent stage where pimples and tumescence are the norm of the day.

Looking at the debate on marijuana in some of the unenlightened states, the US looks like medieval Europe when it refused to accept that the Earth revolves around the Sun. Some people take a long time to digest the truth. What truth? Cannabis is a sacred herb and a healer that cures so many ills that Big Pharma does everything it can to stop it.

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TPP Trade Deal Will Cost US 448,000 Jobs, Say Researchers

Tales from the Conspiratum

In these times where the whole planet is interconnecting itself, it seems ludicrous that a handful of nations would gang up economically at the expense of the rest of the world. Perhaps all countries not participating in this TPP economical power grab could boycott absolutely all products from these misguided nations that are about to sign this abomination of a treaty? Do you hear me Vlad? China?  Let these dinosaurs procreate with themselves. We all know what incest does to an organism.

Despite claims from politicians and their corporate backers, the latest research on the TPP says it’s a job killer.

Source: TPP Trade Deal Will Cost US 448,000 Jobs, SayResearchers


Derrick Broze
January 22, 2016

A new analysis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) international trade deal has found claims of increased jobs are likely exaggerated.

 United States — One of the major purported selling points for the…

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