I hate recruiting volunteers

I agree, empowering others is the most enriching reward. Togetherness is the essence of scripture, and what the church should be striving for. Bravo!

Holiness Reeducation

Do you like recruiting volunteers?

I don’t, in fact I really dislike asking people to volunteer. It used to give me heart palpitations. Now, after over a decade of trying to convince people to give up their most valuable resource, their time, to support various needs in the church, I merely get mildly annoyed. But I still don’t like it.

Asking people to serve others, that is fine. If I am passionate about something I volunteers_needed_std_tlove to  give others the opportunity to participate in our mission. The church, however, runs on the engine of volunteers. We have tasks to do and we need to convince people, who may or may want to do them, to do them. Or so I used to think.

I am actively moving out of the business of recruiting volunteers.

Instead of recruiting volunteers we, at Duneland Community Church, are working as hard as we can…

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