Grand Jury Indicts Planned Parenthood Filmmakers

I’m all for pro-choice, but these abortion clinics are disgusting and criminal. Warning- the video expose is gross!


First Amendment Gone: Investigators Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Charged With Felony

Grand Jury Indicts Planned Parenthood Filmmakers The First Amendment is gone. No more Freedom of Speech or Freedom of the Press in Amerika.

Adan Salazar |

A Texas grand jury has cleared a Planned Parenthood clinic of wrongdoing, and instead indicted two pro-life filmmakers who published videos alleging the abortion organization’s á la carte fetal organ harvesting.

On Monday, a Harris County Grand Jury charged Center for Medical Progress President David Daleiden and activist Sandra Merritt with “tampering with a governmental record,” a second degree felony. Daleiden was additionally charged with a misdemeanor count regarding human organ procurement.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson said they were left with no choice but to charge the filmmakers after an investigation on the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast clinic in Houston turned up clean.

“We were called upon to investigate allegations of criminal conduct by Planned…

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