2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Annual Forecast

Happy Chinese New Year Lada & friends!


Futurist Trendcast

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Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac 

Monkey people are considered sociable, quick, intellectual fast studies, and mischievous tricksters who love practical jokes. They can be quite lucky with money and good as entrepreneurs. They are adaptable and can work in a range of professions. At least, that’s what conventional wisdom tells us. 😉

  • Strengths: sociable, innovative, enthusiastic, self-assured
  • Weaknesses: suspicious, cunning, selfish, arrogant, jealous

Fire Monkey: Fire creates passion, but can also produce irritation. Passion, quick wit and irritability are common to fire monkeys, and it will be common for this year in general.

What is Chinese New Year all about?

The Feng Shui new year is derived from the solar calendar and it always changes over February 4th-5th. This date denotes…

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2 thoughts on “2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Annual Forecast

  1. Happy Lunar New Year culminating with the Lantern Festival (元宵節)! This post is also special treat for those who admire or seek the fragrant orchid named Dracula simia:

    聲鷹藉本文願與各位共勉! 圖文並茂地關懷和祝福大家萬事如意,吉祥安康,新年快樂,猴來運轉 !



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