Where the 2016 US Presidential Candidates Stand on Vaccines and GMOs

Tales from the Conspiratum

You know what offends me the most? Moronic Republicans “thinking” about issues that involve the betterment of the species. The only reason they have a podium to spread their ignorance is because of the massive corruption involved in US politics. Big Pharma dollars corrupt absolutely.

Source: Where the 2016 US Presidential Candidates Stand on Vaccines and GMOs – The Freedom Articles


Makia Freeman

Feb 10, 2016

So where do the 2016 US presidential candidates stand on vaccines and GMOs?

With every subsequent election cycle in the US, technology advances, making it easier for the citizenry to track what the various presidential candidates have said, voted and done in the past. We live in a surveillance state where military intelligence agencies like the NSA know virtually everything about us. However, one of the good points about the current state of technology is that also allows the people in general to…

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5 thoughts on “Where the 2016 US Presidential Candidates Stand on Vaccines and GMOs

  1. Thanks. Now, what would you have in mind for what you call “the new” system? This is not a trick question, or a trap. I have an idea, however totally impracticable, but I’m wondering what yours is, if you have formulated one that would be completely divorced from any of the old values? To be successful, any new concept must, of necessity, be completely detached from any old values, and I include in that man’s infamous trinity of powers: religion, government and money.

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    • By any standard, “new system” means whatever survives the “old” in whatever manifestations it takes. This could be quite unpredictable and unforeseen. Ideally, after a catastrophic societal collapse, survivors will revert back to localized community based support system.
      We may dispense with the uselessness of religion, gov’t, and money. Real skills, intelligence, compassion will be needed in our brave new world.


      • Quote: “Real skills, intelligence, compassion will be needed in our brave new world.” That’s it, as far as I can figure it. I put compassion at the head of the list. Get that right, the rest is a given.

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  2. Makes one wonder… and I now realize that when I quit politics and even voting some 40 years ago… I made the correct choice. I don’t do “the lesser of evils” in any case. The die is cast, “America” or as I call it, “Pentagonia” has already experienced it’s mad slide to the bottom of the hill and now rests in decadence. What it takes down with itself in its demise, it takes. Who’s ultimately responsible? “We the People” because “We the People” chose to believe convenient lies at a time when not believing could have made a difference… round about the end of the Vietnam war. The globalists won. No more to say and there won’t be any money for a funeral. Only the scattered bones of 50 poisoned and impoverished states in desperate survival conditions. Goodbye Pentagonia: it wasn’t nice knowing you.

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