Ukraine as anti-Russia: full list of goals for the 2014 Kiev Maidan and takeover of Ukraine

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A couple of images below may be disturbing, but they show the truth so many are conveniently trying to forget today!


They start brainwashing them from an early age! Young western Ukrainians, 2014.  Written on the wall: “Ukraine for Ukrainians.” 

HitlerJugend Salute

HitlerJugend Salute, Germany, 1939

Lvov UPA Hitler salute

Lvov (Lviv), western Ukraine, 1941
Pro-Bandera Western Ukrainians in national costumes greet German fascists occupying the city with the same salute 

Bandera in SS uniform

Stepan Bandera, the UPA ukro-nazis’ tsar and god, after whom they name streets and whose monuments they erect all over Ukraine, in his SS uniform

 Ukro-nazis massacre of Poles in Volyn

Western Ukraine Nazis, part of UPA/ SS troops executed the massacre of Poles during WWII in Volyn, western Ukraine

Ukro-nazis and germans killing prisoners

Mass grave: Bandera ukro-nazis and German Fascists kill peaceful citizens in Ukraine, 1941-1944

These same dark entities, serving foreign interests, are killing today!

On February 20-22, 2014 the Ukraine Maidan coup took place, unseating Yanukovich. It established the rule of…

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A Dozen Insufferable Abuses.

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Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government…

US Declaration of Independence

The United States is going past the stage Claire Wolfe wrote about in 1996:

“America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

I will begin by enumerating several abuses of the Occupation Group that runs  what passes for government in Washington DC.

  1. Treason.  On September 11, 2001 The United States…

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5 Awesome Hacks Anonymous Conducted for Animal Rights

The loosely based hacking group Anonymous is breaking headlines nearly everyday for their latest operations to uncover tyranny, corrupt governments and expose the wrongdoing going on around the world. Even though the hackers are standing up to billion dollar corporations and corrupt governments, they haven’t stopped there, and have done numerous operations for the ones who don’t have voices, animals! That’s right, the online collective has done a number on companies, corporations, organizations and even governments who have harmed or put animals in harms way.

To fight the evil abuse directed towards animals, Anonymous hackers have setup several operations which target helping animals. These operations are generally run under a certain hashtag, and on dedicated days of the week, the hackers will go rampant attacking these evil organizations abusing animals at will. From there, the hackers will generally stick to the hashtag and continue to target and attack companies, releasing all their data via Twitter as well as sending massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks are when attackers send a massive amount of faulty traffic to a webserver in hopes of overwhelming the server and knocking it offline. These attacks are generally very effective for Anonymous when wiping evil organizations across the Internet.

*Note: We acknowledge Anonymous is a loosely based hacking collective with no leader or dedicated spokesperson, however we reached out to many Anonymous members apart of these operations to get their comments. Please note these members do not speak for the entirety of the Anonymous collective, nor does anyone. Lastly, we have decided not to link out to any of the hashtags directly as they contain extremely graphic pictures of animal abuse, however feel free to view them at your own will.

1. Operation Beast #OpBeast – Stop Bestiality

OpBeast Anonymous Stop Bestiality

Operation Beast is one of the collectives most popular operations targeting animal abuse, and more specifically bestiality. Anonymous has specified that they are targeting countries where bestiality remains legal, which includes Brazil, Cambodia, Finland, Mexico, Romania, Thailand, and 12 states within the US.

Operation Beast was formed on April 21st, the day Denmark officially ban bestiality country-wide.

Hackers in many of these operations have expressed their disbelief that this type of abuse is still relevant let alone legal in a number of countries. Shockingly, some countries actually reformed bestiality laws after being viciously attacked by Anonymous for their support in these types of abuse, though they never reveal Anonymous caught there eye.

Notable hacks: Anonymous has conducted dozens of attacks against pro-bestiality supporters, including governments and websites worldwide. One of the most notable attacks was back in April of last year, whenAnonymous took down the world’s largest bestiality forum, alongside knocked offline and rampantly defacing dozens of other bestiality porn sites.

Attacks conducted under Operation Beast are 24/7/365. If you check under the hashtag on Twitter or Facebook, you will see a rolling feed of Anonymous hackers doing work day and night, attacking to many for us to report!

Speaking with several hackers related to attacks in support of #OpBeast have told us they not only to wish eradicate bestiality from the world but bring awareness to those who suffer from bestiality tendencies, as they consider it is a disease. One member heavily expressed that they wish those who suffer can get proper treatment without judgement or public harassment.

Another Anonymous member told us everyone can contribute and be an active member of Operation Beast, all it takes is tweeting legislators, reporting bestiality sites online as well as reporting pro-bestiality accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. All it takes is a little help from everyone and hackers can fuel a change that will legally put an end to at least one form of animal abuse worldwide.

2. Operation FunKill #OpFunKill – Stop Hunting

Another pro-animal rights operations is operation fun kill, targeting those who hunt for fun. These types of hunting include trophy hunting, dog smuggling, animal testing, whaling, shark and dolphin fishing, as well as abuse against animal-rights including the destruction of habitats, inhumane slaughter houses, dog fighting, bull fighting, and the trade of ivory, rhino horn, exotic animals and fur clothing.

The reason? Corporations are literally destroying animals habitats for money. Not only are they killing the fabric of nature but they are literally annihilating it, wiping down forests, testing toxic products on animals, and literally fishing the ocean dry.

Trophy Hunting has gone extremely far and there have been dozens of accounts of pure animal murder, even including the hunting of the beautiful Cecil the Lion!

Notable hacks: When the operation spawned hacks went wild, however they have recently subsided. The group has carried out a number of attacks in the name to stop animal hunting, one of the most notable being when Anonymous attacked the website and members of a private auction for the rights to kill an endangered animal. A man paid an organization $350,000 for the rights to hunt a black rhino, a species whose number continues to dwindle as barely 5,000 are reported alive today.

Shortly after his purchase, the man had his name leaked, and well, Anonymous bent them over their knee and have him a hard virtual spanking. Mere hours after his name was leaked the collective had already doxed him alongside gathered several other members information. Throughout several days and messages the man received relentless death threats and harsh comments, leading to him actually contacting authorities, where the FBI allegedly showed up to investigate.

Amid the outcry caused by Anonymous, the hunter ALLEGEDLY put his $350,000 back into helping saving the almost extinct black rhino species.

3. Operation Whales #OpWhales – Stop Whale and Dolphin hunting

OpWhales Stop Killing Whales Anomyous Hackers
Operation Whales is a newer operation Anonymous has spawned, targeting countries, governments and organizations who actively hunt dolphins and whales.

The group widely criticizes Iceland and Japan for their relentless whale and dolphin hunting, calling for it to be named illegal as well as stop the hunting entirely. Iceland has been hunting whales for years, disregarding not only the International Whaling Commission but the fact that the oceans are drying up.

Whales are endangered in Iceland, yet the country continues to carelessly slaughter thousands of innocent and endangered whales living in their natural habitat, the ocean!

Notable hacks: Operation Whales has tens of thousands of active supporters for a number of reasons, a large one actually being #4 on the list, but the group has conducted dozens of hacks in the name of Op Whales.

One of the most notable was the recent attack that plagued Nissan Japan. An Anonymous hacker with ties to OpWhales defaced the car maker Nissan’s Japanese domain, calling on Japan to stop killing whales and dolphins. Days later the group knocked off a Japanese Airport website, once again in protest dolphin killing.

These are just two of the hundreds of hacks Anonymous conducts for OpWhales nearly daily!

4. Operation SeaWorld #OpSeaWorld #OpKillingBay – Destroy SeaWorld

Going hand in hand with Op Whales is Operation SeaWorld, an operation that solely targets SeaWorld. The group has time and time again proved that SeaWorld, the waterpark, stores their whales in captivity and continues to mercilessly abuse them. Shortly after Blackfish was released, a film trying to expose SeaWorld’s wrongdoing, Anonymous took matters into their own hands, birthing Operation SeaWorld.

According to Anonymous, SeaWorld has committed a catalog of crimes including kidnapping Orca whales, murdering Orca whales, funding Taiji dolphin trade, funding dolphin slaughter for sushi, lying to trainers about safety, lying to customers, admitting to stealing baby penguins, drugging Orca’s including pregnant ones with anesthetic, drilling into Orcas teeth with no anesthetic and spending less than 1% on rescue and rehabilitation.

However, somehow the scum at SeaWorld continue to operate their whale jail with zero consequences. SeaWorld is slowly growing into one of the world’s most hated companies, hell even good ol’ country singer Willie Nelson has a serious distaste for Seaworld.

Willie Nelson Does not Like SeaWorld

Seriously, the company is so hated they even had their own employees infiltrate anti-SeaWorld groups, presumably to get inside information on their planned operations.

Notable hacks: Due to SeaWorld facing zero consequences for their ongoing animal abuse, Anonymous had to change that! Back in 2014 Anonymous hackers targeted SeaWorld board members, successfully doxing several. Due to the amount of personal information we cannot list a link here, but a simple search for SeaWorld board members hacked should might turn up some results.

Anonymous commits operations in groups, meaning there have presumably been thousands of attacks against organizations in the name of OpSeaworld, however they are rarely all grouped together.

It’s safe to say you should avoid supporting SeaWorld at any cost, even if its their water prison they call a park, or buy any of their merchandise. Just avoid SeaWorld, they are disgusting.

5. Operation Save Swedish Wolves #SaveSweWolves #StopSweWolfhunt

A relatively new operation is Save Swedish Wolves, an operation targeted at saving Swedish Wolves from the mass hunting and near extinction they are currently facing.

Anonymous has come together with other hackers to aid the Swedish wolf population, which stood at an estimated 250 in January 2015. What’s shocking is though Swedish wolves are quickly going extinct, the Swedish government actually signs court documents, allowing for the endangered species to be legally hunted.

This has caused outcry for the helpless community of Swedish wolves going extinct, one of the main reasons the operation was started in the first place.

Notable hacks: Due to Save Swedish Wolves being a much smaller operation, we are unable to pinpoint any notable attacks. While searching through the Internet we saw dozens of Anonymous members launching massive DDoS attacks against websites in protest of the wolf killings. So to put it shortly, we are seeing a lot of DDoS attacks and website defacement on a consistent basis.


Regardless of your stance on Anonymous or cyberattacks, it’s safe to say Anonymous is doing this for the world. Anonymous is standing up for those who don’t even have a voice. Anonymous is trying to protect the wildlife for generations of children ahead of us. These operations are no joke or small matter, wildlife is being wiped out a strikingly fast pace. Anonymous does not care if it is a government or small organization harming animals, no target is to big for them.

The countless attacks Anonymous has launched have caused tens of thousands to wake up around the world, and is only rapidly gaining more and more supporters everyday! Who doesn’t love animals (aside from the Japanese government)?

And if you think these are minor attacks that will be forgotten about tomorrow, just remember, Anonymous warns those target of attacks that they are “not a threat” but instead “a promise!”

[Photo via tangi bertin/Wikimedia (CC BY 2.0)]

Heads Turn as World’s Second Largest Torrent Site Enables Steaming for Movies and TV Shows!

The world’s second largest torrent site has just released a browser plugin to help visitors of The Pirate Bay stream their content, alternative to downloading it, transforming this into one of the world’s largest video streaming websites.

The Pirate Bay has implemented a new software known as Torrents-Time, a new and innovative browser plugin that will allow users to stream their content over The Pirate Bay rather than having to download it. With this new technology you won’t even need a bittorrent client or any form of P2P applications, just the Torrent-Times browser plugin.

Pirate Bay has embed a “Stream It” link within all video torrents, which allows users to stream content in their browser within seconds, without having to leave the site or open any third-party applications. Earlier this week the torrent mega engine promised the torrent community a new software that would revolutionize the way we use torrents.

Torrents-Time is a simple browser plugin that works on both Mac and Windows devices and allows any content to be embedded right within the webpage. The team behind Torrents-Time promised their new technology is going to transform any website into an easy-to-use streaming portal.

The concept was first put to use on, which was a browser-based version of the famous Popcorn Time application that has since been discontinued. started by using peer-to-peer technology instead of resource heavy HTTP. Within just a few days, one of the world’s largest torrent sites has implemented it.

The Torrents-Time technology is still in beta on The Pirate Bay so users may experience a few bugs. The way it works is simple, a user clicks the Stream It button on a show, they are then prompted install the software, if they haven’t already. After installing the application a second window will popup.

Steam Pirate Bay Torrents

The process is quite simple, when a user clicks the Play button, Pirate Bay delivers an ad to buy a VPN, however you can just click close on the bottom right.

After a few seconds, once enough peers connect it will begin playing the designated video right within the users web browser, no downloading needed.

Pirate Bay Streaming in Action

You even get the option for subtitles and displaying the output via Chromecast or AirPlay.

Torrents-Time software still utilizes trackers, DHT and PEX in order to identify peers you can connect to. Once successful the video will begin to buffer for a little and start playing.

The Pirate Bay currently sits at the second largest torrent site, right behind KAT, but has since now become the world’s largest streaming portal, obviously besides Netflix and other live-streaming websites. The Pirate Bay is the first torrent site of its size to implement such a feature and many others are currently in the midst of adopting this amazing technology.

Kickass Torrents, also known as KAT, told Torrentfreak in a statement:

“We are certain that in no time we’ll be embedded in all torrent sites who care to move-on with this evolution. We will allow everybody to watch any movie they wish from torrent sites who embed us, when they want, without having to store someone’s file on their hard disk. It’s ‘watching together’ or ‘Co-Watch’ technology, made possible by Torrents Time.”

Regardless if your a torrenter or not, this not only awesome but revolutionary technology!