Ukraine as anti-Russia: full list of goals for the 2014 Kiev Maidan and takeover of Ukraine

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A couple of images below may be disturbing, but they show the truth so many are conveniently trying to forget today!


They start brainwashing them from an early age! Young western Ukrainians, 2014.  Written on the wall: “Ukraine for Ukrainians.” 

HitlerJugend Salute

HitlerJugend Salute, Germany, 1939

Lvov UPA Hitler salute

Lvov (Lviv), western Ukraine, 1941
Pro-Bandera Western Ukrainians in national costumes greet German fascists occupying the city with the same salute 

Bandera in SS uniform

Stepan Bandera, the UPA ukro-nazis’ tsar and god, after whom they name streets and whose monuments they erect all over Ukraine, in his SS uniform

 Ukro-nazis massacre of Poles in Volyn

Western Ukraine Nazis, part of UPA/ SS troops executed the massacre of Poles during WWII in Volyn, western Ukraine

Ukro-nazis and germans killing prisoners

Mass grave: Bandera ukro-nazis and German Fascists kill peaceful citizens in Ukraine, 1941-1944

These same dark entities, serving foreign interests, are killing today!

On February 20-22, 2014 the Ukraine Maidan coup took place, unseating Yanukovich. It established the rule of…

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