There’s never been a change this big, nor so many people unprepared


During a panel on the future of money and banking we discussed how the financial system is rapidly losing control of its own product, i.e. money, in the same way that the music industry has lost control of its product.

In the past there used to be a handful of large record labels that controlled the distribution of music across the world.

In the same way, our financial system was set up for a handful of banks to tightly control the distribution of money across the world to the point that no financial transaction could occur without a bank inserting itself in the middle.

But like music, this model is rapidly changing.

Just as you can have now access an unlimited catalog of albums without ever setting foot in a record store, we are now in a position to conduct financial transactions entirely outside of the banking system.

Every single function of a bank, whether to save, borrow, exchange, or transfer money, can all be done better, cheaper, and more efficiently outside of the banking system.

Rather than going to a bank with hat in hand, you can now fund your startup through an online crowd-sourcing platform.

More importantly, dollar dominance is waning.

The dollar has been the dominant reserve currency since the end of WWII.

But the US government has abused this privileged position so many times, with constant bullying of other nations and threatening to excommunicate foreign banks from the US financial system.

So now other nations are quickly coming together to create an alternative system that no longer depends on America.

Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, spoke about a meeting that he had with senior officials at the US Department of Treasury.

Jim had expressed concerns about the dollar losing its status, or at least significant market share, as the world’s reserve currency.

And as I kept telling the audience this weekend, this isn’t a question of “what if?” it’s a question of “what is.”

The government of Iran, for example, has already decided to be paid in euros for oil instead of dollars.

And the government of Brazil almost immediately jumped on the bandwagon to trade with Iran outside of the US financial system.

These are major blows to the dollar, and all this just happened within the last couple of weeks.

Yet as Jim Rickards continued his story, senior officials at the Treasury Department refused to acknowledge that the US dollar would ever lose its status and power in the world.

Jim said he felt like he was in London in 1913, with British bureaucrats pounding the table about how the British pound sterling rules the world.

This is a total fantasy.

As we discussed in Friday’s analysis of the US government’s latest financial reports, the government is totally bankrupt to the tune of negative $18.2 trillion.

The Federal Reserve has printed itself into insolvency.

And the entire US financial system is underpinned by the greatest level of debt that has ever existed in the history of the world.

There is no nation and no currency entitled to the top spot forever. History shows that wealth and power routinely change.

And Robert Kiyosaki added that there’s never been a change this big, nor so many people unprepared.

I tend to agree. Just looking at the sheer size of the $200 trillion debt bubble, there’s never been a change of this magnitude.

And given that more than half of Americans have less than a thousand dollars in savings, it’s clear that too many people are unprepared.

In my own remarks, I discussed all the striking similarities between 2008 (when the world erupted in a massive financial crisis), and where we are today.

Our financial system is loaded with risk. Insolvent governments, insolvent central banks, dangerous levels of illiquidity, negative interest rates, early signs of capital controls.

Again- this isn’t “what if”. It’s “what is”.


G. Edward Griffin, author of the exceptional The Creature from Jekyll Island, about the Federal Reserve quoted Sun Tzu, suggesting that if you “know your enemy and know yourself you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

DNC Vice Chair resigns to support Bernie Sanders over concerns about Hillary Clinton’s warmongering

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Tulsi Gabbard, vice chairwoman for the Democratic National Committee, U.S. Representative from Hawaii, and rising star in the Democratic Party, resigned from the DNC on Sunday in order to support the candidacy of progressive challenger Bernie Sanders.  The move comes before the crucial Super Tuesday primary elections and caucuses in over a dozen states.  As a member of the DNC, Gabbard was prevented from endorsing any candidate.  Most political analysts see a strong showing on Tuesday as Sanders’ best, and possibly only real chance of defeating centrist establishment candidate Hillary Clinton for the party’s nomination for president.

Gabbard’s publicly stated reasoning reflected concerns about Clinton’s warmongering foreign policy agenda.  Those are my words, not hers.  These are her words from The New York TimesTulsi Gabbard, Rising Democratic Star, Endorses Bernie Sanders:

“As a veteran of two Middle East deployments, I know first hand…

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Please Nicholas come to Canada! British Columbia that is. We already have some of the best weed in the world in this province, and our federal government will be legalizing cannabis soon. They are working on the details.

Source: Nicolas Trainerbees, the Beekeeper That Has Managed to Get His Bees to Make Honey with Cannabis Resin

Feb 22, 2016

The French beekeeper has self-medicated with cannabis since a very early age and he defines himself as someone who is passionate about nature and training all kinds of animals. Both of these factors have led him to spend years researching how to combine the properties of the plant and the insects that he dedicated his life to. The result is “cannahoney”, a delicious nectar that has not gone unnoticed by anyone and that has to confront the restrictive laws of his country.


He is an artisan, locksmith and above…

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It’s Like “Nazi Germany” — Federal Police Officer Furious After Cops Attempt to Rob Him and His Wife

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Nashville, TN — In May of 2014, Ronnie and Lisa Hankins were driving back from his grandfather’s funeral in Virginia when they were targeted by a gang of police officers in search of cash.As Lisa drove the couple westbound down I-40, they saw an officer, who happened to be with the 23rd Judicial District Drug Task Force, and Hankins correctly predicted that they were about to be pulled over.

“I told her we are going to get pulled over,” Ronnie said to NewsChannel 5.

“What made you think he was going to stop you?” NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked.

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Russia Bans US GMO Imports

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453453453454Russia is making consequent its decision last fall to ban the commercial planting of Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO in its agriculture acreage. The latest decision, effective February 15, 2016 does not at all please Monsanto or the US Grain Cartel.

On February 15, a Russian national import ban on soybeans and corn imports from the United States took effect. The Russian food safety regulator Rosselkhoznadzor announced that the ban was because of GMO and of microbial contamination and the absence of effective US controls on soybean and corn exports to prevent export of quarantinable grains, also known as microbial contamination. The Russian food safety regulator added that corn imported from the US is often infected with dry rot of maize. In addition, he said, corn can be used for GMO crops in Russia…

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