This 2016 Presidential Candidate will Blow You Away with His Proposals …

Freaking mindblowing for the mainstream sheeple.

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: This 2016 Presidential Candidate will Blow You Away with His Proposals … – The Freedom Articles

Makia Freeman

March 17, 2016

2016 presidential candidate Andy Basiago

Andy Basiago: the only 2016 presidential candidate who proposes to ban fluoride & chemtrails, legalize cannabis, break up Monsanto, end the Fed, disclose the truth about ETs, Mars, secret technology and more …

What if there were a 2016 presidential candidate

who proposed banning fluoride, aspartame and fracking, protecting the right NOT to be vaccinated, working with the Alternative Media instead of the Mainstream Media, legalizing marijuana/hemp/cannabis, stopping police brutality and militarization and breaking up Monsanto? What if I told you this 2016 presidential candidate also proposed ending predatory banking, ending the Fed, banning geoengineering, opposing transhumanism, reforming the CIA, establishing a truth process in government, honoring Edward Snowden as a hero and re-investigating 9/11? What if I further told you that this 2016 presidential candidate proposed stopping the US from…

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Even Mainstream Economists Starting to Admit that “Free Trade Agreements” Hurt the American Worker


Source: WashingtonsBlog
March 17, 2016

Trump and Sanders have whipped up a lot of popular support by opposing “free trade” agreements.

But it’s not just politics and populist sentiment … mainstream economists are starting to reconsider their blind adherence to the dogma that more globalization and bigger free trade agreement are always good.

UC Berkeley Economics professor Robert Reich – Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor – wrote last month:

Suppose that by enacting a particular law we’d increase the U.S. Gross Domestic Product. But almost all that growth would go to the richest 1 percent.

The rest of us could buy some products cheaper than before. But those gains would be offset by losses of jobs and wages.

This is pretty much what “free trade” has brought us over the last two decades.

I used to believe in trade agreements. That was before the wages of most Americans stagnated and…

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Breaking: SeaWorld Ends Captive Breeding Program And Circus Acts At ALL Of Its Parks

Tales from the Conspiratum

Who said activism does not work?

Source: Breaking: SeaWorld Ends Captive Breeding Program And Circus Acts At ALL Of Its Parks

This. Is. Huge.

Since the release of Blackfish in 2013, SeaWorld has been under immense pressure from concerned consumers and animal rights activists to retire its orca breeding program and release the mammals back into the wild.

In November, the marine park establishment took a step forward when it announced that SeaWorld in San Diego, California, will ‘phase out’ the use of killer whales by 2017. While the move was celebrated, it still wasn’t perceived to be enough by the general public.

Which is why today, March 17th, 2016, SeaWorld announced that it will end its killer whale breeding program and phase out ALL circus acts for the giant ocean mammals. The last generation of orcas will still be accessible…

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These are the un-American, anti-consumer US Senators who voted for the DARK Act, trying to deny you the right to know what’s in your food



Julie Wilson
March 18, 2016

The agrichemical industry and Big Food took a major hit yesterday after the Senate blocked a bill aimed at preempting states’ rights from enacting GMO-labeling laws; it also would have reversed any labeling laws currently in place, such as the one Vermont passed in 2014, which is scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2016.

S. 2609, coined the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act by its opponents, was narrowly defeated yesterday after it failed to receive the necessary votes. At least 60 “yes” votes were required for it to pass; however, it fell short, receiving only 49 yes’s and 48 no’s.

The right to know whether or not our food contains ingredients that are genetically altered is so pertinent to public health that we felt it absolutely crucial to let all of you know which of your senators voted for

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