Destabilizing Brazil: Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff – Scary Parallels with Ukraine

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Destabilizing Brazil: Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff – Scary Parallels with Ukraine

Desestabilizando o Brasil: Impeachment de Dilma Rousseff – paralelos assustadores com a Ucrânia

On the video below at 0:27, look at the hopping and jumping people, rejoicing at the Rousseff impeachment. In the left frame are those who are against Rousseff and on the right we see crying those who are in her favor. Also, on the same video at 0:38, look at the chaos in Brazilian parliament. Things were pelted and fights broke out in parliament during impeachment hearing. It has gone so far that one deputy spat at a pro-US far right Rep. Jair Bolsonaro after he screamed out insults and lauded the previous Brazilian fascist dictator for torturing Dilma Rousseff, calling that a true democracy. Click for the Forbes article with videos showing some of the most outlandish moments.


And now let’s compare this to…

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And now the cover-up murders begin in Flint, Michigan: Water treatment plant foreman found dead… young mom murdered in her home after filing lawsuit against Michigan government


Flint Michigan

(NaturalNews) For those who wonder why, as the editor of Natural News, I carry a loaded weapon with me at all times, consider how often whistleblowers who threaten to expose government conspiracy crimes end up dead. In just the last few days, a water treatment plant foreman who could have testified against the corrupt government of Michigan was found dead in his home. On the exact same day, Sasha Avonna Bell, who spearheaded a lawsuit against the government over the lead poisoning of the Flint water supply, was found murdered.

“She was identified Thursday, the same day the death of a Flint Water Treatment Plant foreman who was wanted for questioning in connection with the crisis was announced,” reports the Daily Mail.

Local government, state government and federal government all conspired to systematically poison the water supply of a predominantly black community, carrying out their criminal scheme for many months — and poisoning countless children — with extremely high concentrations of brain-damaging lead in the municipal water.

Deliberate mass poisoning of a black community, covered up by those in power

While the EPA says the limit of lead in public water is just 15 parts per billion, at times the water coming out of the tap in Flint, Michigan registered a jaw-dropping 13,200 parts per billion (13.2 ppm), according to Scientific American.

This crime was not only covered up by the government, it was allowed to continue for many months without anyone bothering to warn the public.

Screen shot from the Daily Mail:

Once the knowledge of this government-run mass poisoning of black people finally became known, an EPA official resigned over the criminal cover-up, but no charges were ever filed against her because federal employees appear to have absolute legal immunity, even when they deliberately poison hundreds of thousands of people.

Before long, criminal charges were filed against three local water quality scientists and managers, but not before the murders began.

Matthew McFarland was murdered, of course

Matthew McFarland, the foreman at the Flint Water Treatment plant, was found dead at his home on April 16th. “The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department said a friend found McFarland unresponsive at a home in Otter Lake. There were no signs of foul play,” reported “An autopsy did not determine a cause of death and police are awaiting toxicology reports. The investigation remains open… Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office confirmed that McFarland was previously interviewed as part of its ongoing investigation into the city’swater crisis.”

Anyone who thinks McFarland’s death is just an untimely coincidence is living in a delusional dream world. When it comes to government cover-ups and untimely deaths, there are no coincidences. There are, however, assassination teams that target those who might embarrass the government, and there’s little question that McFarland was actually murdered in a way to make it look like a death from natural causes.

Do you honestly think that a government which conspired to mass poison an entire community of children with a toxic heavy metals that causes brain damage would hesitate to order the execution of a key witness?

For anyone reading this and screaming “conspiracy theory!” you need to wake up to the reality of conspiracy FACTS. The Flint water poisoning was factually a conspiracy. Those who have now been charged with the crime have, in fact, been charged with conspiracy. It’s no longer a “theory” when it’s happening all around you. It’s simply the way the government routinely works to poison the people while hiding all evidence from the public for as long as possible.

Sasha Bell also found murdered

When the bodies start piling up surrounding a massive government conspiracy to poison the population, you know something nefarious is afoot. Flint resident Sasha Bell, who spearheaded the first lawsuit against the government over the water poisoning, was also found murdered.

“A 19-year-old Michigan mother who was one of the first to file lawsuits on behalf of the thousands of children poisoned by water in Flint was found shot to death this week,” reportsNY Daily News. “The body of Sasha Bell was discovered Tuesday night at Ridgecrest Village Townhouses in Flint, authorities said. The body of a second woman, Sacorya Reed, was also found in the home.”

Note carefully that a second woman was also murdered in the same home. In other words, as these murders are carried out to silence people and protect the government, the murderers are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.

An 18-year-old named Malek Thornton has been arrested in connection with the murders, with a local NBC affiliate reporting, “Thornton has been charged and arraigned in this case for two counts of first degree murder, two counts of open murder and felony firearm.”

He is obviously a patsy in all this. Does anyone really think Sasha Bell was executed by pure chance? Are we supposed to believe this is another crazy coincidence where so many people involved in the Flint, Michigan water poisoning case just happen to end up dead or executed?

America’s cities have devolved into Third World cesspools of Third World justice

The upshot of all this is that Detroit, much like Oakland, Chicago and Miami, has devolved into a Third World cesspool of Third World justice. Here’s how it works:

• Government gets away with murder, poisoning the population with an extremely toxic water supply (and food supply, for that matter) that causes brain damage and lifelong crippling side effects.

• Anyone who attempts to speak out gets threatened, intimidated or simply executed.

• The same government that covered up the original crime also covers up the murders, either designating them to be deaths from “natural causes” or blaming some young thug they set up as a stooge to take the fall.

• Federal officials are NEVER charged with any crimes in all this. They get away scot-free, demonstrating the absolute legal immunity currently enjoyed by the corrupt, criminal ruling class of regulatory totalitarians who repeatedly conspire to harm the American public.

• Black communities are routinely targeted in these schemes, just as we say with the mass water supply poisoning of the Washington D.C. area just 12 years ago.

• NO COINCIDENCE: Black communities are also targeted for other depopulation agendas, including: 1) Vaccination sweeps that cause autism in African-American boys, 2) Cancer “treatment” that kills people, 3) Abortion clinics that end the lives of black babies before they are even born. Connect the dots, people, and you’ll realize that black people in America today are being systematically targeted and destroyed by the government itself.

Knowing what we all know about the criminality of government and how “science” is twisted and distorted to poison the people, are any of us really surprised?

Join my EPA Watch water project to protect America’s children from criminal government

By the way, I run and have announced a program to test water supplies from across America, to root out other problems like Flint, Michigan and sound the alarm on government conspiracies that target innocent children for mass poisoning. That program is detailed at

I’m the lab science director of CWC Labs, where I run ICP-MS instrumentation to detect heavy metals in water. My lab was recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence for “100% acceptable data” in testing water for toxic elements.

People in Flint can send me water samples that I will test for free as part of the EPA watch program. Click here for instructions and the custody form.

So far, I’ve tested 100 samples from across America, and I’ve found an alarming high level of lead in one sample acquired north of Phoenix, Arizona. I’m about to publish the results of the first 100 samples, and then we’ll continue with testing the next hundred, and so on.

Here’s a photo from my lab:

Join my email newsletter (below) to be alerted when we publish all the data on water contamination across America.

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It’s now almost impossible to save for retirement


My grandfather was something of a Renaissance Man.

He was a farmer, schoolteacher, fisherman, collector, real estate investor… and one of those guys who always seemed to know how to do everything.

He could take apart an engine, build a house with his bare hands, tame wild horses, treat life-threatening wounds, play the guitar… and he was extremely well respected in his community.

Plus, like many from his generation who grew up during the Great Depression, he was also a prolific saver.

Being highly mistrustful of banks, my grandparents dealt mostly in physical cash. They used to keep money in old coffee cans stuffed full of coins and bills.

Every now and again when the coffee cans became too numerous, they would buy government savings bonds.

Of course, that was a different world.

When my grandparents were saving, the government was actually solvent, and interest rates were ‘normal’. You could buy government bonds and expect a decent rate of return.

Plus the dollar was still linked to gold back then, so you could have a confident outlook on your currency.

At the same time, Social Security was also in good shape; you didn’t have to worry whether it was still going to exist when it came time for you to retire.

Sadly, it’s no longer the same today.

As we discussed on Friday, Social Security in the Land of the Free has a shortfall exceeding $40+ TRILLION according to its own annual report.

Simply put, this means that Social Security woefully lacks the funding to meet its obligations, particularly those to America’s future retirees.

This isn’t a problem strictly with Social Security either; one of the major Medicare trust funds (Disability Insurance) is literally days away from going completely broke.

And as the Financial Times reported recently, city and state pension funds across the United States have another multi-TRILLION dollar funding gap.

Nor is this problem distinctly American; the same conditions broadly exist across most of the developed world, especially in Europe.

So relying on just about any western government’s retirement program is an absolute sucker’s move.

Yet even if you take matters into your own hands and save for retirement on your own, you’re fighting an uphill battle at best.

Zero (or negative) interest rates around the world have practically destroyed any reasonable expectation of savings.

When my grandfather was saving, for example, he could buy a 1-year US government bond yielding 4% at a time when inflation was 1%.

That’s a 3% return when adjusted for inflation. Not huge, but for him it was risk free.

Today, the latest government report shows the US inflation rate at 0.9%; yet that same 1-year US government bond yields just 0.53%.

In other words, today you lose more money to inflation than you earn in interest.

So saving money guarantees that you will LOSE after adjusting for inflation, at a time when the US government’s finances have never been more precarious. Crazy.

According to Blackrock CEO Larry Fink (the largest money management firm in the world), people today have to set aside THREE TIMES AS MUCH money to save for retirement as their parents and grandparents did because of these low interest rates.

So not only are you facing a no-win situation with government retirement options like pensions and Social Security, but even saving money on your own requires three times as much sacrifice.

How is someone supposed to put their kids through an astonishingly expensive university system, pay for the shocking cost of medical care, AND set aside three times as much for retirement??

It almost sounds impossible.

Now, this isn’t intended to be a downer. What I really hope to point out is that CONVENTIONAL options and strategies just don’t work anymore.

Buying ‘risk free’ bonds, dumping money in a mutual fund, and waiting for the government pension to kick in just won’t produce the results that it used to.

The truth is there are entire asset classes and niche investments out there that can generate vastly superior rates of return without having to take on substantial risk.

And best of all, these niche assets and corners of the market are only available for smaller investors.

If you buy big, conventional blue chip stocks and funds, there are dozens of ways you’re getting fleeced by Wall Street and City of London.

High-frequency traders, re-hypothecation, bank solvency issues, collusive price fixing, etc. Finance is a big insider boy’s club… and we’re not in it.

But niche investments are way too small for these giant sharks.

Goldman Sachs is probably not going to get into the Burmese art market anytime soon. And that’s not even a good example.

This week I’d like to introduce you to some incredibly compelling, unconventional, yet simple ideas and strategies that could put you back in control and achieve real financial independence.

More soon.