What John Kerry Really Did in Vietnam

By Jeffrey St. Clair


This article was originally published at Counterpunch July 26, 2013

With John Kerry currently in full Henry Kissinger regalia, parading around the Middle East, brow-beating the Palestinians and their allies in the region and Europe into signing onto a deeply flawed peace accord that primarily serves Israeli and American interests, it may prove a useful exercise to inspect the curriculum vitae of this putative peace-maker, especially during those formative years when the Secretary of State first carved out his name in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Though Kerry has a reputation as an anti-war activist, his brief tenure in Vietnam and Cambodia was notable both for acts of casual savagery and his striking lack of contrition for his own participation in atrocities that in a rational society might easily be classified as war crimes.–JSC 

May 06, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – In his senior…

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Brexit and Good Riddance

Tales from the Conspiratum

So, Britain joined the E.U. as a spying vassal of the USA. Makes sense.

Like Finian says in the article below, goodbye Britain, don’t slap the door on your way out.

“Britain, by leaving, may actually do Europe a favor in that it will presage a proper reconstruction of the EU – one that is independent in foreign relations and not just a lapdog to Washington. And in this new EU, Britain would be excluded.”

Source: Brexit and Good Riddance


Finian Cunningham

For many European citizens, the 28-member-state Union has turned out to be a huge disappointment. It is far from the progressive, socialist bloc that many had once envisaged.

One of the reasons for the EU’s historic failure is Britain. Ever since the United Kingdom joined the European project, it has been a largely negative force, carping about workers’ rights, equality…

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France to Dump Russia Sanctions: Real Germans Never Really Heeded Them

Tales from the Conspiratum

Yo Europe! Think for yourself, will you?

Source: France to Dump Russia Sanctions: Real Germans Never Really Heeded Them | New Eastern Outlook


Author: Phil Butler


564555544France is tired of the suffering caused by needless, baseless sanctions imposed on Russia. So, French parliamentarians have just approved a resolution not to renew sanctions on Russia. Meanwhile, A number of EU states, including Greece, will support the removal of the anti-Russian sanctions at a June EU summit. And as for Germany, some experts suggest the Germans simply ignored the sanctions all along. Here’s a latest look at the idiocy of economic suicide the so-called “west” heaped on Europe.

The background of these ludicrous sanctions originated from the decline in Russia-West relations that came about with the early 2014 Crimean referendum to join Russia and the Ukrainian military offensive against pro-independence militia in the eastern region of Donbas. Western media and policy think tanks characterized the…

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