What’s Causing All the Wildlife Die-offs Around the World?

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Tales from the Conspiratum

What will Planet Earth be like when it becomes devoid of marine, land, and avian wildlife after even more die-offs?

Source: What’s Causing All the Wildlife Die-offs Around the World?


By Catherine J. Frompovich


Has anyone taken note of the numerous wildlife die-offs that have been reported over the past few years?  If you think that may be an “off-the-wall” exaggeration question or statement, well, there’s an online website that painstakingly chronicles what’s been going on, which I’d like to introduce to you.

It’s the End Times Prophecy – Earth’s Final Warning, which very concernedly has prepared lists chronicling the following:

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Breaking: Historic Chemtrails Lawsuit Filed in Canada

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Historic Chemtrails Lawsuit Filed in Canada | Humans Are Free

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by Dane Wigington

May 11, 2016

Legal action has been filed and is now underway in Canada that will greatly assist with the global effort to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering assault against the planet and the entire web of life.

by Dane Wigington

For over a year GeoengineeringWatch.org has been communicating with and forwarding data to Canadian attorneys (in addition to the US team of attorneys we are working with) in the effort to get legal action in motion.

This effort has now reached fruition, we wish to express our most sincere gratitude to the attorneys in Canada (and the US attorneys) for their diligent and ongoing work in this most critical battle.

Excerpts from the Canadian legal filing are below:


Nature of the Proceeding:

1. This is a mass-tort and…

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