China: Cops Beat a Woman, Thousands of Men Begin Stoning Cops in Streets

Police around the world need to be reminded that they are civil servants, their job is to serve and protect. If their respective gov’ts hire criminal thugs to abuse citizens and cause civil unrest, then it is the responsibility of citizens to correct that abuse of power. I really hope this sets a precedent so police will think twice before they act.

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: China: Cops Beat a Woman, Thousands of Men Begin Stoning Cops in Streets | Filming Cops

May 14, 2016


WENZHOU — Tens of thousands of enraged Chinese citizens crowded the streets after a horrific act of police abuse.

The citizens killed four police officers, and troops were called to minimize the rebellion.

According to reports, it began when the police were seen beating a woman in public.

Crowds formed and demanded that the officers stop beating her. But the officers continued.

A man who tried to film the incident was struck repeatedly by officers, so much that he began vomiting blood. According to reports, the man died on the way to the hospital.

In response, tens of thousands of Chinese citizens surrounded the officers and began attacking them with rocks and baseball bats, chanting “Kill them! Kill them for what we just saw them do!”


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