What Cabal Wants to Happen in Russia is Now Developing in Venezuela

Tales from the Conspiratum

Thank you USA. as if the world does not know what you are up to. Bloody scoundrels and pathetic liars.

Source: What Cabal Wants to Happen in Russia is Now Developing in Venezuela | Covert Geopolitics

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May 17, 2016

Saudi Arabia’s deliberate increase in oil production to plunge oil prices is not to deplete the Khazarian Mafia’s financial muscle as earlier reported but is actually aimed at undermining Russian economy to bring down Vladimir Putin.

However, the same weapon has also affected South American countries, most notably, Venezuela.

For several months now, the Venezuelan oil dependent economy has to endure rising inflation, food shortages and power cuts, which encourage looting of food outlets and department stores.

How can an oil producing country have power cuts, too?

Leadership ignorance about alternative energy technologies is the prime reason why a country is so dependent on fossil fuels. After…

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