A Drone Was Used to Blow up a US Citizen Without Trial Yesterday

Tales from the Conspiratum

Well, are we not glad we were alive to see this “first”? We do live in interesting times. By the way, this saying, “May you live in interesting times”, is an ancient Chinese curse. Most of us these days understand what they meant by that.

You heard the saying, “give a boy a hammer and he will hammer everything in sight?”

I don’t know what to make of this. In one hand, we all know the new technology of drones and robots is coming, and that it will alter our reality significantly, and we have to accept it. On the other hand, giving these new tools to law enforcement without proper legal guidelines is akin to giving that boy a sledgehammer. Police have proven repeatedly that they cannot be trusted.

Source: A Drone Was Used to Blow up a US Citizen Without Trial Yesterday



July 8, 2016  

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