The West’s Establishment Lies and Crimes Are Leading Us to The Unthinkable

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Tales from the Conspiratum

I like what he calls the MSM:

As a first step, we would do well to boycott toxic mainstream media (MSM) messaging, which favours lies, injustice, and war.

Source: The West’s Establishment Lies and Crimes Are Leading Us to The Unthinkable | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

A scene of destruction after an aerial bombing in Azaz, Syria, Aug. 16, 2012. (U.S. government photo)

Corporate media messaging about the war on Syria is corrupt to an unprecedented level, despite years of sustainable evidence that contradicts the lies.

The “West”, including U.S.–led NATO, the Persian Gulf Monarchies, and Israel, are waging a proxy war against Syria. ISIS or Daesh is the designated enemy, but it has long been (publicly) acknowledged that the real enemy is President Assad of Syria, not ISIS.  All of the invading, un-islamic mercenary terrorists are the West’s “strategic assets,” including ISIS. Engineered islamophobia is all part of the Western psy- op to…

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Ian Greenhalgh VT 7-10-16… “Top 15 foods that are so dangerous they’ve been banned from entering other countries, but are served in the U.S.”

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_302gmo_NOT_23Most of the readers of this blog I’m sure are aware of what has been (and still is being) done to foods, both for humans and animals. And we also know that we each have the inherent ability to a) read the labels, b) choose fresh, organic foods as much as possible, and c) energetically transmute (namely, raise the vibration of) anything placed into our bodies. Personally, I utilize sparkles of white crystalline energies going into all of the foods and liquids I take in. I know others who do Reiki and/or use other techniques. Hey, even Grandma and Grandpa’s “prayers before every meal” works.

If you don’t agree with this article, I suggest going out tomorrow and having an “irradiated, artificial hormone raised, FD&C Red 40 colored, GMO-corn fed, cooked in brominated vegetable oil, pink slime burger”. You know where you can get one, don’t you?

This is pretty…

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