Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy Discredited: DNC Email Leak Triggers Anger and Division within Democratic Party. Dems Accuse Russia of “Dirty Tricks” in Support of Donald Trump

Poor Bernie really discredited all that he stood for. Quite a shame, he should have endorsed the Green Party candidate!

Counter Information

Global Research, July 26, 2016

Republicans were touted as the divided party this year.

It looks almost unified compared to dissension in Democrat ranks.  

Hillary’s impending Tuesday night nomination created a firestorm of anger among Sanders’ delegates, along with rage over his sellout to what he campaigned against – proving he’s as dirty as all the rest. 

Monday inside and outside Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center was raucous and unruly – anti-Clinton delegates and tens of thousands in the streets protesting against her.

If this keep up throughout the convention, she’ll be greater damaged goods than already – unable to unify a a deeply divided party.

What better strategy than to change the subject. What better target than Putin. He’s blamed for practically everything short of Philadelphia’s scorching heat.

A Romanian hacker with no connection to Russia, using the name Guccifer 2.0, hacked into a treasure trove…

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