Should Bernie Supporters Reject Hillary Clinton and Vote Green?

Listen to Lada, she has the inside scoop on the 2016 election… stay informed, do not blindly vote for the “LESSER of 2 EVILS”.

PS: Incidentally, this hack WP reporter made me LMAO! MSM crankin’ the yellow press full steam!

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Heard it straight from the horse’s a*s… Bernie is a sellout, supporters lose faith and (hopefully) vote GREEN as in Jill Stein and not $$$green$$$ as in HilLIARy.:)

We’ll consider this an Ask Lada episode, even though technically the above comment wasn’t in the form of a question. But similar questions have been asked before, so let me respond by linking you all up with a few videos, as well as my thoughts.

From Democracy Now! :

Who Should Bernie Voters Support Now? Robert Reich vs. Chris Hedges on Tackling the Neoliberal Order

LR: Incidentally, listen to what Chris Hedges says. He used to be too mainstream for my taste, but lately he makes more and more sense. My point is: it’s a positive sign that such ideas (of which you and I have been talking for…

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