Dead Man Says, “Do NOT Vote For Hillary Clinton!”

OMG, this is brilliant Shelby! One would think this story to be outrageous satire, but every word is so true, HilLIARy is the most corrupt criminal amongst politicians and yet she’s free to run for the highest office in the land. Your post basically sums up how far we have fallen as a nation, and it WILL get worse if the she-devil becomes commander in chief. I can only surmise how the citizens of Nazi Germany felt during the rise of Hitler… history repeating folks. Time to wake up and boycott this phony election.


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The dead cannot rest in peace without first exhorting the American people to please, please don’t vote for Hillary Clinton!

Man’s Obituary Asks Mourners Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton
Mourners of Larry Upright, who died at 81 on April 13, were urged not to cast their ballot for a specific candidate in next year’s presidential election: “The family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. R.I.P. Grandaddy.”

Now you know that thing that calls itself Hillary Rodham Clinton has got to be the most vile, hideous and obscene monster to ever crawl and slither across this planet, if its even got the dead not able to rest in peace without first having begged and beseeched the American populace to not vote for that thing.

This poor deceased man could not go peacefully into eternal slumber without making us aware of the fact that he…

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No Matter Who Wins… We Lose

Whomever you vote for, we lose, they win. Sadly, no American presidential candidate has ever represented the ppl since JFK… and we all know what happens when a puppet doesn’t toe the corporate line.
My friends and I are so sick of this corrupt farce, we decided to boycott this whole rotten election fiasco.

This article sums it up perfectly:


So the primary season is winding down and we have finally reached the point where we can no longer deny the horrible truth… either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.

Faced with having to pick the lesser of these two evils is like being forced to choose between eating a shit sandwich or a puke pie…

Trump, in spite of his straight-talk populism, is unlikely to be the savior his followers are praying for. Behind his xenophobic stranger-danger hyperbole lies the time tested scapegoating tactics of the tyrant. This orange-tinted vulgarian has tapped into the legitimate angst and anger of middle America, and like so many despots before him has offered himself up as the champion of the downtrodden and dispossessed – ready, willing and able to rid us of foreign invaders and to do battle against the political and bureaucratic incompetents who are driving the country into ruin.

As the biggest losers in America’s decline, middle-class Americans are especially susceptible to Trump’s vow toMake America Great Again. Long past disgusted by the apparent paralysis and incompetence of our federal government, we so want to believe that Trump is someone who will be able to get things done… even though there is absolutely nothing in the man’s resume that even remotely suggests that he has any of the diplomatic skills or political experiences necessary to lead this great country through what will most certainly be some fraught and dangerous times. Trump is little more than a silver-spoon egomaniac who built a few good buildings thirty years ago, but has since taken to plastering his gold-encrusted name on every kind of property, product and project imaginable.

From his failed casinos, airline, and university to his water, vodka and steaks, in Trump World everything he blesses with his brand is the finest, best, greatest thing ever – even when it’s clearly not. So of course, once he’s in the driver’s seat America, like everything else he touches with his brilliance, will turn to gold… right?

Uh… no.

Trump is as much a spectacular failure as he is a success. And while he may understand money and even celebrity… he knows nothing about power. In Washington, Trump would be hamstrung by his immense arrogance, his outsider status and his utter lack of party support. In the days since Cruz and Kasich dropped out of the race, we have seen The Establishment pull out all the stops, marshaling the efforts of their minions in the media to paint Trump as a madman,  a would-be tyrant, and someone who has absolutely no chance of winning the general election… which is probably true.

As a republican, Trump faces a steep challenge to obtain enough electoral votes to win the oval office – one made only more difficult by his crucially poor support among both women and hispanics. Add to that Trump’s challenge to the Establishment orthodoxy: his criticism of Trade Agreements; his call for import taxes; his suggestion that America might renege on its debt agreements – and it’s easy to see why the elites are desperate to keep this rogue out of the oval office.

There is, however,  one small chance for Trump. But it would require two things: First, Hillary Clinton’s campaign would have to implode. Whether because because of Benghazi, her email problem, her rich history of sordid scandals and behaviors, or just because she is so universally disliked – it’s possible that America might hate Hillary so much that Trump will seem the lesser of two evils and perhaps win a critical swing state like Florida or Ohio. But there would be another condition…

The last republican to win the White House needed some dirty tricks and back-room help to win Florida… remember?

Well, The Donald would most likely have to make one of his famous deals with the elite to eke out a victory in any of the key contested states. In order to win he would probably have recognize the ultimate authority of the establishment, concede to their agenda and their demands, and agree to refrain from speaking about topics and information not sanctioned by their propaganda ministers. In return for this Trump would get what he wants… entré into a heady strata of influence and access that has previously been off limits to him, the attachment of his brand to the the most prestigious and powerful office in the world, and perhaps a small cash payment – let’s say a billion dollars, for example.

If this all happened, and we found ourself with President Trump, we would not get the fiery populist we’ve seen on the campaign trail. We would get a purchased, co-opted Donald. Like Obama before him, his campaign rhetoric would be swiftly and conveniently forgotten, and Trump’s administration would become characterized by the political impotence and congressional dysfunction that is in fact the necessary requirement for the the relentless continuation of the deep-state, establishment agenda.

So if Trump wins… sorry America, we still lose.

But enough of that idiot.

The far more likely scenario is that the next President of the United States of America will be Madame Hillary Rodham Clinton…

I’m not in any way pleased to make this claim. I despise Hillary Clinton. She has been an unethical, criminal liar and self-serving, money-grubbing tool of the elite since she first worked for the Watergate investigation in 1974. But back in 2008, she made her deal with the Bilderberg devils – ceding the race to their Hope & Change con manBarack Obama in return for right of first refusal on the 2016 Presidency. Now the way is clear for her to assume the throne and finish the job that the New World Order Globalist Elites have been working at for decades…

But what exactly is it that these elites are driving at…?

They obviously don’t give a damn about we the people. They don’t care if we have jobs, or health insurance, decent education, or secure retirements. They obviously don’t want money taken out of the election process, or to minimize the power and influence of banks and corporations over government. They seem to be fine with the corruption and manipulations of our financial markets. They want less taxes for themselves and their corporations, and less services and government benefits for the rest of us. They want international trade policies that put their rights to make a profit above the rights of sovereign countries to protect their populations. And they want more terror and more wars… partly because its supports the only domestic industry they care about – the military – but also because it perpetuates the false perception that we need to maintain an absurdly unnecessary level of military spending and investment. 

If our government can’t seem to fix or solve any of our societal problems – it’s because the establishment wants it that way. They don’t want to fix the country… they want to break it. They are believers in a diabolical Hegelian Dialect that suggests the best way to make the changes you want in society is to first create the problems which require your desired remedy.

What these globalist elites want is a world reorganized under a single system of governance and finance – one designed and controlled for their benefit.

And in their twisted way of thinking, the best way to bring about a New World Order is to first generate a crisis large enough to collapse and destroy the old world order.

This is what the past 30 years have been leading to… the massive debt and deficit spending, the off-shoring of American’s productive & industrial capacity, the support of Terrorism and the destabilization of the Middle East, the isolation and encirclement of Russia, the undermining of the Euro, the dry-run False Flag attacks, the endless unjustified wars, the dismantling of our Bill of Rights, the rise of the Surveillance/Police state… all of this has been part of a deliberate, long-term strategy on the part of the elites to bring the country to the brink of an existential catastrophe on par with the devastations of World Wars I and II. Only this extreme level of crisis will create the universal pain and fear necessary to convince American people to accept as “remedies” the diabolical changes the elites have in store for us.

Ultimately, a new World War is what these megalomaniacs desire: One which permanently vanquishes any and all challengers to their global dominance. One which “thins the human herd” of millions of us useless eaters; One which brings most of the entire globe under the control of a new extra-national authority formed by the unholy alliance of corporate, financial, political and military powers; and one which can only be built on the ashes of the free, democratic societies they are now in the process of destroying.

The new bosses will be the same as the old bosses – but vastly more powerful.

And Hillary… well she is neck deep in their evil agenda… hell, she’s a charter member. During her husband’s administration they deregulated the banks and signed the NAFTA trade agreement – both critical early pieces in the New World Order end game. And the Clintons have been paid royally for their supporting roles in this sinister plot – almost 200 million dollars so far. So the elite know that they have in Hillary Clinton someone who can be trusted to do what she’s told and (since  they also know where all of the Clinton bodies are buried) to keep her mouth shut. 

Hillary will be tasked with putting into service her remarkable facility with lies, distraction and distortion to maintain the illusion that ours is a democratic form or government – and hide it’s true oligarchic, fascist characteristics. She will be expected to support and enact policies which continue enrich and empower the billionaires, bankers and corporations – at the expense of America’s middle and lower classes. And, when push comes to shove, Hillary will be forced to lie to our faces and sell us some bogus cover story for the next manufactured crisis – this time probably a nuclear or biological attack on an American or European city – blaming China or Russia or whomever they decide to pin it on, and rallying red-blooded Americans to bleed once again an a World Class War!

And you know what… we’ll go along with it.

All it will take is to assault us with graphic images depicting the gore of decimated victims, the destruction of a beloved city-scape, the horror and grief of the survivors… then put some authoritative sounding talking heads on air to tell us definitively who did thisand it will be off to the God-Bless-America Races.

And you there… you skeptics, you doubters and thinkers… you consumers of non-authorized information… you goddamn conspiracy theorists…

Don’t you dare question the official story or get in the way – or you will be trampled into the ground by the mindless herd.

Because that’s who we are America… a mindless herd. We are like sheep, cattle or lemmings; easy to control, simple to stampede and prone to running together blindly off cliffs.

With Hillary Clinton as President, the billionaires, bankers and corporations will have their “man” in place, their evil agenda will go forward.

We will not see any improvement in our lives… no cessation of unnecessary wars, no relief from debt-enslavement, no improvements in unemployment or in our health, education or welfare. The world has gotten progressively meaner and nastier because of the increasing power and we have given to the Elite Overarchy who have controlled every aspect of our government for decades.

When Hillary wins, the Evil Overarchy wins too… and we lose.